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Pepper Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
3,500 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
125 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
65 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
95 coins per minute
Income at level 20: 
125 coins per minute
Sale price: 
12,500 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
35 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
10 xp / minute

"Pepper dragons are feisty creatures. They are one of the few dragons known to actively engage in a staring contest with lightning dragons. Once, a young apprentice, Cheelei, was bored with studying lava so she instead travelled to the western shores in order to examine pepper dragons in their natural setting. She silently observed them until a sudden fit of sneezing blew her cover."



culbetam1's picture

Elements are plant and fire. Cost 125 gems humm I wonder if it will be limited.

firelizard21's picture

It doesn't appear to be limited. If you look at it in the market, limited dragons usually have an hourglass in the corners of the frame. This one doesn't.

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culbetam1's picture

Love the dragon in your picture, what is it?

Xishom's picture

That's a solar eclipse dragon, they are limited and appear when solar eclipses appear in real life :)

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Hi, how the heck did you get the picture of all your islands together? That is soon cool. I can't even view 2 at a time!

Cool park, how do you get a picture like that? What level are you?

So. So cool

Feathered Dragon's picture

Fire and plant first try.

Azuredragon 24's picture

1st tried y with cactus and forge! Friend also got it first try. My cactus was level 15, forge was 13 and it was on an upgraded epic breeding island

Getinmycave's picture

Maybe poison and flower for this one???

Got two with Firefly and Cactus on the EBI, but it took many tries. The good news is that the failed breeds were eggs with one hour (or less) incubation and hatch times. Squandered a number of gems rushing the process, but got the two Peppers in approximately 15 minutes.


OhioDragonGirl's picture

I used this method with level 14 fire and plant got it in about 6 tries like yours they were all 1hour dragon hatching time so it was gems well spent!!! thanks for sharing!!! im glad I invested in the dragon tree!!! comes in handy at times like this!!!

dragons I don't have...Dusk, Victory, Mistletoe, Century, Apocalypse, Panlong, Arbor, and Leap Year! (I would have nosfurotu if it wasn't for that glitch

aries1197's picture

I was trying to breed a seasonal with flower an air but instead got pepper


culbetam1's picture

Since they are the same elements it might work. I was just thinking plant and fire... but maybe a hybred is better. I am waiting for my breeding caves to open up then I will try

Interesting egg...On a Fire pedestal, Red and Gold (not like the Lightning Yellow) twist for plant.

Firefly & Cactus maybe?

Flower and poison confirmed I got a pepper on 5th try
With NBC and lvl 11poison and flower

Got it first try with both level 15 poison and flower in the enchanted breeding cave. Boy he is so pretty all grown up.

Hello everybody, my first comment but on level 32.
Fire+poison and got it 3.rd try EBI, incubation 6 hours, egg is red and gold stribed like the flower egg.
God luck

Fire + Mötley first try. Repeated with same results. 4:46 breed time. Now have two

Candise's picture

Fire and poison in epic breeding island, upgraded time 5 hrs.


Paigeadore's picture

Got this with Flower and Poison in breeding cave!! Upgraded breeding time is 4:48. So excited!! Going for another one now!!


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USMCMom's picture

I've been pairing Poison and Flower and so far, all I get are Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers. LOL

Wow... I get back from a doctors appointment and the pepper dragon is available!

Got it second try with Firefly and Cactus. Tried it again after that and got another. only a 6 hour breed time

culbetam1's picture

I keep getting poison, least I dont have to wait long :) I did flower and poison and poison and fire... two poison

I will keep trying...

Had to edit post: i am getting poison not cactus

Poison & Flower 1st try EBI. Thanks for the info!

S0MEF4TGUY's picture

Fire lvl 13 & Poison lvl 12
4:48 crosses fingers will update in 5hrs.

Fire and Flower 1st try in epic breeding cave, both lvl 15 dragons

Paigeadore's picture

Got my second one with flower and poison!! It is so adorable when it gets big!! So happy they made an easy dragon to get!!


Level 57 park
211/237 Dragons
181/236 Pedestals

just bred poison and flower on ebi, and got a 6 hour breed time..could it be!!! **fingers crossed***

I got three in a row. They look pretty in the plant habitat as they like to lay down next to each other.:)

Alexis Uchiha's picture

Well I tried Fire and Plant. I got a Poison Dragon. Now I'm breeding Flower and Poison. I got an hour left so I'm hoping and praying I got a Pepper Dragon. Doing this in the normal breeding cave so I really hope I get one or at least another rare.

