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Opal Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Gemstone Dragon

Breeding elements:

Unique breeding combination: 

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,475 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Gem income at Level 10: 
1 gem / week
Sale price: 
1,500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
806 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
54 xp / minute

You can breed the Opal dragon with this combination: Lava Dragon + Mud Dragon. It's only available for the month of October.

"Opal dragons are said to be capable of displaying every color in the visible spectrum. In fact they're even supposed to be able to exhibit some invisible ones as well! Some say that invisible dragons are really just opal dragons parading around in these...harder to see colors. Our wizards can neither confirm nor deny this rumor."



D3mmalition's picture

My birthstone! Can't wait to try for it! it'll make a great gift, my birthday's in 4 days! :3

GC ID= d3mmalition

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

Add me on Game Center! D3mmalition
I have a lot of friends but I do my best to gift gems! :3

Hope you get it then. Happy early birthday!

my birthday is the 13th. just friended you! :)

My birthday is the 13th

happy birthday mines in 2013 may

KTCoker's picture

So is mine it's May 1st :)

Tonya Coker

So is mine!!! In march though... It will be my golden bday!! So excited

Horse lover

munchkin53's picture

So is mine on the 14th. Happy birthday October babies.


did you get it?

D3mmalition's picture

I did, and ON MY BRITHDAY, lol.
Gotta love Dragonvale!
Trying for my second one soon.

Good luck everyone!

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

Add me on Game Center! D3mmalition
I have a lot of friends but I do my best to gift gems! :3

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Congrats and belated happy birthday! :)

HOW DID YOU GET IT!!!! and how many times did it take you

Got one second try with the mud lava combo. OMG! I am so exited. Still have 31 hours left lol!

Are not sending me gems anymore?

get the dragonsi gifting tree it will give you a gem for each friend

My birthstone too. The 18th is mine. And I just got this one today I was so happy. Good luck on getting it and happy birthday. :)


dogmatika's picture

It's so cute!! I hope I get one next.

gc ID: dogmatika

Good luck to you!

ZoëSky's picture

It's my birth month 2!! Yay, and how the frick do you get this dragon, it's sooooooo cute!

It is tomorrow! What time?

Remember to post the best combination!

lava+mud dragon got it on my first try :) goodluck!

I want this dragon already

MEeeeee TOOooooooo. :-)

bella mc awesome's picture

Same here!

TDR's picture

Wait... Your pic is an opal dragon...... Stop confusing me I don't like it >:[>

-Triple Double Rainbow

I am going to breed for this dragon until I get one, I missed peridot and did not get sapphire either, my gem island is LONLEY :-)

i had gotten alot of money from christmas and so i might juts buy gems and then buy the opa, sapphire, and ruby! ;)

How do you get it then I don't have a mud yet

Does anyone know the elements needed yet?

Lava and mud

Dreadman's picture

Thanks I have wanted the opal dragon for a while

No i'm sorry i don't know them either

EEEE! I LOVE it!!! I got the sapphire one at the very last second (yes!) will be checking back for combo


hahahaaha lucky

Crystal and water

Did you got it?

thx dude u helped meh get it lol

OMB thank you this worked but how long is its incubatuion time?

Just tried crystal & water-got crystal.

rainyroo's picture

Panlong and crystal


How do you BREED panlong

bbarra's picture

Refer to dragon breeding tab and see comments.


for what??

Paneling and crystal gave me Olympus

I'm reading its either lava & mud or copper & quake. I finally got my sapphire yesterday!

After the failure for the sapphire dragon will try this one, do the dragons you breed with have to be at a certain level to get the best chance? thank you.

Whizzard's picture

Word on the street is lava/mud. Good luck.

Has anyone has luck with a different combo? I've done it about 15 times No luck just keep getting lava or mud or bone. Has to be another combo that works?

Gem dragons only got one combo, so no other options, exept keep on trying.

my kids put me up to this game and now im stucked!

Any one have any other combination I've used lava and mud ten times ,my son accidentally got opal using lava/mud combo his first try, he is looking for Game Center friends his handle is pringlesdude

My son & daughter would love to have some friends on game centre but I don't know how to invite.

theres only one combo. for each gemstones it had said that on other websiste its called like dragonvale sandbox

Just got it lava and mudd like 5th try. Im pumped!!

Lava and Mud on lucky number try!!

Snakegirl79's picture

Lava and mud!


Got it first try. Level 10 lava and level 7 mud. Yippee!

I've been trying Lava and Mud all day. Fifth try is the charm!


mod + lava 5th try.

Took about 15 times, but got it with lava + mud :)

Got mine on the first go with my lava and mud dragon!!! Its so cool :)

Lava+mud, second try

Lava + mud second try! :-)

Lava and mud work!

Lava/Mud 5th try!

