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Leap Year Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Epic Dragon

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
2,750 gems
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
400 coins per minute
Sale price: 
2,500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
2,874 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
115 xp / minute

It was created by breeding at least four different elements.

"The exceptionally rare leap year dragon can only be seen in the wild once every four years near Bridget's Pass. Getting one of these in your park is sure to make your visitors over the rainbow? Or is it over the moon? I can never remember..."



I finally have my 14:30 breeding time! First try using Reindeer and Firefly!

Now I have to try and get apocalypse :)

GC ID: ..MalaFox..

If you want an apocalypse dragon use blazing and a quake it works. It might give you a solar eclipse.

Lichen and magnetic


Used lichen and magnetic and got the 14hr 30min breeding time while trying to get apocalypse dragon. This one was on my list of ones I really wanted. I just have to keep my fingers crossed for apocalypse on the next try.


...Do it

I've done so well breeding Dragons up until they opened all Dragons I really want Firework and butterfly but can't get them. Leap year has to be the most sort after one as is only comes round every 4 years! I,m trying to bread it and all I keep getting is silver and Moon which normally I would be peased with but with a time limit 47-48 hour eggs are wasting my days. Any tips on how to get the leap year and Firework and blue moon? Sorry for the long message but this as taken over my life! Add me RASMARC

I' ve tried raindeer and Firefly twice and got blue moon twice!

I think I just got it using storm and flower it is the only Dragon that I see is 14.30 breeding time. I was trying for something else and this is what I think I got. Good luck I feel it pain cuss beside this one I have only breed one other BRB Dragon.
Friend code 35273020

Elizabeth valencia

Flaming + mud got it tenth try :) this morning leap year dragon wahoo

Seven Dragons's picture

We got it on our 2nd try with Obsidian and rain dragon and now we are waiting for a long time

Seven Dragons

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I have 4 leap years paper and storm for all four royal j is right it really does give all the dragons the only two I don't have yet are solstice and equinox going to try for those today

If only dragons were real Taylor Swift the way I loved you

After a long dry spell I finally got the epic breeding island and... kaboom accidentally have 2 leaps a-brewing :-) the first time with crystal and lichen trying for emerald (on island) and the second time with magnetic and evergreen trying for apocalypse (in normal cave). I've tried so many suggested combos for leap year only to get crap dragons so when I finally gave up 2 of em decided to surprise me! Stoked!!

Got it fourth try =D Reindeer lvl 10 and firefly lvl 10

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I have been breeding crystal and lichen and have got 3 leap year and breeding a 48 hour egg. I think they are giving the limited eggs out more since time is limited. I also got firework with iron and ash. A bone with earth and fire and 2 solstice dragons. I bought gems to get these which is what they are wanting. Dragonvale is making a fortune....but at least they are giving good eggs in return :)


Got it first try with Lava+ sonic. Add me please

Got it with lava and lichen while trying to get paper dragon.

Leap year here I come. Firefly and swamp. Took googleplex (1 followed by 100 zeros) attempts. Try random dragons that total four different elements hope for 14hrs 30mins
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How do you add friends to give and get gems??


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when I commented i wasn't talkin to you

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You can get it using this: U can get platinum and rainbow too

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After trying for past two days using Level 15 scorch & seaweed dragons in cave I got first try on Island using Level 15 Fire Fly & Swamp Dragons... No waiting till 2016 for this kid...

Merry Christmas one and all

Chrome+scortch I got equinox while trying to get leap year....

Used Chrome and Scortch first try on island, got lucky and got it without meaning to!

I have tried crystal and lichen 3 times on island and in cave not getting leap year. Does the level of dragon matter?

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i got it using lava & snow, first try

Flower + air got like four of them, don't wont any more, in regular breeding cave


Holy crap, got this while trying for a ruby! What a pleasant surprise! One more dragon I have, time to buy my first rainbow habitat!

Finally just got off crystal and lichen after 30 tries

I was trying to get a panlong with mud and blazing and I got an equinox and a leap year :)

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Mud+snow=leap year. Got it by accident, was trying for lunar eclipse. But I am happy with the surprise.

i got it using poison & storm, 3+

Quake and Willow. Wasn't even trying for it... Love when that happens.

Now got my second one with gift and earth,
I was trying to get the paper...

Me too in the RBC

Panlong + steel. First try

Steel + Ashe just got me a 14h 30m on island.

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I got mine with Gift + Firework ^_^ first time.