What dragons should i use to get the pepper dragon in the regular breeding cave

culbetam1's picture

Not so easy, all I get is flowers and poisons

Giggy52's picture

I have tried & tried nearly everything. I've gotten 4 Electrum w/o much work, now this CUTE little thing is causing me to swear!!


dragonsrawesome's picture

I got it on the 9th try with fire and plant.

202 dragons and counting
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I bred fire and willow in the epc and got it twice in a row.

jack_cooL's picture

L15Fire and L13plant in upgraded breeding island at 4:48 hours..

Second try on the island with lvl 10 plant and fire

will i am's picture

I have tried every single combo listed above in the breeding cave, have a platinum going in my EBI but starting to think I need to try to breed it in there...

Blazing and plant both level 15 EBI


Jeny Lynn's picture

I think I just got this one by breeding a lvl 15 fire and lvl 15 flower dragon in the EBC; received a time of 4:47:52. Will confirm when the egg is in the nursery.

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Jeny Lynn's picture

Pepper dragon confirmed; egg's in the nursery! ;-)

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Pretty I just got it first try with firefly and cactus :D


Jt2u's picture

Fire and Poison level 15 on EBI. Took over a dozen tries however.

1967bagpuss's picture

Well I believe my 6 year old grandson has the egg with level 10 fire and flower, he only has a few dragons so couldn't put on any of the combos on here, I however have been trying them and nothing! Fire and flower it is next then!

iAmAnchaZa's picture

Please add my name to trade gems, i don't have much facebook friends to play DV. iAmAnchaZa thanks.

1967bagpuss's picture

Poison and flower just finished, pepper dragon it is!

will i am's picture

So firefly and cactus just gave me Ash which I haven't been able to get, now suddenly I get it trying for this. Can't complain... But all the other combos have resulted in sooo many poison and flowers...

culbetam1's picture

After tons of flowers and poisons I finally got 2 of these in a row.... fire and flower lvl 10 EBI.

I got this 2nd try with fire and motley

Royal_J's picture

holy pepper pots i finally got it!!! after 14 tries got it with poison/fire both lvl 15 ebi :) mmm... spicy!

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Thankfully this seems to be an easy dragon to breed. I got one with Plant and Fire, levels 15, EBI, 2nd try. I wonder if this dragon is part of the combo for the next released limited. Like Clover was for Celtic, etc.

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Pepper Dragon - First try Lava 15 Plant 15 EBI.

nplewinski's picture

Flower and poison First try in the ebi

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iAmAnchaZa's picture

I'm such not lucky... It's been 10 times but none for me :(

Animaljamgirl's picture

Your level must be over lvl 8 or something

I got it 2nd try with plant and fire! XD


Flower and Fire finally did it for me. Regular cave.

H64-GT18's picture

Flower+Motley Lv10 after 10 hours of breeding. Good thing possible outcomes are less than an hour lol.

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I got 3 in a row with firefly level 15 and cactus level 15 on the upgraded island. That was after trying fire and poison at least 20 times with no luck.

kjhellgirl's picture

I have two open slots for gem trading, I have tree, will trade gem for gem GC name kjhellgirl

Flower and poison after 6 tries in upgraded cave :-)

Semaj02's picture

Fire and poison fire first try :)
in breeding cave

Brad's picture

Second try with level 15 poison and level 15 flower.

Got a good bit Flowers but in a few days I finally got a Pepper using Cactus and Firefly
GOOD LUCK hope this helps :)

I don't get why we need another plant and fire hybrid! There's already flower, poison and motley!

I just started DragonVale 2 days ago, and I got the Pepper Dragon without trying, I was just breeding a plant and a fire

LADragonchick's picture

Finally!!!! After no less than 9 tries with fire and plant....Pepper Dragon....your ass is mine!

Love LA
Friend code: 75041290

Animaljamgirl's picture

Well little devil! Be that way! I only bred a fire and plant once and got it. And why did u say…. Your a** is mine! WHY DID U SAY THAT!?! There are 7 to 8 year olds on here

This dragon needs to be fixed in the breeding guide. The guide is using the wrong elements for breeding and for habitats.

esaabedra's picture

Got it using flower and fog second try both level 10

Ellie Bear

I got it 4th try just using fire and plant...both were level 6

frogtwin's picture

Well, I just tried fire and flower both 10 in the reg.cave. it is an hour time in breeding so I have no idea what it is. Do y'all count the breeding time or the nest time?
Does the upgraded cave make time faster or a nother nest? So many questions so few dragons and fewer

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frogtwin's picture

Ack, two more flowers. At this rate I will have a flower dragon garden . Do y'all just hit the the retry button. Make that 4 more flowers, 2poison, using mixed, fire,plant, poison, firefly. My cactus will be out of quest soon for a try.

