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Moon Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Epic Dragon

Breeding elements:

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
2,000 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
260 coins per minute
Sale price: 
2,000,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
694 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
35 xp / minute

Rumor has it that this dragon uses the same elements as the Sun Dragon but needs to be bred at night (between 7 PM and 7 AM).

"The first mythical moon dragon was so enchanting that the first sun dragon created the world and stars for the two of them to share. But their magic was so strong that they had to separate themselves or risk destroying everything. Legend claims that they became the sun and moon and their descendants now live in our world."



Makin one

Dragonvale Admin's picture

I've been trying to get a Moon Dragon for a while. I bred four Sun Dragons so far but the Moon Dragon continues to elude me. What combo did you breed?

You have to breed them at 2 or 3am to get the moon one.

East coast time?

2 or 3 am?!!!!!!!!!! Then I'll never get it... Unless I can play dragonvale without waking up my mom or my grandma...

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Actually, you can get it anytime between 7pm to 7am (19:00 to 7:00) your local time.

So time zones have nothing to do with getting one?

you know I bred a leap year dragon with an obsidian and a storm I made over 100000 with that thing in one night

I think I might have the moon dragon it is 7:00 up where I am at do you know the combo if you do please tell me.

I got the moon with a sonic dragon on left and hail dragon on right. It took me a few tries but got it happily. If u wabt specifics, the sonic dragon was level 10 and so was hail but it was turned into baby in fountain of youth. I breed in regular breeding cave. All the info I have yo give is right here.

How do you get it with epic breeding island or breeding cave?

i tried that 5 times it did't work

Firefly and cold!!!!!!!
i got it on my 2nd try!!!!

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I just got mine with cold and lightning in regular breeding cave :D

how do you get the moon dragon with what dragon + what dragon and their levels?
normal breeding cave.

I just bred a moon dragon FIRST TRY with a level 10 firefly and cold dragon at 9:15 at night!! Just in the breeding cave!

I bred firefly and snow trying to get another frostfire and got a 48 hour breeding time even though i do have the epic breeding island but i was breeding carnival there so instead of incubating it with gems i used the cave. My cave is not upgraded because i have the epic breeding island so by some miracle i got it with a regular breeding cave. Either that or i got sun.

Well, I completed dragonvale so you can ask me for tips.

How do you breed sun and moon?

Veronica Moffett

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If used Summer drgaon and Seasonal dragon, can their be a possibility of getting a Sun or Moon dragon? … I also got 48 hours breeding time.


Nope, it's seasonal

Which dragons did you use to breed the moon dragon, and at what levels were those dragons? Thank you!


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We'll after 6 try's this combo did work! (Sonic and hail but mine were both lvl13 epic breeding) I'm so Happy thanks so much!!! I hope it's a moon and not a sun! But I think it's a moon because it's 2AM near me lol! :p

Currently have 169 out of 172 Dragonvale dragons (:
I never bought a dragon
I used dragon breeding speeding up three times in the game and that was during BeB
Not gonna lie bought gems once a $.99 pack
Good luck and happy breeding!

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Thank you for the combo no sun or moon yet but just the autumn dragon from it :-)

Been playing while do to my daughtes. They don't play anymore but I still do lol. So any extra friends would be nice on the game. If you would like to add me as a friend am though Facebook ( Thank you for your time.

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add me on fb William I can help u get the sun and moon

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I could use another DV friend...but need more info for fb..there are several William Gerards listed. My fb pic had me (dark hair and bright red background)


not true, you can get one at any time of day you just can't try the same combos over and over try using fire and storm, ice and fire, ice & storm, sonic& storm, crystal & blue fire, snow & scorch, scorch & fire, flower & storm and sonic and blue firre

This persons right I just got a sun dragon by doing storm on the left and fire on the right I'd this dosnt work try other way around

Also works for blue fire which I just bred with the same combination

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Nonsense. Left right makes no difference.
Needs lightning and cold. Pure or in a mix, as long as there is a cold on one side and a lightning on the other.


I beg to differ fartman (btw love the name) but sides do make a difference. Fart on my friend as long as they don't reeeeeek!

Actually sides don't matter

If that were the case, then why are there different dragons with the same two elements? I.e scorch dragon and firefly (both fire and lightning) or cactus and ash (both plant and lightning) and if u look at the info on the dragon, u will see that the two dragons that share those two elements have the element symbols switched... Sides do matter!

I am a stegosaurus's picture

No,no they dont matter,I did an experiment i put fire and plant together, which is the combo for flower ut got a poison.I also put a fire and earth together (the combo for a lava dragon) but still got obsidian sides dont matter!

I am a stegosaur(us)

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The cactus elements are lightning and plant. I bred it with plant and lightning, so therefore sides do not matter. BOOM!

