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Ouroboros Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Epic Dragon

Breeding elements:

Required dragon: 

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
250,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,888 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
261 coins per minute
Sale price: 
1,250,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
789 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
158 xp / minute

"Scholars agree the hatching of the first Ouroboros dragon coincided with the day the Scar of the World was created. Some call them a harbinger of ill, but even more say they are a living prophecy; promising that someday the Scar will be healed."

To breed the Ouroboros Dragon, you need the Magnetic Dragon plus the Water or a Water-hybrid Dragon.



First try! Magnetic & Swamp!

Feathered Dragon's picture

I got a cyclops :( oh well I didn't have one anyway haha

Finally got the Ouroboros with Magnetic and Swamp (same breeding time as Cyclops--21:07). Took approx 13 tries, but got a lot of nice dragons along the way--3 Cyclops, 2 Rainbows, 1 Platinum, a Swamp, a Copper, a Magnetic, 2 Cactus...


I have 21:07 now too! How come Sandbox doesn't say Ouroboros for Magnetic and Swamp, and that the breeding time on this and Cyclops page isn't 21:07? In fact on this page it is a teensy breeding time! Weird,LOL.....


VegasDragonLady's picture

lol you got some great dragons along the way to the Ouroboros I'm still trying and yes I've gotten a few good dragons along the way so I'm going to keep trying until I get a pair of them Good for you by the way :)

DragonMonkeys23's picture

I also did a number of tries...but I have a 1:02:24:00 (26h24m) for breeding time...the egg is this the time needs to be updated on the site...definitely not 4hrs. So excited for this one to hatch!!! I did the EBI with Lvl15 Magnetic & Lvl 13 Water.

Jenn95's picture

Thanks!!! Yeah like MindPrbr said I would try magnetic and swamp! I personally wouldn't try magnetic and water! I tried twelve times with that combo (lvl 15 magnetic and lvl 14 water in epic breeding btw) and ALL of them were copper EVERY single one! Then tried magnetic and swamp took 5 tries (lvl 15 magnetic and lvl 14 swamp in epic breeding) got WAY better dragons!! 2 cyclopse, 1 magnetic, 1 rainbow and then ouroboros!!! (: yay yay!!!!! (:

Currently have 169 out of 172 Dragonvale dragons (:
I never bought a dragon
I used dragon breeding speeding up three times in the game and that was during BeB
Not gonna lie bought gems once a $.99 pack
Good luck and happy breeding!

emeraldwhisper's picture

I tryd copper and fog I dont know if I have it or not yet but it will work I thank so try it copper on the left and fog on the right

Happy breeding everyone and good luck!

Jenn3712's picture

Thanks! First try for me too! I went by your post...thanks!

Little Daisy

Tired this and just got a breeding time of 19:59:19 or something very similar to that.

tksbks's picture

First try Magnetic & Swamp gave me double rainbow :)) every time im trying to get a dragon I get another dragon instead.

Braderus's picture

Tried this. Got a Platinum then 60hrs I guess it's a double rainbow. Stoked but still can't get the ourorobus


Kristi13's picture

I got rainbow with this combo, first try

With magnetic and swamp, first I got a platinum, then a double rainbow, then an electrum!! All by luck!

My gamecenter is chubbbbbs!, with the lowercase c and the exclamation point. Friend me for daily gem exchange!

I have a second one coming. At least it is the same time listed. I used magnetic and water.

Montgomeryswife's picture

That gave me platinum :(

Montgomeryswife's picture

Magnetic and plasma first try!

Magnet and water gave me two platinum's in 3 tries

Keep getting platinum with magnetic and plasma and slash water. 49 stinking hours in both epi and cave. That sucks. Oh. Well there's always tomorrow!! Dragonvale will have to wait. Anyone know what us get after u hit level 29??? Hopefully another habitat. I need apocalypse don't have that one have every dragon almost times two now this comes along! Keep on keeping on... God bless those dragon lovers! . Nina:)

At lvl 30 you get +1 habitat and access to buy your
7th floating island for 100 million coin.

snowy5599's picture

First try got a 20 hr breeding time...isn't that supposed to be harder to get than a 4 hr time?!?!


whopants's picture

Upgraded breed time says 3:12 but that is wrong mine was 21:08

sjbaum's picture

The times are wrong. Regular time is 26hr 24min. I used regular breeding cave, magnetic plus water.

Tigress's picture

I got a 21:07 breeding time. Wonder what it is???? Checked calc there isn't a dragon for that time?????

