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Kite Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Dragon egg cost: 
172 gems
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
77 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
135 coins per minute
Sale price: 
1,000,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
758 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
0 xp / minute

"Kite Dragons get their names from both how they look as well as how they move. When the winds from the High Plains of Faridat are at their peak, the children of the area construct kites to look like dragons. One spring morning, much to the surprise of a then-young Wizard named Franklin Mozi, as their kites reached the highest heights, two soaring dragons joined the fun and began mimicking the flight pattern of the kites."



I got it first try with Sonic and Metal, both level 17. Must have been a bug because it was like 2:17, not 17 hours. I was so excited I didn't write anything down. Sorry.

First try in EBI with Chrome + Sonic, both level 16.
Upgraded breed time is 2:12:00.
So happy !

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Just got two at the same time.
Metal and sonic both level 16 on island.
Meteor 15 and lightning 16 in cave.
Breeding time was 2.12 and hatching time 2.46.
Weird but I'll take it.

Facebook daniel.parkinson.5059

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Got it first try! Hooray! 20 metal, 19 sonic on the island.

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I think the key is higher level as I've tried it twice with sonic 12 n metal 11 then sonic 14 n metal 12 with no go!

Game Center name: mumntwins
Goal: upgrade breeding island
Dragon trying for: Ruby, firework, liberty, summer, current, dream & seasonal
I'm addicted to Dragonvale! The first step is admitting you have a problem. Lol.
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I wish!
tried sonic L20 + metal L15... Electrum (38hr) & sonic L15 + metal L15... Sonic (6:24)
does anyone know how long this will be around?

GC ID: jarrat16
L95 / 361 clan / 357 partners / 357 clutch

Try this for Seasonal:
Air + Fire (blazing) + plant
I haven't done it yet, but I also don't have an EBI.
Going for: Moon, Rainbow, Silver - any advice for these?

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I seem to have got Kite on the second try with Metal 18 and Sonic 17 on the upgraded island. The breeding time is 17:36 I'm really surprised.

Also, I think the same elements are used for Liberty, but Copper is required for her.

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

I went a different route with success. Air+magnetic on island


Chasing dragons: none

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Chrome and Ash! First try! First time that's happened for me,

Sandy from Idaho


Sandy from Idaho

"When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure." Unknown

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Rocky blue, 2:12?! You have an in with someone? Keeps it "interesting"!


Sandy from Idaho

"When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure." Unknown

GC : Tuffy++

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Only got one foot in the door!
One hatched in 2.46 hours the other 22 hours.

Wishing you good luck and happy breeding. :-)

Facebook daniel.parkinson.5059

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Got mine -- first try with metal (left) and sonic (right). Upgraded time 17.36


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I don't understand how everyone gets Kite on their first or second try and I never get anything I am trying for even on tenth try, third try for Kite and still no luck. Using Sonic 15 & Metal 16 in normal breeding cave. Hopefully I'll get it before times up.

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Those who get it 1st or 2nd try post it (congrats to them), the rst of us are still trying

GC ID: jarrat16
L95 / 361 clan / 357 partners / 357 clutch

And trying...and trying...and trying...and still trying on both the island and cave since the day it came out!

Codtod, are you talking about the Kite dragon? Are you trying to breed for it now? If so, then I am sorry, it is currently not available. It expired at the end of June (26-27?).

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I've managed 6 magnetic dragons and a meteor dragon so far with a magnetic now on deck. Using 15 metal and 15 sonic in upgraded cave. Very few actually get it super quick. Don't get down just keep breeding. Sometimes I'll switch it up with the same breedingpiarand just reverse the order they're in.

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I got it using metal L15 & sonic L15 (first target in 19 days...yawn)
Keep on trying

GC ID: jarrat16
L95 / 361 clan / 357 partners / 357 clutch

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Myra, i was also trying sonic and metal for more than 10 times and was getting every kind of dragon but kite.
Today I tried meteor & lightning and got kite with the first try. Try it too. Good luck, Anna

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Thanks i did the same and got it !

Tricia Jorgenson

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You are such a life-saver!

I used meteor, level 15, and lightning, level 15 , in the breeding cave. I got it 1st try with that combo - what a relief, as the dragon is only around until tomorrow.

It's been a really lucky week for me; I have gotten 3 out of 5 of the epics I was trying for.

Happy breeding everyone and good luck!

Sonic lv. 15 and Metal lv. 14 did it for me just now, using the upgraded breeding cave. I had several days of no-gos though, mostly yielding Magnetics and Sonics.

Sonic left metal right got it on my first try

Amber b cline

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Let's go fly a kite!

I got it with Meteor+Thunder, 17:36 upgraded time! What should I name it? Glide, Swoop, Lift-Off?

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Finally for 4 days! I got now the Kite Dragon from trying to breed: METAL + SONIC I still Need to wait to breed the egg for 22hours. But in that Time, i will get another Meteor dragon.
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I got a second kite with Liberty15 plus Chrome 18. My daughter got Kite with Chrome 13 plus Magnetic 13. Both were on the upgraded island.

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

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Why can't we find when a limited is taken off the limited list so that we don't wast time and effort trying for a dragon that has been taken off the market trying to get one?

You can.
Just look in your Dragonarium or in the Market. If it is not available it will not show up in the Market, and the Dragonarium will show it is not available.

Liberty and Sonic, lvl 15s after 4 tries.

I got one with sonic and chrome and one with sonic and metal, both habitats are upgraded and all dragons are level 17-19. I wish the game or this site had an egg tracker. ^_^

I'be had no luck so far (Chrome + Sonic) so I hope it stays for more than a week. Isn't it annoying when there are three or four limited dragons at once!

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Magnetic + Meteor (both Lvl 14) got me Kite on the EBI. Took 5 tries, not an easy dragon to get.


272 different dragons so far...

GC ID - DukeEsq

Anyone else not seeing this show up as a possibility from sandbox results? I've tried chrome and sonic...metal and sonic, and countless other combos and haven't come up with one yet. I use the sandbox to check breeding times and Kite is never a possible result...


The sandbox and the combo finder are not working properly. Please use the site. It is very good!

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Oops, wrong place...& it won't delete

GC ID: jarrat16
L95 / 361 clan / 357 partners / 357 clutch

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I've been trying sonic and metal and meteor and magnetic, all level 15-20, (1st combo in cave and 2nd on island) with no luck. Decided to try my own combo so I went with Liberty (air,lighting,metal) and Thunder (air,lightning) and got it first try. I was gettin frustrated!!! Back to having all the dragons! Woot woot!


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I sped up my kite dragon and tried again, got a 3hr 11 min one, sped it up and tried again and got another kite!!! Love this combo! Liberty and Thunder rock!


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2nd try sonic lv 15 and metal lv 15.

Woo hoo!!

Once anonymous user named Dragonvale fan 2

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Thanks everyone for your support and suggested combinations. Have been breeding Metal and Sonic
for days (about 20 to 30 attempts) and still no luck getting a Kite. Anna I am going to try your suggestion Meteor and Lighnting and hope for better luck.

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almost 3 weeks wasted and still no kite

this sucks

Myra4Bama's picture

Same for me daggle77, so upsetting. Ended up buying it, hated to spend the gems...

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Liberty and Thunder finally got me a kite! So excited.

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I caved in. Paid for him. What a fun dragon.

Judy E Roggow

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Haha, don't feel bad, I bought the Jet, Jade, Lapis, Bearded, and Apocalypse dragons because I was too lazy and/or preoccupied to breed them.

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Trying For: Pedestals

Pretty sure just got this one with lodgestone & air

Just got Kite with Rainbow and Platinum.