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Plant Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Basic Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
100 coins
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
111 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
193 coins per minute
Income at level 20: 
267 coins per minute
Sale price: 
50 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
200 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
400 xp / minute

The first dragon you get in the game. Income is high and incubation times are short, but green habitats can only store little money, so green dragon hybrids are your best bet!

"People will love to come see your plant dragons play in their beautiful green habitat. They are the friendliest of all the dragon breeds and make great pets!"



I think everyone has this one

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Yes, that's how you start the adventure! :)

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NICE Egg Collection!!!!! I'm not as far along but getting there.

But the thing is how do you BREED it? HUH?! HUUH?! HUUUH?!

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Malachite and Lichen. One of the many ways. Boom.

Yes we do

So I have it


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You should, otherwise the game will be quite boring. :)

Mines called Greenwing.One time I put it in the colasium with the earth habitat. Oops!

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I trying to mark off dragons I got but it just says sign up :/

-----Thatguyinthecorner :D

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You need to be logged in to do that.

I know!!>:(

how do you add the dragons that you have to the list? to figure out which ones you dont have?

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One you are logged in, go to the breeding list and press 'Don't have it' in the right column next to your dragon. It will change to 'I have it' and add it to your list.

I'm breeding snow and plant with a 7 hour time. What could it be ?

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A lichen or ever green

It could be a:
Blizzard or Lichen.

I just forgot 2 others!: Air or Cold

I am trying to make a account for this, but when I try to log in,it says that I did not make that accout.How do I get a password? Help me!

you go to chang password and make a password.

Ps I am nine, so you can be surprised about that.

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Hi Sylvia:

Email us here and we can help you:

Well, how do I email? Is it like texting? Sorry for the questions like this, but like i said, i am only nine.

I play dragonvale as well thanks for tips

When I make a account, I type random email adresses to let you know.

Is the word thingie the password or something? What is it for? Tell me please!

Sorry for the stupid questions Dragonvale Admin.

I have three epic, getting a 4th dunno what it is breed a sun with a lunar eclipse 48 hour time

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Add me on game centre: louis.27

Happy Breeding!! :) :) :) :) May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!!

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Thank you for adding me Dorothy pek

Happy Breeding!! :) :) :) :) May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!!

You are welcome you are the first. Thanks

First dragon for everyone, I think! :)


I have kind of a small problem (at least I think I do...)
See I have two plant dragons in a large plant habitant. Both of them are level 5.
And the thing is the coin-count only goes up to 500 and then it stops until I collect it, is it like this for everyone else too or do I have some sort of bug?
I first noticed this when I collected the coins for my plant dragons and then for my fire dragon, in the fire habitant I was able to collect 670 or something... I don't know, should it be like this or what? Or should I just simply let it slide?

Bianca - Admin's picture

Plant habitats hold only 500 coins max. :) So your game is fine. It is not a very profitable habitat...

My website:

You better cover yourself Bianca

but if u upgrade u can hold 50'000 money..

Take care.. Bey bay

poo fukey

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U will always only get 500 max.

202 dragons and counting
Recently achieved: thorn

Il never get hard!!

Stupid spell check it changes what I write. It's a big mother forklift!

Hey bianca nice boobs

Hey Jack 809 nice that you no dragons on your DragonVale!

Im logged in but its not letting me add what dragons i already have. What do i do?

This dragon is coooooooool. It's rate is 111 at level 10. Too bad it can only go up to 500 coins.

Hi! My name is DJ Dragon ,I think Plant Dragons are soooooooooooooooo cute! At the minute I only have 1 Epic Dragon he is a Sun Dragon called Sunny.

This dragon looks like the best dragon ever! It also looks really CUTE!

Do u know anyone who cant afford this dragon ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿????

How do you breed it

plant and plant.

I got a sun dragon. Also a plant dragon they're pips to get

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Yah isn't that the one u start with?

From the dancing dragon x

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U can't breed it its like 100 or something in the shop u can't breed pure dragons

From the dancing dragon x

Uh, yeah you can. The gemstone dragons can be bred, they are very expensive usually. It's not that hard, with the right combination.

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My friend who is nine showed me this and I am nine. This is a true Fact: BEST TABLET GAME LIKE..... EVÀAAAAAAAAAAAAA

P.S : why are u writing this under a plant dragon thingy &-2

My friend has 57 of this dragon! I only have 1!

Once you have two, don't buy them, BREED!

Although it will be 30 second total, instead of 15 total. Then get an earth dragon!

Plant and plant

So, can you get more than one type of dragon egg from breeding the same 2 dragons?

is this the place to talk about things that arent about a specific dragon, since everyone has it? Or is there a place for that?

thunderbird, while that's smart for most dragons, honestly its just easier to buy them since theyre only what, 5000? 50? but it does only take a minute to breed and incubate

So, has anyone ever wondered why the dragons are in the order that they are in the market? well, what if (and this is just a theory), minus the legendaries and purebreds, the dragon on either side is the most likely breeding combination? for example, say flower and poison are on the left and right of obsidian. anyone think im right?

never mind. i didnt realize its in least expensive to most expensive :P

I hate waiting so long for dragons to breed!! Add me, momoninja23 on GC. I need more gems and always gift them back. :)

Also, does anyone know the best combination for Obsidian Dragon? I keep getting Lava.

Oops, sorry all- thought I was on the Obsidian Dragon page, not plant!

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a wood path.I could put it around my plant habitats :)

that would be

the plant dragon is so underated

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Plant Dragon is underrated, it gives more gold than most other basic dragons, so to get started have lots and then sell them off when you have enough gold.

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But it is needed to breed Bloom, Motley and other dragons. So it is very Helpful!

He's not much of an investment but it's cute and worth keeping at least 1 or2

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so nice I got my first elder plant dragon

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How do i add dragons to my account?

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Suayb58, to add dragons to your account, first log in if you aren't already, then click on tab My Dragons at top, next to last one on right. You will see a list of "My Dragons" which should be empty. Below that is listed all the dragons you don't have with labels "Don't have this dragon" underneath. Click on the Don't Have label under a dragon that you Do have, plant for example. That will move that dragon from Don't Have list to your My Dragons list. Sounds backwards doesn't it.

GC ID (main game): AllRightyThen53
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