Tigress's picture

I used magnetic / swamp upgraded breeding cave

whopants's picture

It is Ourobos!!!

whopants's picture


You have a Cyclops!


Yea thats him they got the time incorrect

Cook was here

Tigress's picture

Got a 21:07.02 time.
Used gems to hatch it.
Have the pretty red egg sitting in my nursery.

Magnetic and plasma upgraded breeding island. Time of 21:07 Can't wait!

Magnetic and Swamp definitely!! First try on the EBI.


My bad! 21:07 is Cyclops. Got two in a row with magnetic and swamp. have tried seven more times with no luck. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow!


Magnetic lvl 15 L & Plasma lvl 15 R got me it! So stoked!!!!

Add me in GC: gucci147158

Check my park out. It's under construction. =P

tried magnetic lv 15 and water lv 15 on enhanced breeding island after 3 tries got a 38:24 breeding time (I think its rainbow) then magnetic lv 10 and fog lv 15 on enhanced breeding cave got it on first try (nothing else has a 21 hr breeding time). The times by the way are way off. It's suppose to be 26:24 normal/egg and 21:07:12 for enhanced.

Dandeelion's picture

So I got 26:24 and I think it's orouboros but I'm not sur because of so many people saying different times O.o lol

139 dragons so far!
Name in Game Center is same as here.
Please use my friend code for free gems!

It is the ouroboros. I got mine a few days ago with that time.

Keikohoshii's picture

Magnetic and swamp gave me
Double Rainbow!

Wildzwerg's picture

Me too!!

Magnetic and swamp, both level 10 first try in normal cave, breeding time 26 hours, 24 minutes so im getting an ouroboros
Trying to save my gems for later, but hard to wait ;-)

my kids put me up to this game and now im stucked!

Jelliott1127's picture

I used Magnetic and River and got a 26.24 breeding time on the island. Has to be Ouroboros. I need 4 friends to exchange gems with. I exchange every day.

Tried to add you but your name is rejected, what is your game centre id? :-)

Jelliott1127's picture


Jeny Lynn's picture

Think I just got this one by breeding a lvl 15 magnetic and swamp together in the EBS; got a time of 21:07:12. Will confirm when egg goes to the nursery. Btw, this was the first time I tried this combo. Tried water/magnetic before that and got a copper.

L80 | DC: 302/305 | EC: 227/303
FB: Jeny Lynn | PF: Android 6.0.1

Jeny Lynn's picture

Ouroboros dragon confirmed! Spent the gems to speed up breeding and egg is in the nursery. Tried for a second with no luck; approximately 4hrs before I can try again; I'm guessing seaweed this time. :-(

L80 | DC: 302/305 | EC: 227/303
FB: Jeny Lynn | PF: Android 6.0.1

Jeny Lynn's picture

Still haven't had any luck breeding a second one. Have gone to breeding lvl 15 magnetic and swamp in the EBS & a lvl 11 magnetic/swamp combo in the EBC. Just got a time of approximately 38 with the latter so I'm guessing rainbow or electrum.

L80 | DC: 302/305 | EC: 227/303
FB: Jeny Lynn | PF: Android 6.0.1

Jeny Lynn's picture

Finally got my second ouroboros dragon today with the lvl 15 magnetic/swamp combo in the EBS!

L80 | DC: 302/305 | EC: 227/303
FB: Jeny Lynn | PF: Android 6.0.1

Travi21's picture

I'm pretty sure I got it first try. It was like a 26 hr breeding time. I'm still waiting for it to hatch though. Magnetic and water on the EBI. Also. Looking for three more friends for gem trading! Hit me up here and I can add through Facebook

Bring back all expired dragons soon!

will i am's picture

After many many tries with magnet and water and magnetic and plasma, I tried magnetic & swamp just put the egg in my nursery!

I finally got it with magnetic and swamp after a zillion tries. Hit level 29 at the same time so I got the habitat also. Happy dragon camper right now! And to top it all off Karois got activated and I got all that extra $$$. What a day in dragonvale. Thanks to everyone that put the breeding combo down' your dragon angels! Love this site. NINA:)

shaunong's picture

Magnetic & Water first try for me too - woo hoo!


BAZINGA's picture

I have 3 gems to give, but don't know how to add people. Anyone care to walk me through it?

You have to add people as friends on face book then invite them to be your friend on dragonvale. Thats the easiest way but of course you have to be playing through facebook yourself. Hope that helps :-)

If you are using Game Center you can add friends by going into requests at the bottom of the screen in Game Center and then click on add friends. You can add them by their Game Center username or email address. I have 5 gemstones I have to give everyday so if you would like you can add me and I will add you as well.

firelizard21's picture

3rd or 4th try. And I have the Apocalypse dragon, so getting a second one is super easy.

