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River Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
17,500 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
900 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
45 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
98 coins per minute
Sale price: 
900,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
1,154 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
22 xp / minute

"River dragons live on land but spend much of their time in the water. Their boundless energy and constant frolicking cause river dragon scales to fray at the edge, giving them the look of fur. Often found near the Ami'Lya Pond, their splashing creates something akin to a melody; they will occasionally dance to this river song."



Aayla Secura's picture

Okay, I know I was hoping for beach dragon for the 2nd earth/water combo, but I love this guy! So adorable!

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How do get this dragon

Water and earth

for me it only does mud >:O

DragonOfDarkness's picture

Can you get a river dragon by breeding rain and earth?

Water dragon and Earth dragon

Get the lady amilaya pond first then breed water and earth if you get mud try other way.

Betsy's picture

Tried L water R earth and didn't get it. Bought the pond and tried L water R earth again and got it first thing. Thanks for the tip.... :-)

Anerdra's picture

Is that a baby sloth in your picture? Its so cute!

Betsy's picture

I <3 Sloths!

Samiii.j25's picture

Me too it actually works. Thank you both! :)

Did this too, and got first time!!! Finally!!!

danelady's picture

Congrats! BTW L or R is immaterial.


Hey Sorry to bother U.
Could u help me out PLEASE.. i've got ami'lya pond, And i've bred Water and Land TWICE, But it still doesn't seem to work.. i keep on getting mud!!! i'm on level 17 and im continuously breeding dragons from day 1 onwards...

Dragon wings's picture

Okay your level is fine because I was level 15 and got it. What worked for me was I bred a tree dragon and a water dragon (water on left and tree on right) and got it first try. Try it and hopefully it works.

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dfshima78's picture


Earth and water

bronzedragon732's picture

Water right earth left.

You need the a__________ (something) pond on island

The 1
and only

I don't have a pond and I have the egg in the nursery i did ice earth. Got one yessssss!

I got it with blazing and mud

First try with rain and earth

i used air and mud and got a river dragon

Catnymph's picture

I was gettin so annoyed with thunder then I randomly threw butterfly and sonic in the ubc and finally got it. Worth a shot maybe?


Aayla Secura's picture

Will give it a shot! Thanks!

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There is no Beach Dragon!!!

Aayla Secura's picture

I'm aware of that!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

Royal_J's picture

i guess they never read ur "create a dragon" post lol ;) i still think its a cool idea!

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beach dragon? your kidding

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What's a beach dragon?

There is no beach dragon!

I keep getting Mud Dragons. What is your level in the breeding dragons

Got it, now for number 2

Catnymph's picture

Omg first try water and earth and I got 10:24 so I got it. Wow first try. Too cool. He's so cute! Facebook mentions a river flowing through Dragonvale, now that would rock!


Yodatu's picture

Now that would be cool!!!!! Hope they do that. Will have to try for this Dragon once my Rose and Moon Dragons finish breeding!


Think I just got this with earth and ice

First try :) water and earth

Got River Monster on the first try. I was going for the Century as I do not have it but got the River. YES !!!!
Didn't even know it was out yet. I was surprised. After this one, back to the caves to try for the Century (then the Amethyst before its too late).

Think I just got this one. Still trying for the Century Dragon. Thrilled and frustrated all at once.

Was this dragon added today to the game??!!

Awesome!! First try and I got it!

Bloops's picture

Water earth got me 6 mud dragons in a row!!! :-(

3 mud dragons in a row before I finally got it!!

You need to buy the pond it says they love the pond I kept getting mud too and when I got the pond and then did it I got it!!

May the dragons be Eva in your favor!

Try flipping them, it actually makes a difference

Me too!

bronzedragon732's picture

You need to have the pond on the island

The 1
and only

JadesEmerald's picture

Just got this River with Earth and Rain! Tried Water and Earth and got a Mud 1st time....Good Luck! Oh used EBI

Thanks I tried that I got it first try!!!!!!!!!

Azuredragon 24's picture

Thank you!!! I tried and tried and kept getting mud. I finally got a rain dragon and tried this combo. I already had the pond but I moved it to t he edge of the breeding cave. Level 10 rain on the left and level 10 earth on right.

darn, both my BC's are busy for Olympic and forge dragons :( can't wait to get it :)

Veeks62's picture

Earth and Water both lvl 15. Bred two in five tries! Good lookin' dragon. They swim on their backs when young. Cute.

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Veeks62, Thanks for friending me (Reiki Junky). Visiting your park is worth the gems!

