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Pollen Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
10,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,000 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
48 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
102 coins per minute
Sale price: 
1,000,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
2,381 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
24 xp / minute

"Pollen dragons may be adorable, but rest assured these dragons can be quite the nuisance. They release a fine powder-like substance that is known to attract other dragons. Unfortunately, many people report being allergic to it. Guests that experience any symptoms should report directly to the Wizard Clinic. We've been assured that side effects of treatment only include being turned into the occasional frog."



Bred one without even trying

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Congratulations, Breeder!

I got this today just 7:00 hours waiting STRESSFUL!!! :L

same. wanted a willow

Lol! I got mine with metal and willow.

Merry Meet!

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I got mine with a gift and rain :)

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because I was given a gift
of Dragon wings


Breeder isn't my real life name but I will not tell you it because my dad says its dangerous.

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Yes, don't share your real name online.

How to get this cute pollen dragon??

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My website:

Have you seen me commenting on other dragons?

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TYVM :) First try :) GB :) Cheers :)

"To Love and be Loved is Life's Greatest Gift!"

I got mine with flower dragon and an air dragon

Same here!

Thanks I finally got one with this combo!

lagedragon's picture

Thank you sooooooo much! Been trying to get this dragon for a long time with plant and air and kept getting willow. =^•×•^=


Thank you...can I add you..??

I bred air+plant then the incubation time is 8 hours...what dragon is that...???

Willow dragon

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Correct. You can check the combinations for Air and Plant Dragon in this list.

Think I got it with plant+blazing

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yep, me too. the millionth try for a seasonal and all i get is pollen...grrrr.

waterhorse's picture

I was goin for seasonal too

Chrome and plant works

Hi are there any other tested combos for this cute lil guy?

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Yeah I got it with willow+fire of all things when I was trying to get a smoke dragon

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I got it by breeding the snow dragon right and evergreen dragon left

i got it by breeding the snow dragon right and evergreen dragon left it took 7 hours

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:D gonna try...

Rain+Cactus 1st try (luck was on my side)

How do I get a breeding island? I know I don't need one for this dragon but for other ones..?????

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It has to be purchased w gems. It's w the rest of the islands.



I have just got 7 hours but is this the only Dagon. Wasn't even trying!

Soooo frustrating. wanting this for ages, tried with plant and air - never sucessful and now trying to get rare dragon keep getting this one, have like 3 of them...try Blazing And Lichen or Snow and Seaweed, works everytime!

Air and cactus =pollen

Got it with willow and fire.

i have 78 of 96 dragon species

There are 96 dragons!!!
Never knew that! =)

aww, so cute :3 any good combos for this one?

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Scorch & Willow

Got one with reindeer and blazing.

So cute! Got it 1st try with air and plant. Need it for a quest, but now I have to 7 hours ( technically 14 hours, if you include the egg time)!

tree and blazing worked for me first try.I was actually trying for a rainbow

screwes's picture

Rain & cactus worked for me too! Thanks!!

breed tree and air dragons

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I bred Flower and Air to try for a Rose dragon, but got 7h and a Pollen dragon is on its way :-)

Got it with plant and air trying to get rose

Me to, was trying for Tree LOL

I got it on first try with lv4 blazing+lv10 plant good luck

Got it first try on my island with flower+air. Was trying for rose.

Blazing lvl10 on left plant lvl10 on right

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Got it with flower and air


I got it with flower and air first try. Hope this helps.

Yodatu's picture

Think I just got this with Scorch and Chrome? Odd combo...


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Got mine with Flower & Air. Was trying for a Rose. This is one of my favorite dragons I've bred so far. I love that it sneezes!

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Yodatu's picture

Hope I just got this with Plant/Blazing in upgraded breeding cave. Got a 7 hr breed time!

Nope, another Willow dragon. Pretty but really wanted the Pollen. Try again.


Try flower + air. If you breed them together in February , u could geta rose dragon. Anyway i got it first try on the island.

This dragon is kinda ugly but I want it!

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Got this with blazing and plant somehow

I used Willow and Chrome, got it on my second attempt.

A bit ago i tried flower n air on my used to b new breeding island trying for rose.
Later on i got smoke and rain. And rose.

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Air ane Ash got me my Pollen dragon... just waiting for her to hatch =) exciting!!


Fog + seaweed first try

XD Got this when breeding Snow+Seawead. Lol I was trying to get a pearl dragon before June is gone!

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I Got The Pollen Dragon On My 1'st Try W/The Willow Dragon LvL. 10 & The Chrome Dragon LvL. 10 In The Regular Breeding Cave!!! Waiting 4 It To Hatch Now ;)

Morgan Le Fay

hey guys, got it first try with evergreen and blizzard. :)

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Air + Tree

Bigfootstoe signing out

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Willow and Smoke got me it on my 1st try


1st try plant and air

Gotta breed em all!

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Got it with willow and earth

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