219/222 dragons.

Goal: 1 FOY baby and 1 adult of every dragon, plus a display egg.
Still need: Egg for Antarian, and all 3 for Arcturian, Bizurian and Sorarian.

Got it second try with magnetic and water...first try wasnt a flop though as it gave me current which I didnt have either.

I got one with magnetic ans water and the time is 21:07 not 3:12 for upgraded time

Yeah, I got a longer breeding time too for mine. Maybe the time on this page needs to be updated.

Add me to trade gems! One spot left.

Magnetic and water! Whoohoo!

abby5778's picture



Candise's picture

Magnetic and sonic works. I have got two with this combo, one right after the other.


Marion45's picture

Sonic doesn't have water so how can that work for OUROBOROS?


Ryan1217's picture

I got kit using magnetic on the left and seaweed on the right. I also used the enchanted breeding cave. Sooo happy!!!!


D4v1dGK's picture

Magnetic and Current 2nd try!!!

**151 out of 153 dragons

burnsrw's picture

Just got the Ouroboros Dragon using Lvl15 Magnetic & LVL15 Current Dragons on the Epic Breading Island on 2nd Try.

DragonVale Rules!

I got it with magnetic and water on the first try on the upgraded breeding island. Kinda sad that I did though, this is one of the ugliest/creepiest dragons I've seen on the game so far...

blxsix's picture

am I doing something wrong? the breeding guide says I can breed with ouroboros to get all sorts, but I can't breed with it at all.... maybe if I had another apocalypse dragon, but certainly not allowed to breed with metal or water, etc which combo finder says I can use to make platinum or cyclops

You can only breed an Epic with another Epic of the same type. Treasures can breed together. Suns and moons can breed together. Olympus only with Olumpus, Rainbows/Double Rainbows only with Rainbows/Double Rainbows, etc. An Apocalypse can only breed with another Apocalypse. You could try for a second Ouroboros and breed it with the first one for a third dragon or an egg. Or wait for another Apocalypse dragon to become available. When in doubt, after selecting a dragon on the left breeding position, scroll through the list on the right. Only compatible breeders will be highlighted on the right.

Marion45's picture

I was told you cannot breed sun or moon.


Magnetic and swamp
Got the
Two headed rainbow

Got it, first try with magnetic and seaweed!

Add me for gems! ID= StarrieSkye

My park is level 43 and I have every dragon as of 7/21/13 except for the opal and ouroboros dragons.

I will give gems to you too

Impatient_Breeder's picture

Magnetic and Fog on upgraded cave, both 14. It took about 4 tries.

Do we know if Electrum and Ourobouros are limited time only?

Talazquepu's picture

According to the new frames on the market, they are both here to stay

go_novi's picture

It look like you have to use magnetic as one of the parent. I wonder why? Liberty use copper because the statue was made from copper. What the reason for ourobourus?

I think the breeding time is incorrect for this dragon. I just bred one and it took me 27 hours.

Dragonvale wiki says 26H24M or 21H7M12S for upgraded

Same here, this egg was 27 hours with Magnetic on left and Water on right first try! This site needs updating!! :-)

Talazquepu's picture

Magnetic & current just did it for me

Giggy52's picture

This dragon should have been named "Scorpious"!


No -- the snake eating its tail is a symbol called the ouroboros so of course this is the ouroboros dragon

cperki78's picture

Woo hoo got it with magnetic and salamander 2nd try thanks so much for the retry button!!!!

Suffee's picture

Magnetic + water 1st try ... 21:07:08

Proffzet's picture

Used magnetic + water. Ouroboros first try!
Add proffzet at gamecenter to switch gems!


Hell_DragonKeeper's picture

Magnetic and swamp got me cyclops. Not what I was hoping for, but I will take it >:-)

Dragon skulls are my teddy bears - hell_dragonkeeper

reach's picture

Got it with magnetic and water. Incubating now.

Halolux's picture

Hey I have been trying at this when it first came out since than I got a cyclops and a few other common breeds...add me up on gamecenter: Halolux I am always looking for new friends to send gems too!

Game Center ID: Halolux

culbetam1's picture

Hi, I just put magnetic and quicksilver in my epic breeding island... I got a incubation time of 1:02:21:48 or 27 gems to speed it up. That tells me it is over 26 hours. But I dont see any incubation times at 26 hours. This dragon says 3 hours. So I dont think I have it but what can this be?

GNewMan's picture

Magnetic + Water, first try.

