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Peridot Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Gemstone Dragon

Breeding elements:

Unique breeding combination: 

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,475 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Gem income at Level 10: 
1 gem / week
Sale price: 
1,500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
806 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
54 xp / minute

The Peridot Dragon can be bred from a Crystal Dragon and a Cactus Dragon.

"Professor Olivine first discovered the peridot dragon while researching a thorny plant in the High Plains of Faridat. These proud and august creatures can be seen headbutting each other in the wild as a display of their strength and magnificence... or maybe they're just tired of being confused with emerald dragons."



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Peridot dragon breeding guide: Crystal dragon and Cactus dragon.

My website:

so would a crystal and plant dragon work?

would it matter what column they are in

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With the crystal and cactus dragons, I got peridot first time!

"Oh, it's a case of they think I'll think that they'll do A, so they'll do B because I wouldn't think of that but then because I might think I know what they're thinking they'll do A after all because I wouldn't think they'd think that way." -Will Treaty

It don't works and I lose 60 gems so please give me some dollars and I'll buy the egg

Got it on the first try with crystal15 and cactus 10

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How do u get a dragon on level 15

202 dragons and counting
Recently achieved: thorn

Thanks! Got it on 3rd try

badcat's picture

have been using this combo in both breeding caves since the first of the month. Getting rich selling off the eggs but NO Peridot!!!


deanlate's picture

Me too both over level 10 both breading island and cave all month and still no perodot and times almost over :'(

Deanna Marie

Me three. I tried all month. All dragons level 15. Both in the cave and on the island and NO PERIDOT !!!!

or earth and cactus?
or lightning and moss/tree?

More clues pleas

dosnt work for me

Bianca - Admin's picture

Crystal dragon + cactus dragon. It doesn't work with other combination.

My website:

How about moon dragon? What is the combination? Thanks!

Storm and cold both level 10

Ive done crystal and cactus 3 different times and all I get r moss dragons everytime

What levels though?

You look really sexy bianca girl. I'm here : you can chat.


Got it first time on my iPhone...problem is I don't have a gemstone island yet and at level 14 there, I just bought a water dragon so it's going to have to sit in my nest once it finishes breeding until I can summon a gemstone island.

Will be trying momentarily on my Android tablet..going to speed a couple things up to give it a whirl. It took me forever and a day to get the ruby dragon there (I'm level 24 there now)

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You could put that one on a pedestal. You have all month to try for another one to keep while you wait for the island.
Oh my gosh! I just realized.... I've been playing DragonVale for way over a year now. In May? Wow, time flies when your having fun!

Wizard-with-a-wand wanna-be.

It can take 1to 10 try to Breed it when i breed the crystal dragon it took3 times to get it

How many combinations are there because I heard crystal +cactus, fog+iron, iron+evergreen,and lava+fog I doun't know what's best for breeding cave I know that crystal+catus is best but I allways get crystal or catus

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Just keep trying with Crystal and Cactus. I'm on my 20th try right now and still nothing. :(

I got it today after 2 tries

Wut level

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Doesn't it just make you so sad though....have now bed my third moss dragon, gonna display the next one and sell the next ones ass :)

Love LA
Friend code: 75041290

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I wondered if anyone else was having my kind of luck trying to get peridot. I wanted it so bad on my birthday, 8/3 but after 21 xs, I am sick of moss + tree. I'm going to give it a break. My husband just got ruby 2 days ago, what is up with that ? Something isn't right.


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I still can't get it been all month both breeding spits which I have upgraded both as well and still no luck :'(

Deanna Marie

i failed every attempts... sigh...

it comes in the third time
u do it 2 more times it will come it just came for me

Anyone knows how to breed moon dragon pls? Thanks!!!

If you breed a Crystal and Lichen you will eather get a rainbow dragon or a moon dragon

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Well, or one of many other possible combinations. :)

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Ask for moon dragon help on the moon dragon page... this is for help with the Peridot gem dragon.


I am a Level 35. I have been breeding Cactus and Crystal since August 1st and still haven't gotten the Peridot Dragon! There MUST be another combination!

Dragonvale Admin's picture

I'm Level 32, in the same same boat so far. :(

what month is it available?????????????

Dont worry
It's a common mistake
Im a level 21 and I got it
It's a crystal cactus not a cactus crystal

I have been breeding crystal and cactus since my other entry and still no Peridot!

Don't worry
I'm a level 32 and I got it
Order doesn't matter

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Nope! Sometimes, no matter how many times you breed for a specific dragon, luck just isn't with you! I never got a pearl or a diamond, and this ugly peridot must know that I think it is grotesque! Everyday, both breeding the cave & EBI, all day long, for each using differing levels. It's the game. I've been level 45 for months now!


eyemacatluvr's picture

Same here and I am using both breeding areas. Patience!!


