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Rose Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Required dragon: 


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
25,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,400 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
90 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
189 coins per minute
Sale price: 
125,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
149 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
30 xp / minute

"The witch Nadia of Cadberry Meadows is reknowned for having the greatest flower nursery in all the land. The day after creating the Rose Topiary, she found a new dragon in her nursery, the rose dragon. After all the effort she put into creating the greatest topiary in the land, it was as if the flowers themselves rewarded her for her labors. Is there a better way to say I love you than a dragon? Probably."



me-mow's picture

I love roses!!!! I want one so bad!!!!!

*Blessed Be*

GC: me-mow:3

Xishom's picture

Got it on the first try :) flower and air, it looks so cool :D and I love the egg, I'm gonna make a rose garden lol

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Sfhcrispy's picture

Nice work Sam! I gotta ask, because it has eluded me at every angle!, but do you have a seasonal? And if so, how did you get it?!? I know I know, wrong page.

I got one with flower + air, then I just got two freaking more (after weeks of trying with no luck before!) while trying to get the rose. So just keep trying! It will happen! After I get the rose, I'm going back to trying to get my epics and the last couple of opposite hybrids I need.

Plant and blazing on the first time

I just got a seasonal first try using love and air.

Got a 14 hour incubation time hope it's rose.

Ps.I used fire and pollen

Sorry but is not Rose you need flower. One of them need to be flower.

Sorry but your wrong. That is the recommended combo, if you read the description you would see. Unlike the gemstone you can use any combination with plant, fire and air. Try reading before you try telling someone there is only one way to do something, you could make things alot more difficult.

If u look below the breeding elements, it states Required Dragon...meaning one of the breeding dragons, does in fact, HAVE TO BE, a Flower Dragon!!! Best possible combo is Flower and Air, since Flower is required and the other needed element is Air!!! So, maybe you should take your own smart allec advice, and READ, before YOU make a dumbass out of yourself :)

might be rose...wait...probably

I got Seasonal using Smoke+Ash.
Weird combo I know but got it on my first try then I did it again using the same combo on the very next try!

tried 2 get got a pollen

sorry it duplicated

tried 2 get got a pollen

Please add me gem 4 gem

Cool.good for you

Would add you but I play on android and have to add you as friend on facebook. send me a request and I will add you. Thanks.

Got one first try ebi never happens!!!

I also got one on the first try at ebi.

I think I got one with flower and air but it might be smoke

I got one with flower and air. It was killing me to know whether it was rose or smoke. I was so happy when I got a rose

When is it avalible

I got one earlier today (valentines day) with flower and air. Then I bred love!!

Flower and air first try!

I tried star and plant hop it wrks

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My middle name is rose which makes me want it more


Add me gem 4 gem

Send friend request to facebook and I will add you. Thanks
Dimarro's picture

I want this for a lotof reasons, 1, my middle name is Rose. 2, roses are my favorite flower and 3, its sooooooo cute!!! does it come out on valentines day or what?


geminii5925's picture

Flower and air not sure if it matters what element the dragons are in I tried flower from a fire first and failed twice then a flower from forest and got it.

Mrs.Mateycak's picture

hey, love the display pic! Is that a drawing you did yourself?? It's amazing, beautiful work! <3 Fairies & dragons & all that fun stuff!

K. Mateycak

cynthia mulrooney's picture

I am ow hoping to land one, (please WIZARDS) During the 2016 JUBILEE and BEB events!


me-mow's picture

I love roses!!!! I want one so bad!!!!!

*Blessed Be*

GC: me-mow:3

Any luck so far? This one might be tricky....

firelizard21's picture

I've gotten 2 so far with flower and air. Only 2 fails. Can't wait for them to hatch!

219/222 dragons.

Goal: 1 FOY baby and 1 adult of every dragon, plus a display egg.
Still need: Egg for Antarian, and all 3 for Arcturian, Bizurian and Sorarian.

Cordlesskilla's picture

Got it air and flower 4th try! Hopefully I got a century dragon breeding now...

Cute Dagron!

What level are you flower and air dragons? Also breeding cave or island? I'm doing cave and keep getting poison. :(

I got it first try with the regulars breeding cave, flower and air both level 10.hope that helps!

Donna Pierce's picture

My Dragon played in the Colosseum tournament and won , I did not get my gems or food , please let me know , thank you

You probaly got third place.

Donna Pierce's picture

My Dragon played in the Colosseum tournament and won , I did not get my gems or food , please let me know , thank you

what did your dragon get?
you gotta win silver or gold to get gems. bronze will only get you cash

GAHHH!!!! Too many limited dragons at once! Just got love, hopefully I got this instead of smoke, and I still need the amethyst and century. WHY?!