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Animaljamgirl's picture

Try just breeding fire and plant. That's what I did.

DragonIsle864's picture

Ummm... Has anyone noticed the "possible dragon habitats"? Something's a bit off, don't ya think?

WilloxDragons's picture

Yeah... I saw that. They should fix it soon. Those possible habitats are the opposites!

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WilloxDragons's picture

I got it first try Magnetic and Poison... I guess it only took the poison's elements. Breeding Island.

-Rainbow... Double rainbow... What will those wizards think up next?-
Komoda's picture

I got it with fire and flower, both level 15, EBI ^_^
I wonder if this will lead to more hybrid combos being released for cold and air, fire and earth, etc . . .


what are the combinations to breed this dragon in the normal breeding cave?


ScubaAngel's picture

Normal breeding cave
2nd try
quake on left and evergreen on right
Both level 10

Thats impossible there's no fire element?????????????
Quake=Earth and Lightning
Evergreen=Plant and Cold


dragonsrawesome's picture

I got it 9th try with fire and plant.

202 dragons and counting
Recently achieved: thorn

Umm Admin, I think you have a problem in the info on this one. Possible habitats are listed as the Same as its opposite elements. How can that be?

I got a pepper dragon on first attempt at breeding cold and poison - so it obviously disregarded the cold element. Was trying for a frostfire or blue fire. Guess I'll keep trying :)

aimsteroo's picture

I got this with ash level 13 and coral level 10 on the EBI. I was going for Rainbow, but was happy to get pepper since I did not have one already!

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

Got this twice with Ash and Salamander, both lv 10, on EBI. Was trying for something else.

Game Center --finnster1922

Cristian564's picture

How do u get this dragon aaaahhhh!!!!!


Animaljamgirl's picture

Fire + plant = pepper ( SOMETIMES )

jmodag12's picture

I was trying for cotton(flower+quake)and i got it!Try it!

Jim :) That's my Kairos!!

dawnfire1551's picture

Trying for cotton with poison&quake and got a pepper they were both lvl. 6

Morgan Le Fay's picture

I Was Actually Trying For A Cotton Dragon W/The Quake Dragon LvL. 10 & The Poison Dragon LvL 10. & I Got Me A Pepper Dragon!!! YEAYYY!!! It Was Unexpected... But I Was Excited!!! I Posted A Pic Up Above!!! :)

Morgan Le Fay
Shadowfire The Darkest's picture

I FINALLY got a Pepper!!! I tried Flower x Poison, Poison x Fire, Lava x Plant, then I got it with Poison x Flower!!!

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Been trying to breed this one for a few days and can't get it... What am I doing wrong??? Cuz I don't want to pay for it... ;-)

Generalerin's picture

I cannot get this dragon! Oh, I really hope I can get it before the Carnival dragon goes away!

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ShadowKhan's picture

Got it with firefly and plant
Hope this helped !!

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Thegrowgeek's picture

I got one flower dragon,3 poison dragons then I got pepper dragon I really love it (with fire then plant) each level 9 just keep trying that then you should get it for any one who needs help!

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Animaljamgirl's picture

I was at home before and I always look at dragon eggs to find out how 2 get the eggs ( DUH ) and I wanted 2 get a pepper dragon and that's what happened!! But now a flower dragon is incubating

Animaljamgirl's picture

This actually was the 2ND dragon I got while breeding! And how to breed it is in the bottom left hand corner of my pic!

Animaljamgirl's picture

Hey ppl the way I got the pepper dragon is breeding fire and plant together. that's all I did.

Can I breed pepper with another dragon to get pepper in CO op?

Daviee wright

Swishycat's picture

@daviee Yes you should be able to co-op breed pepper with any plant/fire hybrid (ie flower, motley, poison) and have a chance to get pepper.

Gamecenter ID: Swishycat (accepting co-op friends just send invite)

Serendipity's picture

I got pepper in the regular breeding place with tempest and firefly on 2nd try. I got sun dragon on first try with same combination. 3rd try another pepper.