Friend me on GCS Reiki Junky

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Hey, thanks for visiting Dragon Den. I'll be sure to send some gems your way! :)

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Level 31, D'sai Tree, Kairos, Silver/Gold Shrines, 7 gems drgns, all Epics
Started: December 2012 Game Center: veeks62

Keep getting mud with water and earth... :(
Btw, need a friend to send gems! Will send back! :)
Game center: JJ_10

Just added you as a friend

Get the pond! You need it!!

May the dragons be Eva in your favor!

Just got River! First try with Rain and Mud in regular cave!

GC ID: ..MalaFox..

jhay-em's picture

Thank u! Got it first try :)

Trying for century with glacier and water... Got 13h... Is a river dragon. Wow! First try.

Mabi-Bunny's picture

Got it first try with earth + water~

I'm so pissed, I've not bred a new dragon in weeks and 100s of times trying over and over with same dragons sometimes switching them around. It was the anniversary of my birth yesterday, turned 4...0 and it's really weird to hear myself say that bad word. But the point is I figured I've been great and helping animals and people so karma should have shined on me yesterday if shes going to out of any other day but nothing.


RobbinDaHoody962's picture

Water earth not a very challenging dragon to get

cosmictriggerhappy's picture

Just got river in my second try

Montgomeryswife's picture

First try mud and rain :)

Glacier & Rain in the cave

Water an earth two times in a row, mud dragon both times. Did earth and water and got this cute otter box.

Got it 1st try with Earth & Water!!!

Ooh, I just got this dragon with Glacier and Water, both level 7.

Earth & water didn't work for me after 5 tries so I tried mud & rain & got it on The 2nd try EBC/UB

Leiparis's picture

This was my comment as above... Hs such a cute little thing now I'm. Getting them all the time lol... Kept 1 at lvl 15 & the other at lvl 10 and put him in the fountain of youth... 2 more dragons left for me to get

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Jaynay711's picture

Second try water and earth :)


DvdCd63's picture

Earth and Rain 1st try! Yeah!!

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caalleew's picture

Alot of new dragons lately! I will give it a shot later today


The Swedish dragon knight

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As mentioned above switch the dragons....water left and earth right :)

I have tried water and earth 5 times, no luck. Then tried rain and mud...even earth and fog 3 times. Still no luck. Also anyone know how I can get friends on the game if I play on a kindle?

Mud and rain, both level 10, breeding cave, first try...13 hours

Scott A. Lovelace, MEd, LPC

I have tried water and earth 5 times, no luck. Even tried rain and mud... also earth and fog 3 times. Still no river! Anyone know how I get friends if I play on a Kindle?

Got it first try mud and cold.

msvidkiller's picture

HI :) First try was with Rain & Earth and got Rain :) Second try Water & Earth Level 10 got 13 hour :) Kindle :)

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Game centre is just for iPad users right? Or not? So how do I get friends to give and get gems from?

Jillie's picture

Mud and Rain worked for me :)

Is it just me or is this a very extensive doctor who reference??

XD No, I see it too. Whee~

Let's blow some shit up :D

Fluffydragon12's picture

Swamp + Mud 1st try. :)

Water and earth first try!!

Got it by accident when trying for the century dragon I bred mountain and water still no century dragon though :(

Redeyez's picture

I too got it with swamp and mud in the cave.

Hello Goodbye

blendoman's picture

I got it! Eath and water 2nd try on Epoc Breeding Island.

names blendoman in game center, currently have my gem friends but it's fun to visit parks so add me.

Guys buy the lady amilaya pond first then breed water and earth it should say 13hours

blendoman's picture

I did it without the pond, in fact I have no decorations and almost every dragon.

names blendoman in game center, currently have my gem friends but it's fun to visit parks so add me.

Swamp left mud right first try reg breeding cave....

Add me mmmb623

Got it first time with earth and water it's so cute

4 river dragons in a row using mud and blazing

H. Abraham

I believe that getting decoratioms that represent the dragon makes the chance of getting it higher. So far i have the panglong dec, amethyst, and rose topiary. It really seems to help !

Completely agree with this. After I got the Sun habitat, I breeded 2 sun dragons without even trying and same happened with Rainbow...maybe it's just chance, but I can't help but to see a pattern here.

Just got river first try. Rain on the left, earth on the right. Ebi.

Seaweed and Crystal

Kentos808's picture

Earth and water on epic breeding cave. 1st try 10hr 25min... Hope it's a river dragon!