Century isn't limited! Don't worry about that one! :)

I heard it was only going to be out for 100 days.


Cordlesskilla's picture

I honestly do not think dragon lvl has anything to do with breeding in my opinion but they were both 10...

got it with smoke and plant

Kyla066's picture

Got mine 2nd try with flower and blazing. Very pretty egg.

Got it with flower + air, now trying for a second! Of course, got TWO seasonals in this time too. After weeks of trying and finally getting one, now I get two more! Ah well, now I have my second and the egg, so I don't have to worry about it later, when I get all my first dragons and move on to collecting!

I've got a seasonal dragon in breeding cave trying to get this! GGGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH:(


flower+air = flower 5 times :(

6th time was blazing
7th time i got 14 hours. this should be rose. 3:15PM EST

Air and flower finally got me a Rose...its so pretty I hope I can get another one for egg display

Any other combos please?

all I get is a load of different dragons using flower/air
(My flower is lv15 and air is lv 10)

Dragons I get include:
........yeah,that's it but with a little luck you may even get a seasonal!
(Check my posts out on the seasonal section to read how I got a seasonal)



dragonesss88's picture

Same on mine


I just am obsessed and possessed by dragons

I got it first and fourth try with flower and blazing.
Good luck !

Dragonrider's picture

I've got it!!!!! So happy....... :-)))) The egg also for the collection. Now I have all the dragons and have most of the eggs on display... Missing only some expired as egg but time will bring it to me. :-)
Does anybody knows if it is possible to breed a butterfly dragon with another and get a butterfly dragon? Or isn't that possible for it is expired?

Aayla Secura's picture

If you have 2 butterflies (or 2 of any expired dragon) then yes, you can breed them together and get another one. I have my 2 apocalypses breeding right now to get me the egg to display. I have 2 of almost every expired/limited dragon (except butterfly, clover and bloom, but they'll all be back soon enough!) so I will be building my egg collection in this way for the next little while (as I give up on the 4 remaining opposites I need! bah!).

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

I, too, shake my fist at opposites. And this darn rose is giving me fits. I have cyclops, two blizzards, a century and two amethysts (got love in bring 'em back). I think I'm on try 10 for Rose. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Dragonrider's picture

By the way, it took about 4 times each to have it twice, both with flower lv 15 and air lv 10

My first two tries were seasonal dragons then I got the rose plus an egg for display

tsavoy's picture

The above post was mine wasn't signed in grrrr

Daevers's picture

I got a seasonal with smoke and plant. I was trying for the rose dragon. I love roses so I really want this dragon! I'll keep breeding and hopefully get this one.

Have 115 of 125 dragons. I like to visit other parks, so I'll gladly accept friend requests. Game Center ID: LightningMcqueen95.

Daevers's picture

Excellent! I just got this dragon with flower and plant. So happy!

Have 115 of 125 dragons. I like to visit other parks, so I'll gladly accept friend requests. Game Center ID: LightningMcqueen95.

Love love love the pic of the kat!!

May the dragons be Eva in your favor!

Bianca - Admin's picture

I got it too! :D

My website:

Snakegirl79's picture

Where did Dragonvale Admin go?


SandyB's picture

Yessssss, got Rose. First try Flower(left) Blazing(right) in Upgraded Breed Cave. As to the Amythest tried at least 50 times Hail and joy, tried all combinations , spent lots of Gems but I now have it.

Tinks180's picture

I've got 6 flower dragons now with Flower and Air. Grrr

Also, I have a Dragonsai tree, so if you want to add or request me, be my guest. Game Center ID Tinks180

Poison & Air

Flower and Air, 4th try, EBI. Tried again for giggles and believe I'm incubating another.

Air & Flower in EBI. First try. That was easy...can't say the same for Sandstorm...still trying for begillionth time. Sigh

Ok I guess I just had bad luck cause flower and air gave me mostly poison. But I was lucky and got pollen from it and used pollen with fire. Now I wait... I have a breeding time of 14 hours so hopefully it is a rose dragon. Ill let you know tomarrow.