202 dragons and counting
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The cactus elements are lightning and plant. I bred it with plant and lightning, so therefore sides do not matter. BOOM!

202 dragons and counting
Recently achieved: thorn

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It does matter. if you had a cold on the left and a lightning on the right, you can have one dragon. To increase the number of dragons you can breed, the creators flipped the sides to obtain another dragon. Makes perfect sense, and almost everybody knows this.

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I now have 4 storm dragons and 2 hail dragons after trying all these combos. Hit a sun as a fluke...before I even knew it existed. Want a MOON! Pwetty pwease..... Have a habitat already.

Love LA
Friend code: 75041290

turn off volume

I so want the moon dragon I just hope I get one !!!!!!!!!

Ok, I've been breeding mine about 12-1

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turn off the sound than
Icedragon309's picture

How the heck does having sound on or off make any difference in whether or not you get a moon dragon!?!?! Quit trying to troll people!!!!

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I just have my dragons breeding it now (first try on the island, cold and lightning combo) and it is only 5am

I can fly high
because I was given a gift
of Dragon wings

Bred level 7 storm and flower first try and got my moon. It was about 5:30am. I know it was total luck! Several repeat attempts during the day to get sun haven't worked out.

I got a frost fire

i do to

How did u get a frostbite?

I mean frostfire!

Put ur tongue on the ice cube.. u will get frostbite..


i got moon dragon in one shot breeding a cold dragon and a lightning at like 5:00pm.

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You can only get moon from 7pm to 7am local time.

you can actually breed them any time of the day it doesn't matter

Yeah, it actually does...

It doesn't matter if it's 7am through 7pm but doing it in that time period helps a whole lot

Seven pm to seven am, what u said is for sun

what is local time? what time zone you in?

It doesn't matter what time it is. It has been proven it can be bred during day and night

Same here, almost. I got a blue moon the first, a moon the third, and this site has helped me get both eclipse dragons first try as well. I am feeling very very very lucky

Horse lover

Is this true you can do this in one shot?

For the sun dragon, use the flower dragon and the hail dragon. I got 2 that way.


What two dragons did you use for a Sun Dragon?

2nd time
Standard breeding cave

I did a cold on right, lighting on left

It's 7pm. I just put a blue fire and a crystal in the breeding cave and got a 48 hour time. Woo hoo!!
Note: second try, first time at 3pm yielded a quake.
Also not using upgraded breeding cave, just the standard one.
Good luck!

Bluefire&crystal= rainbow, at least I think cause my little brother got it!!!!!!

Does the level of the dragon matter when breeding?

you breed at night

To breed the moon dragon you have to do it in between 7:00 PM & 7:AM.

To breed moon you say 7-7 is that uk or us time or does it not matter what country your in

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you use the right combination but you can breed only moon for overnight.

I used lichen and storm and I just got one

Me too!

Me three!

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Mine was lichen an crystal, and toootally accidental because I've been trying for the emerald for the last few days. Happened to try before bed n BAM! Said 47.59 hours to go O.o didn't know for sure what it was until the egg was ready 2 days later!! hahaha

139 dragons so far!
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I've got one. With magnetic and lichen. After several times with this combination. During normal hours of the day.

I bred a firefly and a storm both lv.10 to get 1 first try which is weird because I was trying for a blue moon but it is a moon so I am happy! :D

Thanks I am waiting for it to hatch

On my 4th moon now, storm and iceberg. Was trying for hail.

I got a blue moon dragon by accident with the blue fire I need the regular

I breed a flower + storm around 12:45 in the morning and got a moon dragon

Levl10 cold lv8litning

Ebs cold and lightning I got sum and moon first try with these (do it at night)

Same as sun but between 6:00pm&6:00am to get it Admin.

Wat Level r u????

I got 3 or 4 moon dragons with cold and lightning when I was trying to get hail.However, there is a possibility for you to get storm dragons.

I breed the ash and blue fire in my second try


I bred a lava dragon with a cold and got a mood dragon

That makes no sense there is no electric

Lvl13 blue fire and lvl11 scorch first try

I Was Breeding Cactus With Cold For Bloom And Got Moon By Accident... Hope It Helps

I bred a blue moon and solar eclipse and got 48 hours so I think I got moon, but its only 5:30 pm. Did I get a rainbow?

You could have gotten a moon sun rainbow gold or seasonal dragon!

I bred a steel and a storm and got 48 hours, i think its a moon dragon does anyone know?

I got it w mine an ice.I wanted a diamond but moon is ok

Try crystal and lichen in the regular breeding cave.
I got a moon dragon on my first try with this combonation.

