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Plasma Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Required dragon: 

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
75,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
40 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
130 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
176 coins per minute
Sale price: 
100,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
104 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
78 xp / minute

"The story of the plasma dragon is a strange one. Years ago the brilliant wizard Franklin Dogood was caught in a terrible storm when a bolt of lightning struck a nearby pond, instantly evaporating it. Ever the scholar, Franklin went to investigate and discovered something incredible -- a baby dragon where the pond once stood!"



Cool, I don't have one yet but they look so much better than the lightning dragons. I will have the egg I some hours can't wait!!!!!! ;)

The pic is will ferrel XD

how do u get a plasma dragon i neeeed one

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You need to breed the Lighting and Water elements but since they are opposites, you need to use a hybrid of one of them. For example Lightning and Rain or Sonic and Water.

Has anyone got a really good combo for this, I've been trying for ages with lightning and seaweed, keep on getting ash lol;)

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Lightning and Fog 3rd try gl:-)

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Finally with lightning and fog both lvl 12. Been trying forever.

Magnetic plus moss .It also gets a lot of other rare dragons

The combo u r using is good,but if it doesn't work,try Lightning with rain or ice.Keep breeding though,it isn't easy to get incompatible dragons.I got mine with seaweed(lv.15)and lightning(lv.10)it's in my breeding isle now.Possible outcomes 4 all 3 combos:Cactus,Ash,Swamp,Seaweed,Hail,storm,sonic,thunder,current,plasma.(I think that's all)None of these are above 10 hrs(except current & plasma)so it should be easy for u to different shape.Good luck!

Have been trying for ages with lightning and iceberg, got 7 storms, 5 icebergs and 9 ices, but still no plasma or current

add me on gamecenter, ID dragonelites

P.S. I got bored of ashes so I changed the combo

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Try firefly+water, more of chance to get current/plasma. Visit dragonvale breeding sandbox to check out different combos that may work. Hope this helps.

Wats ur GcId?

lighting and fog first try both lvl 10 :D


Me too!!! Lightning & Fog first try on island. I think both are level 10. Then it's on to the Jade dragon... Good luck! Also, I do not have every dragon.

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Same here I was going to get plasma then try for jade

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Same here... Lightning and Fog both at level 10!!!

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Lightning & Seaweed many try's

**I have ALL 113 Dragons of Dragon Vale **
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Do you have a Jade too?

I was new at breeeding dragons along time ago but now I am a dragon master!! ;-)

I got one with lightning and rain...took 6 times happy I got it thanks!

I've been trying to get this one forever! I managed to breed current, but I finally got plasma with lightning and rain on my first try! Thank you so much! Now I'm going for Jade :D

I got one with mud and lightning. First try. Mud level 6 lightning level 10. Hope this helps anyone who needs it :)


Lightning and rain, just got one finally! Yay, can't wait to hatch the egg.

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I did it with water and cactus. Good Luck!

Dr. Who Rocks
add me as a friend (same nickname)

Yes dr who does rock!! :p nightcloud96 please add me

Got this and Current from magnetic + water

I got this using Lightning and a water hybrid (don't know which one) in the Epic Breeding Island, First or Second try I think, took much longer for the Current Dragon though

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

I got it with fog and lightning on the first try.

Lucky you :)

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

I got one with a pure lighting dragon and a ice dragon
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Got him with lightning and fog, 1st try....

Seven Dragons

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Magnetic & water (first try) on island

**I have ALL 113 Dragons of Dragon Vale **
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Quicksilver & Lightning. Trying to get Cyclops. Got 3 Plasmas out of 10 trys so far.

126 of 127 Dragons. Having a lot of double rainbow trouble.
Best breeding wishes!

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I got 16 hours from this combo, hope it's a plasma!! Last time I did this one, I got my cyclops dragon.

Waddle14's picture

Got this one trying for Cyclops... Quicksilver (lvl10) on left and Lightning (lvl10) on the right on EBI.... Good Luck All!!! :)

Komoda's picture

I got him the same way except with the regular breeding cave :D I hope you got the cyclops! And good luck to everyone with the plasma:)


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Doesn't it need water and lightning? Quicksilver is air and metal...


Quicksilver is water and metal

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Seaweed and lighting level 10 ebi MY LAST DRAGON!!!!!! Got them all :)

Weird pic but ok?

May the dragons be Eva in your favor!

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*See the second page under "century dragon".

Thanks for the list. I tried hail + water and got a 48hr time though lol

Use rust and lightening

……… wait are u the guy on youtube who said rust + lightning for amethyst ?!

Rust & lightning, but also got platinum from this combo :)

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Hi :) First try with Rust(10) & Lighting (15) EBC I got Plasma Dragon and then Did they again and just the long awaited Cyclops Dragon :)

"To Love and be Loved is Life's Greatest Gift!"

Quicksilver and Lightning! Alrighty! And this combo gave my metal shrine and egg collection quite a boost! Anyone got a suggestion for Clover? - I'm feeling LUCKY!!