I just did flower and air and got a 48 hour. I think I got my seasonal in this process of trying for rose! Happy happy

As usual (for me) I'm 0 for about 8 so far on this combo, although I believe I have a Seasonal in the enhanced breeding cave right now; been saving the EBI for my gem attempts. My streak for avoiding intended rare/epic breeding is now up to 1 out of ~175 (Love on 2nd try, 0 for over 100 on gem dragons but have 2 Moons out of that at least). Actually I have to subtract 1 from that number of tries, I accidentally put in Lightning not Air on my 2nd to last attempt of the night (burning a couple gems) as I was in a hurry to get some breeding in before I fired off Kairos to speed up the 2nd Moon dragon breeding ... now if only I could figure out why the Seasonal habitat takes longer to build than the dragon takes to breed and hatch, even assuming (as I have) that it has to be the Seasonal based on the parents - breed time.

cjencute's picture

Got Rose w/ poison+willow first try at EBI.. :)

Woo got the rose! What happens if I breed rose with plant/fire/air? Will I get another rose?

eunjeongs7's picture

I tried to get Rose from Firework and Flower, But I got Seasonal... Have to wait till 2moro. Any idea when this dragon will expired????

Got sick of trying for century, so bread flower and air, and have a rose dragon incubating!!!

Have used flower and air and got a seasonal (methinks) in EBI, then have been trying with flower and air in cave, and just got another 48hr - so I have 2 seasonals on the go I reckon.

Does any one know how long this is around for? I can't seem to find any info as to how many days we have to get this one - thank goodness I just got my amethyst and love dragons, want the Rose so I can get on with trying for the Century!



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Ramf's picture

got one on the first try

40+ attempts and not a Rose dragon in sight. What a joke.

Gemerlie's picture

That's been my luck on moon, seasonal, and amethyst...panlong too!


Catnymph's picture

Same thing here then just tried willow and fire and got one.....finally.......Now got a 2nd w the flower and air combo. I went thru so many gems, ridiculous number of tries but finally yay. Try a new combo but stick with it for several tries. At least these are mostly quick dragons to breed and incubate unless u get the seasonal as a lot of folks and I have. Was so aggravated having to wait so long for it to clear the breeding island.. Too many hours to use gems for it!


Got it on 2nd try with Flower + Air. First attempt made Blazing. Got another Rose on the third try, and even a 4th, with that combo.

Gemerlie's picture

Not so lucky with certain dragons but got the rose using flower and air on the first try...guess there is hope after all.....


Flower and air first try but then tried a few more times so I could display the egg n haven't gotten it again, yet.


I have a 10 hour with flower and air on ebi :-(

Tried 8 times with flower on left and air on right then moved to air on left and flower on right on got it on my first try, what luck

I used level 10 flower and level 10 firework in the normal breeding cave and got a Rose dragon first try. If only it was that easy for the amethyst...


TDaug76's picture

Just got it with flower and air on the EBI. It worked 2 times in a row!!

Aaaaarg!!!!!! I'm trying to breed the rose dragon but I always get somethiny else, like smoke dragon or something!!!!!! But I am glad because I've finally get a seasonal dragon when trying to make the rose :)

flower+air I got it!

Deblar Sherminator's picture

Flower & Air

Hatched the Egg this morning just in time for Valentines Day - she is soo cute
Happy Valentines to all Dragon lovers

613nn's picture

Been trying for the Rose, and Amethyst dragons.... lots of blizzard dragon eggs, and smoke eggs. :(
Bet I have over 25 tries on both. Not even close to excited on a 14 hour breeding time anymore, always smoke.

137 different dragons bred. No cheats used, no dragons bought with gems. Just persistence.

Petula1625's picture

I've been trying both ways air/flower and blazing/ flower for couple of days now finally got it with blazing /Flower . Yeh

love it !!! add me gem for a gem vanessa Mariie'

Finally got it with air and flower after every combo. Just got my Dragonsai tree, add me gem for a gem. Game Center ID Audie224.

Air and Flower. First try.

Just got it, my first rose dragon used flower and air now all I need is a love dragon then I got my valentine theme done lol

I got one, cool

Magnafinch's picture

goodness.. several tries in both breeding enironments with Flower / Air.. just tried again, epic breeding cave, Blazing / Flower = 14hr breeding! :)

now, if i can only figure out how to get the darned amethyst dragon to be bred :(

Happy Heart Day!

Hail & sonic is best combo for amethyst. Ebi is best but you just have to keep trying :( took me a fair few attempts but got one eventually :) x

Just hurried up my flower and air cos they were breeding one of my 2 seasonals I got going on at the moment, bred my flower and air again straight away on ebi, got 14hrs!!! Yessss!!!! Maybe it's valentines day so everyone gets a better chance for 24hrs ? Now just one more for the egg collection and I can finally focus on getting that oh-so elusive Century.

keep trying folks, don't give up!!


I hear the combo is flower+ air. Does it work well?

I tried 5 times Flower on left and Air on right, then got it first try Air on left and Flower on right on the island... Woohooo... Now back to trying for Panlong!

