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Mistletoe Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Unique breeding combination: 


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
77 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
113 coins per minute
Income at level 20: 
149 coins per minute
Sale price: 
1,170,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
2,438 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
208 xp / minute

"Mistletoe dragons are a mischievous lot and the subject of many a myth. Some people believe they bring luck, some people believe they bring love, others still believe they can end conflict simply by being near. The only thing we know for certain is they love to take Tree Dragon treats when they aren't looking."



I used lichen and plant before this came up. :-)

I used evergreen and earth

Good thing i looked here

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It's so cute!!^_^ hope I get it soon

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I love anime and dragons ^^

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i want this one, and I have tried both ways, and have not got it anyone have a better way

Veva's picture

I got it with Tree (lvl. 15) and Lichen (lvl. 15), second try in the upgraded cave.

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Tree and Lichen on sixth try.

superlark's picture

I wish to get it soon. 3 tries no luck.

76 dragons do not have!!

Dramoria's picture

If you check the breeding hints - the combo is tree and lichen. Makes sense since its cold, plant and earth :)

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Redeyez's picture

Finally got it.. took at least 10+ tries. Tree and Lichen. Next Dragon...

Hello Goodbye

Tree and lichen ebi 2nd try

Rachel roush

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~4 tries with tree and lichen, failed on ebi but scored in normal cave.

Gotta breed 'em all, DragonVale!
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I've tried so many combos. ..but nothing yet

Do you have a better combo?

80021223 (add it for 25 gems)

Tree &lichen 3 tries but nothing yet:(

Rita O'Dwyer

is it lichen and tree or tree and lichen?

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Been trying back to back in both cave and island for 3 days now still no luck =(

Mama Jojo

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Got Mistletoe with Lichen(10) + Tree(10) on the island in four(4) tries: Mtn, Glac, Moss, MISTLETOE.
Am trying again in the cave on Hubby's Ipad.

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Marion45's picture

Too many tries to mention, sigh! Nothing but trees, the longest fail time, 5 in a row :( Waiting on BeB so I can go for something new. Still no Turquoise... getting frustrated with breeding and selling eggs!


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I been using lichen and earth in epic and evergreen and mountain in the other. No luck yet :(

maret13's picture

Still nothing. Got reindeer using lichen and earth.

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I got my mistletoe dragon on 2nd try with lichen and tree dragons. Hope u get yours! They're super awesome!

Amelia C.


Are you a captain

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Got it with Tree + Lichen


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Still working on it. Add me please. 75288975

Tree and Lichen worked for me

Tree and lichen is a winner.

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Countless tries and no luck yet. I'm getting frustrated!

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Tree and lichen worked for me too it just took a few tries.

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This dragon is so frustrating! I have 2 pairs of Lichen and Tree Dragons breeding. 2 level 15s and 2 level 16s and no luck! I have tried at LEAST 10-15 time per pair! Very frustrating! I might take a break and try for paper dragon for a while!

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Right there with you, Desertflower, I've been trying for mistletoe with tree and lichen since they launched it, and still nothing...but I'm determined to keep trying...though I have been told that I'm a glutton for punishment :-P who knows.

Good luck to you, my fellow breeder, hopefully you will be well as my self

~ Nana Kittie ~
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Why is it so hard to get this dragon?

80021223 (add it for 25 gems)

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90038673 is my friend code. Add me if you are a regular player. Merry Christmas :)

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Oh! I've finally got this dragon early this morning!
Now I still need only 12 dragons to have them all!
I hope I could get them all before Bring'emBack event end.

Good luck everyone!

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maret13's picture

15 plus tries!!! Very frustrated!!

If only, If only this was easier to get :l

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maret13's picture

I'm using lichen and tree both level 17. I don't get why I've not gotten it yet.

Petula1625's picture

I have tried over 50 times in the cave an island with no luck on this mistletoe or the turquoise. Maybe for Christmas I will get it and everyone else. Very frustrating for the holiday season. My friend code is 20175.

I got it with Obsidian + Rain

friend code 60048269

Tried Tree + Lichen since the beginning and got it first try with Air + Ghost

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Just started trying with evergreen and quake as this combo gives you a buch of other epics and expired dragons too.