80021223 (add it for 25 gems)

Brad's picture

Finally got it with level 15 magnetic and level 15 Plasma. I will get a second breeding it with my apocalypse. I love this dragon, reminds me of Rush's "Snakes and Arrows" album.

Wildzwerg's picture

Magnetic & Swamp upgraded breetingtime 21:07:53!! Was wondering what it could be (did't found such a breetingtime) and spend some gems ...thank you guys, who are spending gems EVERY DAY to me!! :-*

33hours breeding/incu. On 3rd. Water/magnetic lvl 15's

Anybody interested in exchanging gems daily, I have 5 gem slots so add me up.

I was trying with the magnetic & swamp when I got an upgraded breeding time of 21:07... ?? That breeding time isn't listed here on the site?? What can it be?

Brad's picture

This dragon took me forever to get. I got sooo many copper dragons which take forever to breed and incubate.

I got this using Magnetic and River in the breeding cave


50+ tries
i guess Magnetic and swamp is a fail! ive done more than 50+ still no ouroboros!
new combos please! :(

Blake14's picture

I have bred Magnetic with several Water Hybrids and all I get is Magnetics!!! Got to keep trying though.

GC ID: Fyrehawk14
(Marion45 can also be reached at this email address) (my Band)

When is this dragon no longer available?

Anna94K's picture

omg omg omg omg :D I tried swamp & magnetic after the day that dragon was available and after millions of tries (i've got only breeding cave) I got ouroboros! and I was going to give up today and try new combo. I also got one cyclop, that's good, because I didn't have one :/

Brad's picture

I absolutely love this dragon. I seem to only be getting epics in my cave and not island. Either way, this dragon is my favourite.

Magnetic and seaweed and it appears this dragon has different breeding times. It gave me a breeding time of 19:17 or something like that. But the incubation time was 29:something. Breeding time above is WRONG! This dragon likes to trick you.

Totally agree: used Magnetic and Swamp, and got it (Egg is in Nursery now, so it's confirmed). The actual incubation time is 1d 2h 24m. Need to change this - it's not a 4:00 dragon.

jhay-em's picture

Magnetic and swamp gave me 48 hrs/ 1:24:00:00 what is this?

jhay-em's picture

Yes! Its electrum! :))

tksbks's picture

Magnetic and Swamp incubation time is 1:02:24:00??? For 27 gems... Did I get the Ouroboros Dragon?

Got this dragon with
3rd try in the Epic Breeding Island

Good Luck!


augster123's picture

Got Copper dragon on first try. Oh well, I don't have Copper anyways. :D

Komoda's picture

Got it with level 10 magnetic and current, EBI. ^_^ definitely one of my favourites.


I have tried all of those combinations so many times each and still cannot get this dragon >.< Not giving up though... I'm determined

4ziree's picture

The breedingtime is not correct, its not 4.00 hrs 24min but 26 hrs 24 min , and upgrade breeding is not 3 hrs and 12 min but 21 hrs and 07 min and 12 sec according 2 dragonvale game and dragonvale guide please correct this its confusing

Correct upgraded breeding time is 21h and 9min. Got him with magnetic and fog (both lvl 12) on normal breeding cave after 20 tries.
The incubation time is 1 day 2hours and 22/23 minutes.

nplewinski's picture

Got this with a time of 1:2:24 26.24 hours definitly needs updating

Nicole :) 145/160 dragons
Friend code:5004655
Gc id: nplewinski

nplewinski's picture

Swamp and magnetic in the ebi. Took about around 10 tries I'm guessing. But got a rainbow and electrum along the way

Nicole :) 145/160 dragons
Friend code:5004655
Gc id: nplewinski

Current and magnetic in breeding cave both lvl 10

wansepang79's picture

Waiting so long time ... Lastly i got it ... Hmmmm

Yuckybeans's picture

Magnetic and swamp got me double rainbow but have yet to get the dragon this match is rumored to get me I will keep tryin wish me luck

Magnetic and coral' both lv 15 in ebc

Dennis H Harsha

LadyoftheLake's picture

Yes! Magnetic an Rain, both level 10 in normal breeding cave! They should have more Apocalypse dragons.


Is this the nearest we'll get to a Wingaling dragon? :B

BTW I called mine Lister.... tee hee heee

Tried magnetic-swamp, magnetic - seaweed, magnetic - rain and none of them worked for me. Finally got it with magnetic 15 and salamander 15 Yay!

Fried-beef's picture

Just got it fit try with lvl 10 magnetic + rust in the normal breeding cave not upgraded

( forgive me if I spelled anything wrong )

Fried-beef's picture

I mean I just got it on my fist try with ...