Marion45's picture

I hear ya, I was relentless from day one, so after 21xs I am giving it a break. Plus my hubby just got a ruby, something is really wrong here.


Me too on both islands since the first of Aug, and still no luck :((

I've spent several hundred dollars on this game and I'm getting a little ticked off here. It makes me wonder if Dragonvale knows who will spend the money and deliberately puts a "lock" on those people so that they break over and purchase the limited dragons if they want them. I have one Emerald Dragon, which I ended up purchasing because the combination wasn't working for me. After purchasing the Pearl Dragon, I finally was able to breed it , but only very near the expiration date to breed it. Same thing with the Ruby Dragon. I'm ready to delete the game because of the frustration!

Dragonvale Admin's picture

I think the Gemstone Dragons get more likely to breed the closer you get to the expiration date, whether you pay for them or not. It took me about 40 attempts to get the Peridot Dragon. :)

What is your gamecenter username? I want 2 friend you.

tht could be untrue i got ruby on the first try on july 1


Giggy52's picture

Yes, I agree! Got my ruby & solar eclipse that way. Although, 3 jades came all in a row the first day.


dude you need to chill and stop spending money on a game made for fun...

I totally agree I have spent a lot of money on this game as well n can't get the dragons I want unless buying them. People like to play games on computers, iPads, cell phones n so to relax from busting there butts from working hard n taking care of the ones they love not to be ripped off. Dragonvale needs to be fixed before loosing customers.

I have NEVER spent money on this game and have been able to breed EVERY gemstone dragon. You may be correct in your assumption that the game is more likely to breed dragons you want when you spend money, but I highly doubt it. I think the game is built on random number generators. There are way too many people and plenty of them spend money so its not like they are itching to get every cent they can until you get tired of it and stop playing. The developers know the game would fail if we were required to spend money because not everyone has money (a lot of players are kids, young ones at that). It really is the luck of the draw! This page helps with ideas on how to breed certain types of dragons, but in the end it is still left to chance.

I don't know how to take this, but after submitting the above comment, I went to my game, hurried up my crystal and cactus dragons that were breeding the EPI, put them back into the EPI, and "boom", up pops the 31 hour breeding time!

Hi it's me breeder guess who has a lv 10 peridot dragon plus I'm only level 20 probably level 21 soon.

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Nice, congrats!

This is ridiculous! I have been breeding cactus and crystal in EBI and another set in upgraded breeding cave since August 1st and I still have not gotten a peridot. What gives?

Hold your horses!
Just be patient...
(FYI: It is crystal THEN cactus)

It's bs. I have been doing the same and noting for 20 days

What level dragons do you have to breed to get seasonal ? Add me josephb.4

Yep been doing EBI and cave, day and nite, crystal and cactus in both. For 20 days and got nothing. Total B.S.

Just did what jammypammy did and nothing 1hour breeding and 6 hour breeding. It's all set up so you will buy more gems.

Wow, u guys just need to be a little more patient!!! There are many of the gemstone dragons that I haven't gotten until closer to the end of the month an I haven't spent money on gems for any of those dragons. Not saying I haven't ever bought gems, I have, just not for those. An I have almost every one of the dragons that have been available since I started playing in January!! Dragonvale is not set up to make u buy gems, but they are available to impatient whiney ppl like you three....calm down, sit back, relax, and play a different game while u's that simple!!!!!

12 hours.ahhhhhhhhhh. Making me nuts

I bred crystal on left side and cactus on right and got a 1:7:00:00 breeding time right now. Is it the peridot?? Equals 31 hours, right?

GC: sarianne
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Bianca - Admin's picture

Yes, it is Peridot! :)

My website:

Yihaaa!! :)

GC: sarianne
Level 71, 223/280 dragons, 168/278 peds
Hunting: gaia

I agree on my 23rd day breeding both caves loyalty for peridot. Total crap if u ask me. Deffinate scam to make people but gems. Also on verge of deleating game. What gives?

It was actually my third try to get the Peridot with that breeding combo. I only have one regular cave and haven't bought gems at all. Maybe I was just very lucky. It is my first rare dragon

GC: sarianne
Level 71, 223/280 dragons, 168/278 peds
Hunting: gaia

They say the timing has something to do with it. What time did you breed them?

At 9 am, so in the morning. I live in Norway with GMT+1, if timezones have a relation.

GC: sarianne
Level 71, 223/280 dragons, 168/278 peds
Hunting: gaia

Heldige deg! Prøvd å få den dragen for tiende gang men, no luck so far! Keep trying!!

Took me for try's same time as it took me to get sun dragon

Oops I mean four try's

Dear Sarriane,
Same for me your awesome you got same no gems purchased and plain breeding cave just like me!