YAY! Just found out I'm getting it... 31 hours in the breeding cave! I did level 10 mud on the left and level 10 lava on the right. 2nd try :D

dutchess's picture

bahhhh, I am on my 6th try and still don't have it, however at least the longest incubation time is 10 hours and i only got it once (the other incubation time is 6) so you can try more times as opposed to the sapphire which you mostly got 14hr incubation times

Okay, cry or not to cry (jk) but I tried lava and mud 19 times, I now have a very large collection do lava and mud eggs, and a hole full of them....... I am not certain but I'm pretty sure that my game is jinxed, yup definitely jinxed, my son will be right next to me using the combo's I suggest and what what..... He gets the goods I get ones I already have. Okay thanks, no more whining in dragonvale, I'm done for Nowwwwww lololololololololol

I have a similar problem.Last month I only found out after that you needed to make cactus young.This month is my birthday and I really want the opal.I been trying for over three days but it's not working.

Paradoxon's picture

I have Opal with the 8th breed. With Lava + Mud each lvl 10 in Epic breeding

I got it 1 try

Lost count of how many tries i've done already. TIRED.... (T_T)

Keep trying lava on left and mud on right! So mad that I can't get it!

Yay!! I got it after 3 times. Lava + mud

I still don't have it and this is the 17 try really. I used a glitch from dragonvale you can log out of the Game Center then go back to your dragonvale then click cancel and the you have a new vale then you go back in the Game Center again and login if you go after that back to your dragonvale you have 10 gems. But you can only 10 gems so don't try it twice in a row because you won't get 20 gems. This is for the people they didn't know this.

P.s. I had a mistake this message was for sun dragon that one I tried 17 times this one I tried 6 times. And still haven't got is yet.

Whizzard's picture

Its only october 3rd lol. Why are peeps so angry they dont have it..chances are higher towards the end of the month.

Now it's the 14th actually so people are getting nervous cause they are worried they won't get this one, just like last month.

No it's the 20th

bbarra's picture

All I'm getting is lava and mud but we have all of October. I wonder if chances are slimmer because sooooooo many people are trying. Too bad lava and mud don't sell for a lot of cash!


Dragonvale Admin's picture

I wonder, too. The game connects online before it tells you what you are getting, so it checks with their servers. Not sure what they check for (I thought it was just to prevent cheating), but maybe they 'ration out' the number of dragons people get.

I don't know about that, I got 8 sapphire dragons last month

Dragonvale Admin's picture

8? Wow. :)

I would have thought that what you get is some kind of random programming and not determined by how many are trying for it.

My thoughts exactly, lol, I have plenty of dragon and mud egg statues, I know I'm impatient ....but after missing out on peridot and sapphire....... Oh we'll quitters new win , play on peeps ☮

Got it with lava and mud in the regular breeding cave...after about 8 tries.

Does it help to use first generation dragons or can its offspring be utilized also?

2nd try lava and mud in epic breeding island and 31 hours :)

GC: sarianne
Level 71, 223/280 dragons, 168/278 peds
Hunting: gaia

First try mud and lava regular breeding cave!!

I've been trying these combinations but I keep getting crystal or a repeat of the hybrid dragons I used, I need gems and I would really love a gemstone dragon, please help.

2nd try lava 13 (L) n mud 15 (R) at advanced EBI on Oct 1. Then I was trying a 2nd one for a long time after that; And I got one today Oct 3 jus trying again for the nth time. Finally I got one using the same level as the one I used.

Chatoyant's picture

Just got my first egg. I was pretty sure it would be the opal, from Lava and Mud, because the breed time is reduced by the upgrade but it took more than a day. :) I posted a photo above.

Chatoyant the Dragonhearted!

Wow just did lava and mud first try and got a 31 hour breed time!! Must be the opal! How lucky is that! Both level 9, epic breeding island

Is it any chance that the level of the dragon has any impact?
Is it any chance that right och left in the breeding cave has any impact?
Someone talks about first generation, is it possible that this can help?
When I read all you people above I can see that you have tried many times so early in the month, is it so that you "shorten" the time in the breeding cave with gems, and I wonder if this helps?
My questions is because I have breaded both Peridot And Sapphire from day one as much as possible and got nothing. I do the same for opal and the result is the same. I think there must be something i am missing. I will keep trying :-).

Lava +mud

Do you mean that I shall shift every time I breed?
Like Lava + mud the 1st 3rd 5th 7th and so on
and mud + lava the 2nd 4th 6th 8th an so on
Would that be better?

I am on like 4th try no luck but I will keep trying. I accidentally did earth and sonic and got silver Olympus my second one and I have 3 bronze olymus and no gold ones

Tried so many times can not count for all of them except for thep
Pearl dragon tired of trying And time runs out very disgusted!

Yayyyyyy im finally breeding opal :)) my second gem dragon
Lava + mud

Mine too. My other is topaz

Keep trying mud/lava got mine after two days of breeding them over and over. Probably seven try's. got a lot of lava and mud eggs lol

I got 8 sapphire dragons last month, would be nice if I was able to get a few friends on here to send gems back and fourth. I know I can't send gems to everyone but I can sure try to make everyone happy. Please add me:). My names posted up top.