GCID Dandelionky
217 Dragons total

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Just got this dragon accidentally trying for Ruby. Blue Fire (lvl 10) on left and Iron (lvl 10) on the right in regular breeding cave first try!!! Good Luck All :)

Got it! Currently breeding 14 hrs 30mins used Love dragon lv 8 and reindeer lv 10

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Just got this with steel and ash in the breeding cave right after summoning Kairo!!!

Just got leap year #2 accidentally while breeding gift & earth trying for paper. Good luck!

I got one using cactus and brass lv 10, add me as a Game Centre friend, Marzy rox

This should be a epic dragon and we got it with blazing and mud.

Chrome and scorch both level 10 on epic breeding island!!!! First try!

Got one with bloom and crystal!

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So, we have been trying and trying and trying for this and the rainbow dragon forever. Last night I tried to breed pearl on the island and got a leap yr, then tried to get love in the cave and got another leap yr this morning! Lucky us! :-) my five year old was sooo excited when he saw em :-)

LanersNMama's picture

Btw, the first was snow and seaweed, then crystal and lichen... So maybe I wasn't trying for love... Can't remember :-)

Why not Sakura Dragon and Cold Dragon? Four different elements. It's simple, no need for Lightning and stuff, right?

I just tried it, it worked. :) Try it!

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How come this dragon isn't located in the epics section? It is in the market place. Just curious...

I got it with Storm and Flower on my second try :)

Standing at the punch table swallowing punch

I got it! I forgot what I used but it was in normal breeding cave.

My brother got a leap year dragon 2 days after chrismas by breeding things randomly

Just got leap year number 3! Bred gift and earth in epic breeding island. Good luck people!

Ash + mine! :D

Just a brief question: Do people make two same dragons breed and sell the outcome? Ex:Leap Year+Leap Year and sell the one that comes out.

Mix gift dragon and water dragon got a leap year dragon

I've tried and tried and tried, all forum combos attempted for several days. FINALLY - bred snow and seaweed on the EBI a few minutes before midnight and now I have a pretty gold Leap Year egg. On to the Equinox...... BTW - looking for a few more friends to trade gems with so I can put this gifting tree to good use!!


I can't get this dragon no matter which combo I use... :-(

I believe I got one not 100% sure but i'll know in 14 hours and 30 minutes storm and flower

Just got leap year #4 with gift & earth! Good luck!

In the regular breeding cave? I'm panicking because I'm almost out of time! :-s

Well it's a pretty gold egg so I guess I got the leap year yay me i was trying for the love dragon using storm and flower

Trying for Pearl, just got this from Snow and Seaweed.

I just got my 2nd by an " accident"!
I'm so happy! love this webside :D

I just got my 2nd by an " accident"!
I'm so happy! love this webside :D

Got my second one with snow and seaweed, was trying for pearl!

Just got leap year both level 10 crystal and lichen.... Noooo bs

How do you bread this dragon?

Just told you lol crystal and lichen dragon both level 10

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Trying for panlong but got 2 in a row with mud and firework level 10's in reg breeding cave

Game center ID
Dr. Super Awesome Dude
I know you have gems give them to me now!!

Magnetic and Lichen, regular breeding cave!

love and chrome got 3 leap years

Yay! And not yay. Got 2nd leap year while trying for panlong with mud and blazing

Iam breeding one right now with the gift dragon and mountain. My Son got the rainbow with this combination.

I got this dragon with lichen and magnetic (trying to get apocalypse) 20 hrs. 12 min. normal breeding cave. you literally just do what it says and breed at least 4 different elements together at the same time. but even if you do that you wont be guranteed a leap year dragon.

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I got this dragon with lichen and magnetic (trying to get apocalypse) 20 hrs. 12 min. normal breeding cave. you literally just do what it says and breed at least 4 different elements together at the same time. but even if you do that you wont be guranteed a leap year dragon. sorry i wasnt logged in last time.

Noah T.

I got one on my second day playing this with a flower and mountain :)

I'm breeding lichen and lava and in 14 1/2 hrs I think I will have this one!!!

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Crystal and lichen and a lot if patience. *[caligrown]*

I got the leap year dragon using mountain and flower dragons in the regular breeding cave

The egg is almost too cool to hatch.

i got TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! time to breed

Ahh just bred my second one by accident. Do I display it or give the first one some company? Already upgraded the rainbow habitat.

Got it by breeding a gift + metal, both at level 10 and only used the breeding cave (not even updated).

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Got it with steel and ash.

I'm not sure about you folks, but I got it from a lichen and lava. Ended up staying up half the night working up 150000 for the habitat when I hatched it.

However, it was on the epic island.

