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Meteor Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
150,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
750 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
43 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
63 coins per minute
Income at level 20: 
83 coins per minute
Sale price: 
1,250,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
1,488 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
179 xp / minute

"Meteor dragons rocket across the skies making them nearly impossible to study. The wizards hatched a plot to hide by a patch of Sarjin Peppers, meteor dragons' favorite treats. After much research and a fair share of failed experiments, the wizards have found a way to attract and keep a meteor dragon in your park. Fun fact: In the wild, the meteor dragon is often followed by a sonic dragon."



Bluehalo852's picture

Air dragon and Metal dragon

---Lt. Dan---

is that supposed to be a unicorn?

Dragon Unicorn

Epicdragon's picture

Chrome and snow Chrome lv.11 and snow 13 first try.

Is that a narwall?

Epicdragon's picture

Looks like a 2 legged horse. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got it breeding metal and flower

jimbo's picture

bluehalo852, your picture is adorable! :)

Metal/willow is how I got my second one.

Merry Meet!

Hey! i was going to do air + willow!


Air + Metal, 1st try, breeding island, both level 15.

Got mine 2nd try

Al1g4mer's picture

I got this first try using level 10 air + metal, but then level 15 air + level 10 metal yielded chrome after chrome after chrome. I think similar level dragons may be important.

Epicdragon's picture


just breed air and metal. to get an air dragon breed fire and water. and for the metal dragon save up.

Xishom's picture

Air and metal though it took me like 20 tries to get it, good luck peeps :)

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Bluehalo852's picture

Happened here

---Lt. Dan---

i got it first try

Yodatu's picture

Think I got it with Sonic/Metal 1st try on upgraded breeding island both level 13 dragons. See the picture I added for the egg...purple and a bronze color...I hope! LOL


On the picture it says you have a new goal

I got it with steel and chrome in that order

Air and quiksilver

When will the meteor dragon expire?

It won't expire. It's a new hybrid for the metal/air dragons, so it's permanent.

Nangawaya's picture

air + metal on the breeding island, got me 2 of them

Any other combos

I bred lv 10 chrome and plant on breeding island and got it

Same here except my dragons were level 15.

You can get this dragon with dodo and malachite

2 crome dragons

I did air and steel

Wildzwerg's picture

Think I got it with metal & air, both lvl 15 ...I just need to wait for 11:12:00 hours

I don't h have level 15

I got meteor with air and metal both t level 10 it just may take a few tries. Good luck!

Colabear, You don't need to be level 15. Level 10 will work too. Best of luck and happy breeding!!! ;-) ;-)

Wildzwerg's picture

Sorry, just try with any level air & metal ...good luck :-)

Air and Metal. Both level 15. Breeding Island. 1st Try.

Desertflower1979's picture

Me too!

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222 eggs displayed out of 226
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I bred them all! Didn't buy any!

Seriously? You're missing the topaz dragon??? I have two of them, and a butterfly dragon.

Add me on Game Center. ID: Yoshi2913.

Chrome and sandstorm, 2nd try, cave, both level 16. Got a motley my first try with metal and air LOL.

jhay-em's picture

Got scoria

Steel and Chrome work great got 3

This is great advice! It worked on the first attempt and the second! Thanks for sharing your success!

first try on the island with level 15 air and level 10 metal

got another with steel and chrome =)

CleverBast's picture

Anybody else think that this is going to be part of a breeding combo soon?

I hope not... I never was able to get one!

Brad's picture

Is this guy here to stay? He looks pretty cool.

I believe so. He is only the second air/metal Dragon. Most combos have two combinations, except for those few which still only have one. But I think they just haven't finished them yet. I was just hoping for a second Dragon using this combo. I noticed this because I am displaying my eggs in a grid and the spot for this eggs was empty while the chrome filled it's complimentary spot.

Air and metal 1st try in regular breeding cave I got the dragon egg its still incubating in my egg holder. I'm excited about hatching it!

Sonic 15 and Magnetic 11 on island. I think that I have it with sonic and magnetic. got 14 hours breed time. second try

update: It was the Meteor. Now for a second to get the egg to display :). Tried sonic and metal and got 14 hours.


