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Quake Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
5,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
100 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
59 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
104 coins per minute
Sale price: 
100,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
278 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
14 xp / minute

"The regal quake dragon commands respect everywhere it goes. Through its sharp horns and thunderous footsteps instill fear in most everywhere nearby, it is one of the most gentle dragons known. Their true intelligence is unknown, but many experts suspect that they could hold their own even against some of the smartest people alive."



To breed to get or not to get or buy to get I can't decide!

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Breed if you can! Save your precious gems for other things, like upgrading buildings.

Or speeding up buildings like nursery, breeding cave and treat farms.

thank you but iv got better things on mind

Are you quoting Hamlet (in a different way of course)?

Heh heh heh too late only going together gems at coulloseum or buy it in little things.

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lol. The colosseum is the best!

The Colleseum is cool but it takes so long! I prefer the dragon track and quests.

Im glad your so happy about it none of my friends play it (it as in dragonvale) your like someone I can explain to

Every time I try to breed a Quake dragon, I end up with a Crystal dragon.

I have the opposite problem. Every time I try to breed a crystal dragon, I end up with a quake dragon. :(

I think you don't need a crystal dragon unless your going for something special.
I love Quakes!

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LOL same problem sell your useless dragons like my second rain dragon, i got a million coins for it !

But me I don't sell any of my dragons, so that's why I have 3 lava dragons.

Funny :))

That's because you have to make the earth dragon 1st, then lightning.

Very interesting

I did but it popped up a crystal dragon like ten times

Tydus Nicolai

Has anyone bred one? What combo did you use?

I did adult basic earth first then I did adult basic lighting got it first try. But did the oppsisit and got the crystal dragon first try.. I hope this helps every one

Well I did adalut earth and juvenile lightning!

Lightning and tree worked for me

I just got a quake dragon by doing the Earth and Lightning together

I bread lava with lighting and got one

I just bred earth and lightning to get quake and got a 24hr egg. What could it be?


A crystal dragon maybe?

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it is

Very close, but it's quake, not crystal, crystal is the other way around so it will become crystal. Understand?

It'll be quake.

Quake. Whenever it's 1st dragon earth and 2nd dragon lightning, it's always quake - unless the egg looks different.

Not true if your breeding takes 24 hours its a crystal and if the breeding takes 6 hours than its a quake dragon.I got 3 crystals and no quakes and I've done both possibles ways and got crystal so if this happens just keep trying.

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its a crystal dragon i can garantee u that, a quake dragon only takes 6 hours to incubate but a crystal dragon takes a whole day, so its a crystal dragon



I did earth and lightning and I've gotten more then one

I have gotten this Dragon many times as well, but the Crystal Dragon less often

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

This and Lichen makes Moon, first I gotta breed
Quake! Thanks!!!

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I bred the Quake with air to get an Olympus dragon but it gave me another Quake dragon. Can I have some help?

I bred a crystal and ash

I also got quake using lightning and tree. I was trying to get ash. oh well happy accident I guess :)

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Here's some thing, if you try breeding earth D1 and lightning D2 you end up with a crystal, do the same, not the other way around, you should get a quake dragon. (D1 is DRAGON ONE and D2 is DRAGON TWO)

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That may have worked once, but if you keep trying, you will notice that order doesn't really matter.

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I've got a 48 hour egg, what is it?

The 48 hour egg might be a seasonal dragon

Check the egg list.

I did earth and lightning which got me quake. If you do quake and basic lightning you are guaranteed a quake

I bred a crystal and a firefly and got a quake

It is probably a rainbow dragon

Friend me on Game Center my name is THE MASS DEBATER2

What does evergreen and glacier??????

I got this dragon with lighting and bone!

:D happy I'm getting a quake dragon :) and friend me, TJRaine, I gift as much as possible :D

Grrr, I really wanted the quake dragon. Now I have to wait 24 hours for the breeding and incubation only to get a dragon i didn't really want (right now anyway). Why do they tell you how to breed them if thats not what you get?
Just a little frustrated

how do u get a Crystal Dragon

Earth & Lightning. Got 2 with that combo

Got 2----
1: Lightning and Earth
2: Water and Crystal

This one is probably the single most frustrating for me because of the long wait when breeding is not successful. I have gotten 3 Crystal dragons now (72 hours wait, total!) and still no Quake. May try for some other dragons for awhile and come back to this one later.

5th time combining Earth with Lightening, in that order, 5th (well really 6th) crystal dragon. Sigh.


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Breed crystal with lightning and you will get it


add me for gem 2 gem. luxtable06

Got quake with tree and cactus.
Cause grass+grass will just skip the grass then you have earth and lightning (just earth and lightning does not always work) this works a lot better.

If u can't have it at first ... Keep trying :))) lol
I'm always saying that to my self :)) when I get angry cuz I got something different ^~^

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When you breed earth and lightning, you'll most likely get crystal. You can take you're crystal dragon and breed it with your lightning dragon and it should be a quake.

Avada Kedavra!

Does anyone here like the dragonvale music?
Also a hint: only get one of each dragon unless they're really good or you still have space in a habitat and the dragon is the only one that can be in it.

Breeder r u quoting Hamlet(a diffrent way of course)

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I have this. =D

If you do not have quake, just breed earth and lightning.
You can also try an earth and a firefly.
If you do have a quake, stop, you don't need another.
Also, after you have this dragon, try for a harder one.
Like crystal!

What do you get when the quake and water dragon breed?

i got with obsidian and lightning cool eh

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I got it with crystal and moss, weird, huh? How does that work?

Duke the snail

it was probably a brewing.g glitch or soemthing

Got Quake Dragon first try with Earth and Lightening Dragons, Thanks :)

I tried to get a crystal and got this I breeded earth left fire right

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I just got one breeding Crystal and Lightning ;-)


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Is 24-hour incubation time correct for a Quake egg? I'm breeding Earth (lvl 9) left and Lightning (lvl 10) right in a normal breeding place.

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You are breeding a crystal dragon.

GC id: waddy66
Email :

Obsidian first then lighting


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I got this one by breeding Storm and Obsidian both level 7

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This Dragon, with the Chrome, is the best breeding pair for epics. Once together they bred a bronze Olympus, I retried them and they bred a bronze!