I haven't bought any gems either!!!! Not that I am having very good luck, but I'm not complaining! I know it takes time and patience! Good luck to all of you!!!


Nymphettamine- if that's you in your avatar... Gaddam your sexy

Bianca - Admin's picture

Yes, it's me. Thank you for the compliment.

We are working on getting another Peridot (second one), no luck so far.
I hope the Dragonvale Admin is less lucky than me and I get it first! :D

My website:

Dragonvale Admin's picture

lol. You have been getting the new dragons much faster than me lately. I FINALLY got my Peridot dragon after about 40 attempts. I noticed that with gemstones most people seem to get lucky closer to the expiration date, I guess they make it a bit harder to keep it exciting (or to get more gem purchases?) Now for that second Peridot so I can get the Peridot egg display!

1 try...crystal (10) left, cactus (7) right. Thank you to everyone who contributes to this site. I was also able to get my moon dragon on the first try. Just saved $700!

Cannot breed on my 137th try and still haven't bred it

Did it get easier in previous months to get the gem dragon towards the end of the month? I am new this month but cant seem to get the peridot no matter how many times I try

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Yes, that was true in previous months, too. Lot of people reported being successful towards the end of the month. I just got my 2nd Peridot dragon after taking forever to get the first one.

The higher level your park is the more likely to get better dragons

I'm in the same situation as most of luck after sooooo many tries! Tough I keep on trying...I still have 3 days...whish me luck :))

I finally got a Peridot after losing count of how many times of trying.

LucreziaRose's picture

I got 2 Peridots using cactus and crystal :P

Picture looks sexy- are u? C'mon gimme all you get I'm sexy boy all over.


can the peridot be hurried up during breeding time? mine says 31 hours but in 31 hours it will be september, what should i do?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

You can hurry it with gems, but it doesn't matter, once a combination has started breeding, you can't lose it.

that is. no luck 4 me. 24hr. waiting. crystal dragon again.

I can't stand the sight of crystal drangons anymore!!!!!grrrrrrrrr

This is discouraging that you breed and breed and never get it. And having to wait 24 hours in between breeds is getting old. For those of us who won't spend money on a game, it sure seems like its made to be impossible to get ahead unless you give in a buy gems and stuff... VERY FRUSTRATED player

Dragonvale Admin's picture

I was breeding it all month long and didn't get anything in the first 23 days. Then I got my first Peridot on the 23rd. I managed to get two more in the last few days of the month (so three total). Your chances improve a lot towards the end of the month.

I have breed the peridot finally. Does it have to hatch before the first of the month?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

No, you are safe, it can hatch in September. :)

I hoped that the gemstone dragons could be bred any year after just in the correct month, but no. I gave up trying to breed a peridot today when I got another quake dragon. :(

Dragonvale Admin's picture

I hope we get another shot at it next year. :)

Finally got it! Think I've been trying for at least 2 weeks! Don't know if it helped but I had 2 sets of crystal and cactus but put the lv10 babies (fountain of youth) dragons in the EBI and that's the one that produce it after several tries. Still working on getting a rainbow dragon tho.

Does peridot expire today or tomorrow?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Too late now, it has been replaced with the Sapphire Dragon

My son is five an loves this game. He has breed and built his village by himself. He is trying so hard for a rainbow or peridot dragon but many failed attempts. Does anyone have any advice that may help him get these dragons?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Too late for the Peridot Dragon. The Rainbow Dragon is just luck, he has to keep trying. He'll get one eventually. Best advice to use both the Breeding Cave and Breeding Island and he can use gems (which he can get from gems, dragon track and colosseum) to speed up the breeding to have more chances at it.

D3mmalition's picture

It's all luck, folks. As long as you're using the correct combinations you'll just have to keep trying. This dragon took me two tries, while Sandstorm, Rainbow, and various others have taken me (or still are taking me) days and days of trying. Crystal level 10 & Cactus level 8 worked for me, just don't give up... In the end it's only a game ;)

Gem for gem trading! ID= d3mmalition

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

Add me on Game Center! D3mmalition
I have a lot of friends but I do my best to gift gems! :3

Ugh, tried for Peridot for 2 weeks straight in both EBI and BC, got shut out.

Thanks for advice but he's only five an just got all his dragons to level 10 so his not quite at the track. I'm trying to teach him patience..... Lol. Thanks though cause this is the first game he has stuck with.