( forgive me if I spelled anything wrong )

Marion45's picture

I got current going for Ouroborus, pleasant fail! Magnetic + Swamp... so I used magn. + current = rust :( Still trying!


Athea_Antar's picture

Fruck I hope I got it I've tried all combos and finally got a 21hr breed time......I used magnetic(14) and salamander(13) in the EBI.

Athea_Antar's picture

Ok so I was impatient as hell and used gems to speed up breeding. ......and I frucking got it! After months of trying! So on a whim I re-bread them and I think I got another one. I'm gonna try and wait this one out though.

Athea_Antar's picture


rexor's picture

help me to have this EBI for me to breed some epic dragons,i played it with facebook, add me,
thanks :D


TonyM01's picture

Finally got this after many many many many tries! Lv. 15 magnetic and Lv. 15 Current

250/278 Dragons
209/277 Pedestals

D_samriel's picture

Man all these fail stories sounds very discouraging... im wondering if this dragon is worth even getting... if i dont get it before the apocalypse dragon come out... im stopping and go for the real apocalypse...


Total Dragons.... 179
Just need Jade and 4 of the new hybrids, and I'll have them all.....

DragonFlight's picture

Ok, 15 tries magnetic + water, and still, NO LUCK. I keep getting Copper Dragons.... What am I doing wrong?


DragonFlight's picture

Woot! After another few ( 15+ more) tries, I've got a 26 hour incubation time! Yay!


lordog's picture

I'm so excited-This is my very first epic. I bred Magnetic (level 11) and Swamp (level 11) in the regular breeding cave, and got it on my 2nd try. I've been playing d-vale for a month and never been able to get an epic even though I've tried soooo hard for so many epics, so it looks like it's (finally) my lucky day! :) Yay!

lordog a.k.a Lori
Game Center ID: LORD OG
*Newer friends: I very much appreciate gems, but am most likely unable to repay you for a very long time, as I have a huge repay list already. Please do not send gems if you are expecting a quick repayment.*

Blake14's picture

Congrats on your 1st Epic Dragon Lori. Wish you luck with many more!

GC ID: Fyrehawk14
(Marion45 can also be reached at this email address) (my Band)

D_samriel's picture

That's a pretty cool EPIC as a first...
My first was a MOON... not as EPIC as your EPIC.... ha ha...


Total Dragons.... 179
Just need Jade and 4 of the new hybrids, and I'll have them all.....

lordog's picture

Hehehe thanks guys. My only problem now is earlier this morning I spent almost all my money on a Dark habitat, so now I'm scrambling to come up with the cash for an Apocalypse habitat! At least they are not expensive, and I have a lot of time before my lil guy hatches.

lordog a.k.a Lori
Game Center ID: LORD OG
*Newer friends: I very much appreciate gems, but am most likely unable to repay you for a very long time, as I have a huge repay list already. Please do not send gems if you are expecting a quick repayment.*

Magnet and water works pretty good

Friends get 25 free gems with code 15566071

Get free gems gem code 65383988


Vineskm's picture

Ouroboros out of the blue....using Century (15) and Magnetic (15)...looking for a Cyclops....and I get Ouroboros! Sweet!

Araheera's picture

Oh good fail! I still need an Ouroboros.

FAQ at the top of forums

"This game makes me nervous as a mouse in a box of tuna-flavored catnip." TSM
GC - Araheera

Sefiros159's picture

Magnetic Lv. 7 and water Lv. 12, that worked for me, first try

Black Kyurem, i love it!

Sefiros159's picture

Magnetic Lv. 7 water Lv. 13
27 hrs, i suposse it is

Black Kyurem, i love it!

Sefiros159's picture

Magnetic and water first try, i just, did it...

Black Kyurem, i love it!

aimsteroo's picture

Bred two of these (Ouroboros) together and got Electrum.

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

I can't seem to get one either.

kiwi dragons's picture

Europa don't give up. Try the combos that different people have had success with. Try something else to breed for a while and go back after. It isn't going anywhere. How are you going with the limiteds, Lapis, Arbour, Emerald etc? Make it fun by going for some random dragon you haven't got. Above all don't get stuck in the frustration. Happy breeding.

Kiwi - Linda

GC ID - Kiwi Linda

Thank you Linda, I just had good a emerald is in the making!

kiwi dragons's picture

Europa how lovely, feel free to pass on your luck tee hee. Now on to the next challenge.

Kiwi - Linda

GC ID - Kiwi Linda