Chasing dragons: none

Melissa73's picture

got it regular breeding cave 2nd try.. level 11 air and level 10 metal.. Awesome thanks.

ConstantGaming's picture

Who noticed the Dragonvale Wiki? And got it first try =D

Bred three times got two meteor dragons, bred over 50 diamond dragons & still got 000.000, what's up?


Kennyboy2013's picture

got it third try air + meteor.. not bad luck after all

I want this dragon!!!!

wansepang79's picture

Hahahaha ... 1st try air + metal .. Yeayyy

I got it on my First try. Chrome 15 and Ironwood 15 :) good luck all.

I got it on my first try with air & metal

I got 6 chromes. Ha no meteor

Krister80's picture

Air and Metal!!! Super easy, so excited!

GC Krister1213

Air Lvl10 + Metal Lvl 10 normal breeding cave, 2 tries. I also grew a bunch of Sarjin Peppers since they said it was its favorite food, don't know if it helped, but it couldn't have hurt!

I bred air and metal then got 13hrs breeding time.. what is it? Help please..

It's probably a Mötley dragon. They're pretty annoying, even though their elements are fire&plant they can be bred with any combination. The first one was a cool surprise but now I got like 8. They don't even sell for very much...

First try metal and air


dodo and malachite

aquixruby's picture

steel/chrome 1st try (level 15 reg cave)

Got it first try sonic + metal

Sazzybabs's picture

Got it first try...air and metal...woohoo!

Sonic and metal on the first try! Both level 15.

Girorofan101's picture

14 hr breeding in regular cave... Lvl 8 sonic & lvl 9 metal


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Biohazar's picture

Got it 1st try metal + air both level 10 in upgraded cave. Easy peassy, is it ment to be hard to get?

I tryed air and metal but got 12 hours??????????

It's probably iornwood or malchenite

DragonLovingGirl's picture

Air and metal can't give malachite or ironwood

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D4v1dGK's picture

Got one third try using metal + air on EBI!

**151 out of 153 dragons

Got it 1st time with level 10 air and level 7 metal
14 hours baby

Got it first try with lvl 10 air and lvl 10 metal at the breeding cave. :-)

Off the subject...can ya still breed the clover and sakura? Noticed them missing from the list of eggs. :-(

D4v1dGK's picture

Sorry, I think both are expired.

**151 out of 153 dragons

Air and metal, both level 10 in regular breeding cave, first try.

Think i just got 2 of them.

Tried Air and Metal on EBI and got 14 hours and used Steel and Chrome on EBC and got 11 hours 12 so fingers crossed I got my hatchling and display egg at the same time :)

Redeyez's picture

Got two with Air and Metal in the cave and again with Sonic and Magnetic on the island.

Hello Goodbye

N4Nancy217's picture

Got it with level 15 air and level 10 metal on EBI first try! He's in my fountain of youth because I like the younger version better!

Game Center: N4Nancy217
Add me, gem for gem!

Got it second try. Metal + air in the breeding cave, both level 10. Super easy to get!

Rocco's picture

sonic and magnetic =14 hours......... I can't wait ;-)

I got this with sonic and metal!

I tried sonic then metal but got 9hour breeding time

What dragon is it?PLEASE TELL ME!

Air + Metal on first try. Usually never happens to me.

Gamecenter: Expell1armus

Gamecenter: Expell1armus

This is likely another "nuisance" dragon that you get all the time and eats upbbreedingband incubation time. It earns little money and sells for little. There are plenty of them like the lava smoke obsidian etc. I have 2 of these and that means too easy so therefore not worthwhile. I'll go back to trying to get another malachite. Just got my first. Already have 3 diamonds so this has been a good run.

1st try metal and air :)

1st try metal air level 10 on EBI

Bred lvl 10 air and lvl 10 metal... Got 13 hours???


Level 10 Metal & level ten Air first try in a regular old breeding cave :)

Willow+scoria=meteor (first try on epic breeding island)

I use air + metal 7 time and every time i breed motherfuking chrome c0ck !!!! Dont use this bad combination...