Several people suggested the lichen/ magnetic. First try was a reindeer which I don't have, and second attempt is a blue moon, which will make my third one this week.

i just got it today i breed poison dragon and glaacieer and ii wwas shock with the outcome it was golden egg i check and wasnt sure what kind till i check this site...haha i called my daughter right away coz i wanted her to knnow abouut it and shes 7 btw. haha i was so happy

I think I have 1 breed magnetic & lichen.

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Just bred one using reindeer + paper! :-)

*Dragon Momma Jen*
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Blazing Left Mud Right Third try! So excited! I know he is expiring soon! In the regular breedng cave BTW …

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I just got a second one with Flower Left Mountain Right while trying for a paper dragon.

Yahoo! I got it... Leap year is breeding... I just had mud8 on left and blazing10 on right, first try.

Got one and wasnt even trying bred lightning with, believe it or not, a tree dragon guess im just lucky

Evergreen and Love 1st try was trying for Bloom! Happily surprised

Omg I got it with lightning and gift but I was trying to get the love dragon xD

Got one so cooooool

Want another

I just got it ! storm and flower. 15 hrs to hatch

I believe you mean with Drakonic7090

Storm and flower both 10 got it tryin to get reindeer dragon.

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Working on rainbow now, I love rainbows!!

*Dragon Momma Jen*
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Damn, each time I try breeding leap year I get blue moon !

I want a garnet with ash+obsidian but the time was 14 houer and 30 minutes

Try mud and blazing for obsidian ... Got 14:30h breeding!? Do this mean a leap year dragon?

LadyKaotix's picture

Yup, 14 1/2 is leap year. Gratz!

Thanks. So excited... I can nearly fainted!

Was trying for either a bloom or a sakura by breeding lava with ash and got a leap year dragon. Then I tried again (for bloom or Sakura) by breeding quake with poison and got another leap year.

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Storm and mud :)


Midwifemama's picture

I have my third leap year too!

LadyKaotix's picture

10 Lichen n 10 Crystal, that order in the normal breeding cave. Got a 14 1/2 incubate time. Has to be a leap year. Which is nice. Was trying for something else lol

Wat lvl do I have to be?


Just got it by accident on the breeding island, was going for Ruby. I've used Chrome and Scorch, both level 10. Awesome tho, it's my first one! :D


i need this dragon.pleaaaaaaase tell me the right combo.have been trying for ages

There is no right combination. Any 4 elements could produce a rainbow or a leap year. Most people ITT are trying for something else when they make one.
I just got my third trying for an Olympus dragon. Still no regular rainbows. I wish we could trade dragons in this game.

I just got a 14:30 hour breed time using Evergreen and Lava in the normal cave. Pretty sure it's leap year, but I thought they had expired?

Got one trying to breed love. Flower and storm on the island. Got 14:30 and had to search for what it was.

Blazing and Cactus first try

Got it while trying to get gold with chrome and scorch on the island both level 10

I got one trying to get a paper dragon

Got one by breeding flower and glacier at the first try two days ago..

My friend got 2, so lucky, want it sooooooooo baaaaaaaaaddddddd

Lichen (13) + Magnetic (15) on epic island

Just got one by breeding Blazing Dragon and Mud Dragon

Just got this with Blazing + Ice in the normal cave

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Got this guy with Blazing and Mud, both level ten, in the cave.

Firefly and Bloom 1st try :)

How do you breed it in breeding cave not island

I put an obsidian dragon and a lichen dragon together and got a leap year output, if that helps anyone.

I got it when I bred Blazing + Crystal the first time, 14 incubation hours. I was hoping for a Gold Olympus dragon oigh thbut it gave me the Leap Year. Not bad at all :)
I'm breeding once again the same dragons with 24-hr incubation time --- wonder what the result would be. :)


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Rain+mt.=leap year. But I was trying for sapphire.

i got it first try at leval 12 i used gift level 5 and mountain level 4

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Cactus n crystal - got two !!!

Omg I got it at night on the last day it was available...about 20th try?!?

Gift and firework!!

LAST DAY!!!! I got it on the last day! My first rare dragon!

Cool that's rare first dragon which I got it so soon

I got it with crystal and lichen...I wasn't trying for it. I was trying for an emerald.

I'm not complaining.

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i have this deagon its like the #1 dragon that gets me all my money!besides my eclipse dragons and my BLUE moon dragon. i have like 30k now!! XD not much but i love seeing all those numbers:) add me DEANOBOT1001

flower and storm

I got three leap years!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I got it using flower and fog the second time I tried.

I had it but my stupid little sister sold my Leap year dragon :(

Almost got it but expired

I bred the leap year with flower and glacier on my first try and I was not even trying.