I think it's great that he's sticking with it, he already has more patience than some. My granddaughter just started playing (she's 10 on monday) and she loves it. She got hooked while she was visiting this summer and I let her play my game, so now she calls everyday to give updates and ask for advice.
I've been trying for prism and peridot for weeks now with no luck, can't buy gems, no money. Last night I got my prism and my peridot within a couple of hours of each other. This game really requires patience, I love it because I can play at my own pace and it's beautiful. Yelling at it and threatening it doesn't help (-:

Sylvia Tubbs

gmc13's picture

Cactus & crystal thanks ! (I was born on Aug 11 ! )


I just got a blue moon dragon!

Glitz's picture

This dragon doesn't like me lol 36 tries yes I keep count and nothing I just need this sapphire and solstice and ill have all the expired dragons rush breeding was done because the most amazing man I know bought me gems lol.... But this dragon just hates me does anyone find a certain time works better than others I have noticed I get tons of leapyears around midnight etc... Lol help!

If only dragons were real Taylor Swift the way I loved you

Seven Dragons's picture

Got him. Now gem island is complete.....hoooooooooooray!!

Seven Dragons

Ong Yi Hui's picture

May I ask you all, do you all use the EBI to breed the peridot? Cause I haven't earn enough gems to buy the EBI. (Please add me as your friend I'll give gems to you. ID:mama12:)


I've used the regular breeding cave to breed for gemstones but I highly recommend upgrading it helps lots by cutting breeding time by 20 percent

@ ong-yi-hui

I dont, the EBI is far too expensive in my opinion. Although the breeding time reduces, i dont think its worth it. Id rather have a higher chance of getting rare dragons. I've actually found the regular breeding cave more successful!

hey, I'm breeding a cactus and crystal dragon and it says that they will finish in 24 hours. does anybody know what egg I will get?

cjencute's picture

My First Gem Dragon! Got it w/ cactus+crystal @ Breeding Cave..

xXRainbowXx's picture

Got it trying to get topaz


It won't work tried every thing but then I tried lighting and moss/tree and it work yahoo

Woohoo I finally got this dragon after long last using the standard breeding island (not upgraded, i cant justify an upgrade as im sure it makes no difference to your chances)

No but it does give you a faster breeding time


My birthstone is peridot aand from what ive heard there hard to get. The lucky people haveamethyst, topaz, opal, or pearl
for a gemstone

Only got moss dragons

Tried 152 times now and only got 152 moss dragons! = :-(

Tried crystal plus cactus. Didn't work. :'(

I loved this dragon!
He was my first rare dragon!

Is this dragon out now ????Today's June 28, 2013. '''''' Do we start breeding it now or what! Love this game. You guys are great helpers. Bedridden and u keep me feeling like part of society again. Thanks. Nina:)

CatDragon10's picture

Soooo, for Peridot


I hope so!

Its my birthstone XD

Is this gemstone dragon available for august? I World like the Peridot dragon:-)

Yes:-) Peridot is back. Crystal and cactus in EBI and 31 hours on 4th try. Weeee

I so totally want a peridot this august


culbetam1's picture

My birthstone I have to get it!!!

Roxbourgh's picture

Got my Peridot cooking now .....beautiful egg


culbetam1's picture

Lucky you, what combo did you use?
I have gotten two cactus so far out of two trys lol

Edit never mind I see there is only one combo lol

culbetam1's picture

4 cactus now out of 4 trys

culbetam1's picture

5th and 6th try - tree (happy with another tree :)) and either ash or quake (I am hoping it is a quake I love that little guy)

culbetam1's picture

Well it was a quake. Then another quake and an ash. Now waiting for a Crystal and either another ash or quake... it is tough not to hit that speed up button so I can try again, waiting is the hardest part lol

Got it an hour ago first and third try. Crystal and cactus. So little and cute. Keep on dragon...Nina:)

Used both level 10 dragons CRYSTAL AND CACTUS... BE PATIENT.IT WILL COME. I always hit breed then move the screen. Then say the dragonS want over and over. Sounds stupid but it seems to work!!! Nina

culbetam1's picture

Hey I will try your chant in 3 hours:)

Brad's picture

First try today! I'm excited to get back to trying for the Olympus dragons.

Cactus and crystal regular breeding cave first try

Georgie's picture

Got it with Crystal nd Cactus. Though most I've read on another site used Cactus first so it doesn't matter which way u go. I switch around a lot
Good luck.

D/V. Georgie
Lvl 50 with ' all but ' dragons
:" Good Dragon Fortune to All ":

I think I just breed this one! Cactus& Crystal 31 hours?

culbetam1's picture

I think you did... congrats

Did you get it yet? I am thinking good thoughts for u to get it peridot. You Will get it. 31' 31' 31' 31' 31 lol good luck Nina

Thank you

Buzz's picture

Baznga! I got it! First try was a moss. It still says expired on the breeding list, but I knew it was time for it. So I gave it another try. Yippee! Same combo it says at the top of this page.

Wizard-with-a-wand wanna-be.

Fuck you


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