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Send me gems please

Happy to, IF you return the favor. Have a few friends that promised daily gems but little follow thru. I have a dragonsai tree and gift daily. Add me at Cyn1818 43 if you can gift daily.

I got it on the second try with magnetic lvl 13 and water lvl 10.

Lightning & ice

Lightning& fog 1st try!

DARN I got a 8 hour time with electric and rain!!:(

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Numerous tries and finally got it with lightening and fog. Now I can try to get Jade!

**151 out of 153 dragons

Looking for any other tips to get a plasma. Tried 15+ times so far with lots of different lightening hybrids plus water hybrids. So far got tons of Ash, Cactus, Seaweed, Swamp, a firefly and one cyclops, but no current or plasma. Tried on both the epic island and regular cave, some times with level15 dragons! Soooooo frustrated.

I need people to trade daily gems with. My Game Center ID is stachouse. Add me if you would like to trade!!

I like to trade gems too my game Id is DeeDee5164 not sure how to add you on game center


The best combo is lightning and fog. thought I have all the dragons. then jade came out and I was like.. no plasma. i never use gem for any dragon and got really frustrated with trying to get fog. However, in the end, I got 3 plasma out of 6 try with lightning and fog. Not bad. now onto jade dragon.

do i really need to get the epic breeding island to get more hybdrid dragons?? anyone kind enough to help me???
dragonpawz's picture

I have been trying for this dragon for MONTHS! Please somebody help! Have been breeding non stop Lightning/Seaweed Lightning/Swamp and Lightning/Fog. I want the Jade!!! If The Admin or other have suggestions on where to breed and what level the dragons should be at that would be very helpful. Thanks!!!

I am having the same problem. Can anyone suggest the combination that is best to try.

I got it using legal 10 crystal and legal 10 lichen

dragonpawz's picture

I guess my post gave me luck! Decided to go for a different dragon because I lost hope. Went for Cyclops and did Quicksilver/Lightning and BAM! Got him! Did it a second time and BAM! Got him again! Hope this will help others!!

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Finally! After 20 tries w/ lightning-Seaweed, lightning-swamp combos on ebi and in the cave, tried Swamp(L) and Lightning(R) (both lev.15) on EBI....................Success!

Quicksilver and Lightning! I tried lightning and rain several times, no luck... quicksilver and lightning, first try!

Still trying - bred Lightning and Fog, both level 15 several times - no luck. Have also tried quicksilver and lightning, cactus and water, ice and lightning, salamander and lightning, swamp and lightning, sonic and water hybrids, etc.... Getting discouraged! I've been trying for just this dragon for over a month, breeding every chance I get in both the EBI and regular cave. Any ideas?!

Please add me in the Game Center if you like dragonvale ID: DeeDee5164. Thanks


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I will add you DeeDee5164. Please add me. I will send you gems every time they are available to me.


I accepted you and sent gem do I have to do anything else?


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I had one plasma dragon before, but I had bought it, I have never managed to breed it... Until today!! (Well last night, but I didn't find out till today if it was plasma or current). Everytime I've seen that 16hrs, it's aaaaalways been current, current, current! Finally I've bred a plasma (and now I can get the egg for display!!)!! Used salamander and lightning, hope that helps anyone else that's struggling with this one!

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

Quake and Rain worked for me. Good Luck! It took quite awhile.

Merry Meet!

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Cannot get this dragon! Tried magnetic and swamp but got a double rainbow instead. Lucky, but still need a plasma!

Got double rainbow too and rainbow but no PLASMA!

I tried rain and lightning in EBI and water and sonic in cave. All level 10......only thunder


I still can't get it. Need this for jade. Help please!?!?


I've been trying for a month now breeding everything to lightning. I ended up breeding a hail to a water and got a 16 hr egg. I really hope its not a current. :/

oceanblue114's picture

I've tried for weeks on end to get this dragon. No rainbows with the combinations suggested either. Today I gave up and bought him. First time I've paid for a dragon. I want Jade though so that's why I did it.

cool dragon its kinda like a better version of the lightning dragon.


Why is this simple hybrid so hard to get? I got solstice, firework, silver, platinum, lunar eclipse, liberty and pearl all by accident. Yet when I try for this plasma I keep getting stupid copper! HELP PLEASE! I really need this one to breed jade! Please help me!?


Ice (level 10) + Lightning. (level 10) EBI After months of getting copper, thunderand rain.. I got a 16 hr breeding time. It could be a plasma or a current..soon..I will attempt to breed the Jade :)


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I would like to get another one of these or two. what is the best combo? I figure breeding Plasma with sonic or thunder would be my best bet, but I don't want to wait for a bunch of sonics and thunders lol.... I have plenty of those.
but I don't have current or rain yet, so I might get those too.
gosh I don't know, anyone have any ideas?

Got it with lightening and rain, first try on the island

Crystal + Cactus both level 10 not sure how many tries. I'm trying to get a Peridot so I wans't paying attention.

Does firefly and lava work, both level 10?


Wow! I think I got it first try from firefly lv 11 left and water lv 11 right! Boom 16 hr breeding time! This was a total shock! Now to breed it with my salamander to get an emerald! Hope it happens just as quickly!