Really really want to upgrade the breeding caves, please send gems :)

Dion_Ultear's picture

Got it after about 10 tries - Lava lvl15 on the left and Mud lvl15 on the right

~ May the odds be ever in you femur, fater, flim.... oh ****

Whoop! First gem dragon! Have been breeding for 2 days in both regular cave and epic island. Just got my 31 hour breeding time! Tried non-stop for sapphire, but never got it. Patience and perseverance, and going with the flow. That's all I've got to say. :)

Finally, I have a 31 hour breed going on. I nearly gave up and changed to try a new ash dragon. I thought "one more try"!

One more thing, I planted a gemstone banner in front of the breeding cave before choosing the dragons to breed.

Lava and Mud both lvl 9 on breeding island. Got it on the first try. Just pure luck. Just prior I breed a sun dragon on the first try with cold and firefly lvl 8s. However, no matter how many times I try, I can't get the panlong with mud and blazing. I'm happy with what I did get though.

Soo happy. First try med and lava both level 10 standard breeding cave. Never got sapphire now just need to avoid blowing all my gems to hatch it early

Have 3 Opals so far. 1 hatched & 2 breeding. Lava & mud each time. Good times.

Lucky you

Chikixie's picture

Can't seen to get it, been breeding for days! GRRRR! But maybe my luck is used up by the accidental Sun Dragon I got the other day :)

Thank you for the add and feel free to gem4gem me :)

i am in the same book... 10 days straight now with no opal in sight... i got 2 suns in a row when trying to start my island....

The doctor is in!

Lava + mud both lev 10... 4th 1:06:59:00! Mi first gem Dragon :)

I've been trying to get the opal dragon since it came out and it's not coming with the lava and mud... Any other suggestions???

Many Blessings!!!

jarrat's picture

Opal dragon is a locked combo - lava + mud. Keep on trying. Try adding paths, re-arranging your park, level up dragons etc ...some say making changes can help. Good-luck

GC ID: jarrat16
L95 / 361 clan / 357 partners / 357 clutch

Finally got one the other night. Took about 3 days of breeding Mud and Lava on both my island and in my cave.


Got it 5 try. Gonna have so many i can get.

Got it on about the 15th try by breeding in Lava + Mud both my enchanted breeding cave and on my island simultaneously. Finally got it in my enchanted breeding cave, so my incubation time was 24 hours and 48 minutes! =)

Over 30 attempts and still no opal dragon. I'm not giving up. I'll let you know how many attempts it finally took to get it. I'm using lava and mud in both caves.

mm0rpg's picture

Got one opal 2nd try, using both caves from the start. Still trying for more, lost count how many tries its been. Hope you get it.

mm0rpg's picture

Now I have 6 opal dragons, 6th is being bread right now, and I made 8 sapphire last month. Going to do 6 and 6 in the island. Hope I can get 3 gems for December


I tried lava and mud and found out I was getting a bone dragon, so happy!!!!!!!!

Oops it wasn't a bone dragon just a mud so angry

Bayzfynst's picture

Are there any other combination

Dragonvale Admin's picture

No (except Opal + Opal :) ).

I thought that gemstone dragons are unable to breed???

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Oh, you are right. :)

My peridot is soooooooooooo lonely

Tried 11 times, lava + mud no luck yet sigh, missed out on my birthstone last month, would love this one to ease the blow lol.

I have tried for 3 gem dragon and have not got one of the and I'm am sad I can't get one.

same with me i tried like 10 times and it did not work

Maddie Schmid

Is there a way a special way to breed it.

Dragonvale Admin's picture

No, just keep at it until you get lucky. It seems that the Bone Dragon is coming back maybe, and that combination may get you that, too?

theres only 1 way...
sorry :(

Maddie Schmid

Whizzard's picture

Got my 1:06:00 breeding time after 18 tries.
Lava/Mud normal breeding cave.


After 17 tries I finally changed both mud and lava dragons I was using...and just an egg with a 1:06:00 breeding time.

Genki's picture

Is it possible to get more then 1 opal dragon?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Yes. I have two and once they are all grown, I'll breed them to get a third (for the flag :) ). I did the same with Peridot.

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Oops, gem stone dragons can't breed, I must have gotten the 3rd the hard way. :)
But the above is my general strategy for all dragons.

rainyroo's picture

Finally got it after least 30 try's with lava and mud epic island.


Mud 7 +lava 10

I can't wait to get my birthstone dragon! my birthday just passed! october 5, birthdays are great!

Lava and mud both level 10 in epic breeding island on first attempt.

mm0rpg's picture

I have 3 opals going so far, been breeding both upgraded caves from the get go. I have been changing it up from mud + lava too lava + mud. I have gotten one each way. Please add me as friends, I do have Sao tree and will send gems to hose who gift them too me :)
ID is {-}rpg{-}

mm0rpg's picture


F4y's picture

Still not get it >.< Does anyone know other combo?

Dr. Who Rocks's picture

There is no other combo, mine took 10 days of continuos breeding.

Dr. Who Rocks
add me as a friend (same nickname)

SiRSHiNE's picture

Doctor Who it the best sci fi show of all time. :)