JVenturero's picture

Just got it with Air & Metal. All Dragonvale is missing now to have the full egg series is to come up with dragons that come from fire+water, and water+fire. Once I have those my egg collection will be complete

Every time I do the suggested combo I end up with Chrome. Any others we can try?

Tried air (lvl 10) + metal (lvl 10) 3 times, got chrome....tried metal + air twice, got chrome again...getting meteor now with steel and chrome, both level 4

First try metal and air

Metal lv10 + sonic lv 10 reg breeding island trying for copper

blendoman's picture

Got it! First try air and metal!

names blendoman in game center, currently have my gem friends but it's fun to visit parks so add me.

JVenturero's picture

I got it on my first try. But for some reason I'm having a hard time getting it the second time.

Got it with metal+air and I was not expecting it but yay!


Third try with pollen and metal. I got a malachite in the process too!

notanoob's picture

Cool beans!!!!!!! That's totally helpful right now cause I really want a malachite/meteor!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!

Blazing and hail

I got it first try with air and metal, both level 10

Pollen left metal right
1st try then tried it again and got it second try too! Add me up peeps !

Both lvl 15. Got it twice with this combination.


jhay-em's picture

Steel and chrome!

Chrome and iron

Earth and chrome! First try, in that order, both level 10 in regular breeding cave! Whoop whoop!
Add me, gem for gem :)

just got it with earth and chrome, first try. Thx Katt

Steel and chrome. Finally.

Bookjunky55's picture

I just got mine with Chrome and Willow, both level 15 in the upgraded breeding cave - first try.

Even guinea pigs love dragons.

Tried 3 times all eight hours . Add me please to trade gems .. Redphantomist

Got mine brass+pollen

Got this on my second try with Dodo on left, Malachite on right, both level 10 in the upgraded breeding cave.

Assassins12's picture

I keep getting chrome not meteor any suggestions!

Got mine with sonic and metal both lvl 10 first try

I thinks it is kinda cute!

I want it...


Blue fire and quake 1st try. Lol 10 blue fire and lol 7 quake iirc.

Actually might have been air and metal. I'm bad at remembering which dragons we breed bc me and the wife both play on the account..

oneswtsavylady's picture

Fog and Scoria in breeding cave FTW!

did willow and metal 14 hrs


This dragon, when it is a hatchling, looks a lot like a baby obsidian dragon! ~Stormlash

Lol I was trying to get a Pearl Dragon and I got this. (Snow+Seaweed) I don't know how but I did XD FUNNN TIMEZZZZZ

Chrome and water, first try. Both lvl 10

Suffee's picture

Chrome + scorch and chrome + scoria work, 1st try!

will i am's picture

I just got one with copper and air after getting 3 chrome, attempting to get the Liberty. Oh well still needed this one...

chrome and scoria.. so far the best combination for me. got 3 meteor with this combo. hope this can help.

I got it using Air and Copper, both level ten in normal cave, first try

my kids put me up to this game and now im stucked!

Lv. 10 Quicksilver, Lv. 10 Sonic ---- First try, and I got it on accident. Wasn't really trying for anything, I just threw them together.

107 dragons.

LiliBugsNana's picture

Forest and Metal

In the childhood memories of every good cook,
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a simmering pot and a MOM !

I got it with forest and metal, even if i don't know where the air element is... O.o

Firicel's picture

I think i just breed it now , 1st try whit air + metal lvl 10 bouth normal cave . 14hr breed time , aiming for zombie got 3-4 days left i can breed it , so i understand is meteor + pollen at least hoping this is meteor so pollen left before last chance/s to try for zombeh ;D

Mine and sonic level 11 , second trye and normal - not epic - breeding. First try get a chrome dragon!
Now I try third time......

Bianca - Admin's picture

I received this dragon by mixing Copper (lvl 15) + Kite (lvl 15) in Epic Breeding Sanctuary. First try. Good luck!

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SnoopyRN50's picture

I just got one using Copper and Air when I was trying for something else. Then I rebred Copper and Air and I am gonna get another Meteor in 14 hours.

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