Panlong's done, I'm afraid - it just ended and is gone from the market. The only way to get it now is if you already have one to breed from. Sorry... :o(

What is the breeding dragons for rosé

Really want rose dragon!
Add me gem 4 gem, promise ill give gems!
Name: :) Mitchell123 (:

After 10 times I finally got the rose dragon, and in the middle I also got my seasonal dragon. but also got a tone of pollens and smoke dragons.

Just got it using level 8 air and level 7 flower. So happy!!!

I just used flower and air and got it on the first try.. Thanks to this website.. This is the best!!!!!!

Martina's picture

I got it with air on the left and flower on the right, both level 10

Having a hard time with this one. Could someone please tell me if it matters whether I do flower + air or air + flower? Thank you so much to anyone that can help me out!! I help my 5 year old son with this game...needless to say he isn't the most patient with trying the same dragons Over and over :)

40 plus times and no rose. I've had the breeding time 12times. Every one was the smoke which has the same breeding time as rose. Starting to wonder if its because I accelerate breeding which creates a smoke so I can pay again next time? 40 misses with every combo seems incredible! Same issue with frost fire. No luck. Getting frustrated!

sallyrobinson1971's picture

I got a 14 hr and had my hopes you, nope its a smoke dragon :/

Sally x

Leiparis's picture

Flower & air after many try's I finally got it

**I have ALL 113 Dragons of Dragon Vale **
>>DragonVale Fanatic<<

Betsy's picture

Got Seasonal first try in the cave with L-Flower R-Air while trying to get Rose. Tried L-Air R-Flower next and got another Flower. Just did L-Flower R-Air again and got my Rose! This combo gave me 2/3 awesome dragons!

Add me as a friend - SSSRRRIIIII SSSRRRIIIII. That's 3 S's 3 R's and 5 I's on each word. It's a stupid name I grant you, but I will gift gems.

Thought I had this first go, but turned out to be smoke. I was really pleased when I thought I'd got it because I've been trying to get the Century Dragon since the day it came out, in both the cave and island and still haven't got it. It's cost me hundreds of gems because if become so frustrated and keep speeding them up.
Add me as a friend, I'll gift gems SSSRRRIIIII SSSRRRIIIII. 3 S's 3 R's 5 I's in each word.
I'm friendless so far. Make a lonely dragon breeder happy.

Yes! Got it with flower and air ( both level 10 ) after two smoke dragons and three poison dragons. Worth it though ^w^

Tried like 20 times with no result(((

Got it 2nd try with flower+air on the island.

I have the egg!flower + air:-D .got it after about five trys:-D

Add/ munequito de peluche gem

Got it first try with flower and air on the island :)

Well mix earth and water want to know what it makes :(

Well mix earth and water want to know what it makes :(

sakuya's picture

Keep it up guys! Just got mine after trying as soon as it was announced(so many willow dragons...). Hopefully it will stay for the rest of this month which leaves two weeks to get it. Good luck!

"I'm not an optimist, I'm just stubborn that's all" -Edward Elric

I thought I had a Rose a few days ago, but it was smoke. Still no luck!!! Frustrating!!!!!! Have alternated b/n flower and air, and flower and blazing. Gggrrrrrrrr!!!!

Try # 26 ans still no rose....frustrated

DEANOBOT1001's picture

i want it :D but i cant get it add me DEANOBOT1001

Flower and air. Took forever.

OMG. This one is killing me.
I've gotten 3 sun, 1 seasonal, 1butterfly and about 8 smoke. I have a 48 hour one breeding right now I have to wait through. Not to mention all the little short time ones I use gems to hatch.



Aayla Secura's picture

Butterfly?! Is it back already??

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

I am going to try and get the rose with flower and air. Thanks for the help! ;)

I'm sorry I meant to say rainbow not butterfly. My bad!

Vincent Stockdale's picture

First try!! Yay, that never happens!


Think I got it with sonic and flower 14 hours hope I got it

Been trying for ages to get a Rose egg. 5 smoke, 7 willow & 2 sonic... Is still possible to get a Rose dragon?

I was trying flower and air for ages with no luck!! Tried flower and blazing and got it first time!!

Willow and blazing, finally!

Many failed attempts with flower/air, tried both on both sides in cave and island. Finally got it first try, in cave, with blazing level 7 left, flower level 7 right! Crossing fingers for another!

thelisanator's picture

I put in a Flower (left) and Sonic (right), both level seven, and got the Rose dragon on my first try in a regular breeding cave. :D

Game Center username: The Lisanator
fartman's picture

Left\right; no difference