Fingers crossed.

Love LA
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And I just got Blue Moon straight out the gate. Not Mistletoe but still awesome. Now for the 30 hour wait....

Love LA
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Been trying all month and no Mistletoe. Tree and Lichen, both 15, in the upgraded cave

I got the mistletoe first try with Dark and Fire while trying for dungeon... I tried for 2 weeks with tree and lichen and got everything but. Makes no sense but it works lol

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Still having no luck getting this dragon! I'm determined to breed one before it goes again.

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Level 90 park.
332/335 dragons (Need: 3 new dragons)!
330/333 eggs displayed

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Having said that it's Tree + Lichen, I still haven't got it!! I have gotten like millions of Reindeer dragons though..... but still! Its really annoying!! Gonna keep trying........

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annism's picture

I am having the same problem.... :( I have lots of Reindeer, but really want one.

Ann Taylor

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Almost have every single dragon. Yet this one evades me -_- grrrrrr haha

Gemerlie's picture

I bred one six days ago using tree and lichen. No luck yet for a second one or an egg...same thing for the gift dragon. I will keep trying! I just need the winter, the hypnotic, wind, garnet, and amethyst! All are being very elusive! I hope Backflip will be even more accommodating and offer more islands and habitats this year! The bring em back has been a blast!Happy breeding everyone! Level fifty and holding:55001987.


Been trying for a solid month! Tree and lichen both level 15 and 10. This is beyond frustrating.

TLautrec's picture

I give up at artic and try all your options for mistletoe and what I get? 2 artic dragons but no mistletoe
this must be a bad joke from backflip

ID:Nurecita ... Full for trading, thanks for adding! :)

bandi44's picture

No luck as yet, currently breeding arctic, kind of frustrating getting a 22 hour egg when you're wanting an 8 hour egg... But on the plus side I have been trying to breed arctic since I started the game with no luck. At least I'll finally have it

Carolyn43's picture

No luck here either. Keep getting Tree, Moss & Arctic. All take 12 hours plus. Hopefully will get before BeB, as I hope to get Century, Apocalypse, Sprout, Arbor, Kite, & Zombie. Well a girl can hope.x

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7 tries for Mistletoe with Lichen and Tree (both level 16)! Whew!


272 different dragons so far...

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bandi44's picture

I've lost count of how many tries. Now trying in both cave and island. At first getting arctic was great as I had been trying so long to get it... Now; don't really want more arctic dragons please. Also, now I also have to try for Reindeer. Aaugh. Frustrating.
Good luck all

Dickie1's picture

Mistletoe is an elusive bugger! On my 14th try so keep on keeping on!

bandi44's picture

Constantly trying for the last week, only breeding tree dragons now.... Think I might give up for a couple of days and then try again

Arrg! I've been trying to get this dragon with no luck! :(

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finally got my dragon and 2days later my egg I have learned to be patient

bandi44's picture

Finally, I have lost count of how many tries this has taken me but in a few short hours I shall have my Mistletoe Dragon. WooHoo!

NanaKittie's picture

HA!!! at the last possible minute of the BeB event I got it....been trying since last year onto the next one lol

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This dragon along with the Reindeer are available again even though this site has them listed as expired. Having said that, the Mistletoe may as well still be expired for me since I have bred countless Tree dragons and even 2 Reindeer in trying to get this elusive Mistletoe. I've been using the Breeding cave, the Epic Breeding island and the Cooperative Breeding Cave. I have a twin Lichen and a twin Tree that I have been breeding but cannot get this freaking Mistletoe Dragon. Is anyone else having any luck with this one at all??

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I don't think Mistletoe is expired. I've bred quite a few recently. It's not easy to breed though.

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TheTimeOfDragons's picture

Got it first try lichen on right and tree on left both level 10.

Is this helpful?

I keep getting Mistletoe with the Tree and Lichen mix.... :( tried at least 100 times

TheTimeOfDragons's picture

Lichen on left and tree on right.

For the new people.

Whoever they are.

Good luck!

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