Kept getting mud with water/earth combos and vice versa, so got one with Glacier & Water with UBC.

First try, Water and Earth (that order, both lvl 10, reg cave). Good day for breeding, I got two that I didn't already have (Thunder and River) and also a second Century.

Got this and thunder 1st try

Tried water and earth twice,got mud both times. Was going for century with iceberg and earth and got this one

Catlady254's picture

First try with dodo and mud

Petula1625's picture

Got it with panlong and rain.

Tried Water and Earth in EBI in the morning. Mud dragon. Then Earth and Water in the EBI and got it!


Also got one with Current and Mud in the morning at the BC.


screwes's picture

Rain & mud 1st go, reg breeding cave. I tried earth & Water 4 times with no luck.

Animaljamgirl's picture

Try water and earth instead of earth and water

Yodatu's picture

Just bred rain and mud and got an 8 hr breeding time? Can't find a dragon that may fit that breeding! Any ideas? Looked at all 8 hr breeders and none of them would fit this combo that I can tell. Was trying for the river dragon.


Anerdra's picture

I got it on the first try with mountain and water

Forestwonder's picture

Me too, after trying a bunch of other combinations, this worked 1st try. Both level 10, Mountain left, water on right, regular breeding cave (and I have the pond)

You need that one pond to get this dragon or else you get mud. Learned after 5 tries!! I got it!

May the dragons be Eva in your favor!

Century and Mud

quicksilver and lightning, regular cave. was trying to get cyclops but been getting a lot of cool fallout, including the river dragon.

Deathworm's picture

I got it with earth and icebrerg

Bryan osorio

I almost got I got mountain instead

Seaweed + Earth

jadie999's picture

Accidentally got this dragon twice whilst trying to breed century with mountain and water....

Waddle14's picture

Tried Earth and Water forever and kept getting mud. Mountain (Lvl 10) left and Water (Lvl10) right on EBI got this guy first try! Good Luck All!!!! :)

There are lots of new dragons coming out. There's thunder, this one, and an aquamarine dragon just came out today! I got this first try with iceberg and iron.

Got a lot of mud but finally got 13 hours on the island. Now for aquamarine...please let my luck continue!

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Yodatu's picture

Got it using level 10's Water/Earth on EBI! Next to hatch and try for Aquamarine!


Uggg... I've gotten at least 10 Mud... getting really annoyed. All you people who get them on the first try, I strongly dislike you :P I have NEVER gotten the dragon I was trying for on the first try... not even the second. Ah well, keeps me entertained.

Water and earth got 13hrs bought a extra pond because a little ambiance can't hurt:-)

I already have a river dragon, and I want another one for the egg collection; could I breed a river dragon with something else to get another one? Any ideas?


Earth and water never worked for me. Kept getting mud. Glacier and water on island worked for me first time.

Dramoria's picture

I've never tried Earth and Water, but Glacier and water worked first time for me in the breeding cave!!! Yay! Aquamarine Dragon, here I come!

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Ghost & Ice got me River Dragon

I think I may have finally got this dragon... After 31 attempts!! Earth and Water!

I did earth + water. I know its river with 13 hours.

Dfwop7's picture

Seaweed & Earth...finally got River Dragon after many tries and many Mud Dragons!

I tried for river with the water and earth dragon thing it did not work for like six attemps. then i tried getting the ami'lya pond still mud :(

I just got this dragon and now i have all avaible dragons!

Got it with ghost(left) and mud(right) on breeding island, worked first time for me

Ok I've tried a ton of times with water and earth, all I keep getting is mud dragon... And I've tried it both ways... Any other dragon combos that will give me this dragon?

Me to!!

How do u get it need it so bad

I got it!!!! With water and earth. soooo excited.

On the first try I got

what if you breed river with mud/ {by the way I am 10 years old] [and level 19]

Mud and Iceberg ebi.

Magnafinch's picture

The Good Lord only knows what I'm going to do with all the Mud dragons I've bread since the announcment of Mr. River Dragon, but finally, after trying all suggestions posted here, over and over again, 2 ami'lya ponds (if those actually do help) and LOTS of cursing later.. I do believe I've reached success! Seaweed / Earth - both level 10 on the EBI - 13 hour breed time

Red-Angel's picture

Good 4 u now it's my time to try again...

From the dancing dragon x

Don't have it in the store... What happened 2 it????

Earth (r) ice (l) EBI worked for me

Martina's picture

I got it with mountain and ice

Add me on GC lilvic_