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Metal Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Basic Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
1,000,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,000,000 coins
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
19 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
34 coins per minute
Sale price: 
500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
1,042 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
2,083 xp / minute

The Metal Dragon and its hybrids become available at Level 17.

A fairly new addition to the list of dragons, metal dragons usually generate relatively little income but their habitats can store a lot of income over time, allowing easier wealth accumulation. They are also a great way to quickly gain experience in Dragonvale. The Metal Dragon's hybrids sell for a lot of money, providing an alternative way to earn extra cash.

"For years explorers were afraid to enter the Tull Caverns because of the loud noises that could be heard coming from deep below. It's only thanks to the brave Dickinson Osborne that we now know that these sounds come from the metal dragon's unique behavior of 'drumming' precious metals with their heavy tails."



how do you breed the metal dragon ? i really need to know

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You buy the egg directly. :)

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I have all the dragons (including kairos) add me :)

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40% of the time you breed plant and poison.

Click the breeding cave and then breed it. Simple!

I really need to know how to breed the metal ANY suggustens

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You have to buy it for coins once you reach the required level. :)

I think you should be able to bred the metal dragon

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If you find out how to breed it directly, let us know. :)

You can't breed the metal dragon you have to buy the egg

Well, technically you CAN breed it... Metal and Metal

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

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Well, yes. :)

sick to paruilis ur eggs


dear drgonvale admin is there anything speical about this dragon cause I don't wanna waste dragon cash :/ -a curious 14 leveler

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Yes, you need it to make many other dragons, it's dragoncash well spent. :)

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Make sure you also have the Metal Habitat (it's not cheap either).

How much is the habitat and the metal dragon together I have 6,000,000

It is 2,ooo,ooo together

It is 2,ooo,ooo together


Well if you want a metal hydibred dragon then you need it

Dear admin, Why I don't have the metal egg in the eggs market list ?

are you at least level 17

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Yeah, you need to be level 17.

Yes i am at level 23 still no iron egg and no iron habitat neither... I might need to make an update ?

I think you have to breed it and it goes in an metal habitat. Might go in treasure...

Goes in metal for sure

You don't need to be at lv. 17 to see it on the market list. If you tap the metal dragon Icon, then you should see it, but it'll be locked.

You know your facts. :D

So apparently nobody knows why at level 23 I still don't get iron egg ? :(

Maby because you need to upgrade

Because the egg and habitat are called 'metal' not iron, iron is a hybrid.


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Ohh god . .im juz lvl 14 . .this dragon will open on lvl 17 . .soo bored waiting lvl :(

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ive been reading that (somehow) people are using plant cross poisen, crystal cross earth to make these dragons at lvls lower than 17. i assume its just bull*** and nice work with video editing.
but if anyone is succsessful please let us all know

I'm really pleased to tell you lot that yes, you can breed a metal dragon. I bred it with level 7 poison and level 7 plant. If you breed this two, your chance of getting a metal dragon is 5.93%. I will be really happy if it helps anyone :)
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I'm really pleased to tell you lot that yes, you can breed a metal dragon. I bred it with level 7 poison and level 7 plant. If you breed this two, your chance of getting a metal dragon is 5.93%. I will be really happy if it helps anyone :)


Thanks for the info. I'll try the combination.

idid malachite and ironwood both lvl 10 and i got metat

I Using the Android version of Dragonvale ///Peter

I hope your right.

Ironwood + Malachite
Ironwood + Metal
Ironwood + Plant
Malachite + Metal
Malachite + Plant
give 50% chance to get Metal

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Metal + Bone Dragon = Metal Dragon '-'

JohWay- IluvU

That means you would have to have the metal dragon first. ;-)

Thanks I'll try it when it's available.

What is the easiest way to breed this dragon? Someone please answer.......:-)

I'm level 16 and I can't wait till level 17 so I can get this dragon!

Any ider how to get this stinkin' dragon!?!?

Animal lover

I heard that you need a hail dragon first

I can't add friends to my android.any one having problems too.

I have the small metal habitat and I don't know what metal hybrid to get, any suggestions?

Malachite for sure (unless you want to get an epic dragon;platinum metal plus water low chance, or gold, or silver.

I have the small metal habitat and I don't know what metal hybrid to get, any suggestions?

I have the small metal habitat, don't know what metal hybrid to get.Suggestions?

Do you go for looks or cash?


Uh, uh, uh, CASH!!!!!!!!!!(duh!)

Dude why do you keep on asking the same question? (even though everyone takes long time to respond)

I suggest getting a mine dragon because breeding one might give you a treasure dragon.


Go for cash!!!!!!

Cash !!!

Go for cash and looks would be a platinum dragon because it looks nice and sparkly plus makes around 235 coins a minute or go with the gemstone dragons because they make gems.

To Nobody
Dragonvale admin could you tell me do you need the inland to get a gemstone dragon like the this one the aymset dragon plz?

I agree, but treasure habitats cost a lot and getting a platinum dragon is going to take a lot of work.

I go with the latest dragon and work with what chance gives me. Thats how I got my rainbows and leapyears when I was trying for something else.


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if u need quick money then make a magnetic or iron dragon! only 4hrs and u get 1,150,000 coins when u sell it id take the xp to by hatching it add me

Man even though it looks so cool and can get you awesome dragons, why does the metal dragon have such low income?

It's a 1,000,000 dragon cash you do not have to breed it its a basic dragon breed lightning and steel to get a sliver dragon we have tried 500,000 times to breed it


How do you get
We tring.for a glacier dragon to get it I'm on level 30 we have 2or3 river dragons and we have the epic island we are breeding at the same time get aquamarine

U will not get aquamarine with glaicer + river ; but u will get it with iceberg + water.

Actually iceberg + river not water.

Some people say this dragon is not worth it.
Some people say it and the habitat costs too much.
Those people are so wrong!
It may not earn much income, but it is needed for most rare hybrids!

How do you get gold Olympus with out air and crystal I have tried 6753742686217482607218476376323 times

17 coins per minute at lv 10?!?!?!? thats crazy. still excited to get it tho :D

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Can you breed this dragon or is it only buy-able?

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I'm on level 17, it says it won't unlock until level 18.

Yep just reached level 17 and was excited to finally get this dragon but mine also says i cant until level 18 now. Before that i couldnt even see it :( Took SS but now see that doesnt matter cant post so oh well. Should correct this Admin... ;)


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What the guy above said. Not sure if this has changed from when it was first released, but you need to be lvl 18, rather then lvl 17 as stated in the info for this dragon.


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Xishom can fix this one. We just need for her to see it. I think commenting on her FAQ page is the best bet.

Squirrelland has taken a chill pill and I'm baaaaa-aaaack!!!!

Metal dragon
With plant and ironwood. The 3:rd try in normal cave! You can also try ironwood and arbor.


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I should read everything (possibly not the detritus) before commenting.

Yeah it says must be level 18