I have been trying for one the last 2 months all different hours and 95% of the time I get a storm dragon! Grrrrrr

Lichen and crystal

I bred a Blue Fire and Ash dragon to get it, could you please share the Sun dragon combo with me? :)

I got my moon dragon first try with blue fire&crystal

What did u breed
to get the sun dragon and where they level 10?

I got it with cold and storm on my first try. It literally works. Cold and storm,= 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!

I got it with cold and storm on my first try. It literally works. Cold and storm,= 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!

TST22's picture

Pretty sure crystal and lichen works

I just tried Ice and Scorch at 7:15pm. Got it first try after failing several times with other combinations. Good luck!

Never able to make one

Hope this helps :D I put a level 10 lightning and cold (in that order) and got a moon dragon, first time. :D

Just made a blue moon first try with scorch and ice.

I mad an egg

I did ash and ice pretty sure it's moon

Never mind it's a sun dragon

I'm trying to get one. But instead I got rainbow. I guess its better...

It's like 5:30 pm... But I got 48 hours with blue moon and solar eclipse. Do I have a moon or rainbow?

I got it with lichen and crystal trying to get the emerald

Epicdragon's picture

This was my first ever epic dragon. :)

A cold then lightning the reason I want is cause its pretty and makes coins PS I also really want gemstone dragons!

PS makin one was a fail but I'm still trying(I ended up sell four storm dragons to raise money for a water dragon because I ended up with storms instead!

Quake + lichen

Thanks! Got it!!!! Yeeeehaaaaa!!!

drag_anao's picture

I got rainbow with that

Leiparis's picture

I got blue moon with quake & lichen

**I have ALL 113 Dragons of Dragon Vale **
>>DragonVale Fanatic<<

Just tried cold 10 and lightening 8 and got the moon!

Bianca - Admin's picture

You get moon only when you breed for it between 7 PM and 7 AM. :) I'll put it also in the description box. :)

My website:

What time zone are the hours allocated too...I am in Australia

So am I, I think just go by the local time. Might try change the time in settings and see if it works:)

Bianca - Admin's picture

Local time on your phone. :)

My website:

does anyone know what happens if the app just disappeared from my phone and game center

You are the most gorgeous dragon breeder I have ever seen

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Hey!!! What about me?? hahaha XD

~*From the Distinguished Office of the Royal Guild*~

<*>Got Them All<*>

^¥^Phantom Dragon Shall Return^¥^

This 7p-7a is not always true!

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I have bread the storm & hail to get a 48hr bangtime at 6.30 in the afternoon. They had better not give birth to another sun.
Shall give report in two days.

D3mmalition's picture

Wow, was trying for a gem dragon but got a 48 hour time... I used a level 10 Crystal and Lichen, I'm assuming it's a Moon dragon because it's a 48 hr breeding time.

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

Add me on Game Center! D3mmalition
I have a lot of friends but I do my best to gift gems! :3

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With 48 hours and those breeding elements, it's probably either Moon Dragon or Sun Dragon, depending on what time of the day you bred them. :) Could be a Rainbow Dragon, too, though. :)

Cordlesskilla's picture

Do you get better luck breeding hybrids or the basic elements together? Either way I suck at this and cannot get WHATEVER dragon I'm trying to bred for!

I'm trying for a moon dragon ,, used crystal & lichen, 36 hr incubation time. Not sure what I have brewing!! Excited!!!!

I think if its 36 hours it would be panlong, moon sun an rainbow are all 48 hours, but those elements seem off! Good luck!

No they don't seem off crystal dragon is lightning and earth lichen dragon is water and plant

i got Rainbow and Sun From Crystal left and lichen right and both was 48 hour

I Using the Android version of Dragonvale ///Peter

Det bliver en Panlog dragon.

It could be a rainbow Or a sun

dfshima78's picture

Crystal and lichen. Both lvl 10. 3:30 am, pst. Got 38+ hr breeding time. Upgraded cave. So I got something good. Hopefully moon dragon.

Silentmjrt's picture

I'm Curious what order you put the Crystal/Lichen combination to get that Incubation time?
I just achieved the Sun with Storm/Cold, now I'm after the Luna!

Dandeelion's picture

Crystal left, lichen right both level 10 and breed between 7pm and 7am to get the moon

139 dragons so far!
Name in Game Center is same as here.
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It does not actually matter what side you have the dragons on.

Same here! I got a sun dragon though. But its still cool!

I got one using flower and storm. I got it on my second go! 8:30pm x

I did crystal & lichen & it's 12:06 am so I'm not sure what I got but mine is 24 hours breed time.

sadly that's a crystal... there's only 2 dragons that has 24 hrs breed time. Crystal and Forge

Got blue moon already ^^ fire n strom 1st try. But not have moon yet.