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Salamander Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
12,500 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
700 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
53 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
78 coins per minute
Income at level 20: 
103 coins per minute
Sale price: 
700,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
1,228 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
22 xp / minute

"Salamander dragons love to sleep in old logs. Sometimes when they snore, their breath catches the logs on fire. Luckily, their watery skin protects them and the bed of ashes is comfortable enough that their slumber is never disturbed."



Raccoon's picture

I'm trying to breed it! Hope I get coral instead...

fearless's picture

hi do u want me as a friend for dragonvale, I know how to get the sun and moon dragon. add on fb William gerard

Hi William Gerard I tried to find you on fb but couldn't. Is your profile pic the same. I'm wanting dragonvale friends.


Epicdragon's picture

Most uniuqe dragon... looks like someone drew it and emailed it to bf studios

If the offer is still open, yes I would like you as a friend.

The salamander dragon looks a ton cooler. I hope i get it.



Sell your new air dragon for 500,000!

I want that dark rift dragon.... why is it so hard?!?!? Grrrrrrrrr

I got by breeding lvl 10 lava and lvl 10 water.

Epicdragon's picture

Got both coral and salamander. salamander was a bit of a challenge.

I got whith lvl 10 scorch and lvl 10 water

You suck Raccon, salamander dragons are pimp

Tydus Nicolai

Jenn95's picture

I keep trying for a salamander and keep getting a coral :/ I want a salamander lol

Currently have 169 out of 172 Dragonvale dragons (:
I never bought a dragon
I used dragon breeding speeding up three times in the game and that was during BeB
Not gonna lie bought gems once a $.99 pack
Good luck and happy breeding!

Nice, you're only missing salamander? You'd think when you tried for epics, it would show up. Poor you. If I knew how to friend you I'd sell you mine...

Meanwhile, I bred fire and water, getting the desired air. I noticed that it sells for soooooo much-I tried again. Tada! 2 hour breeding! I sold one and tried 2 times for more. Got coral AND salamander even!! Well I still want more air to sell. Should have kept the first two

I want that dark rift dragon.... why is it so hard?!?!? Grrrrrrrrr



I want that dark rift dragon.... why is it so hard?!?!? Grrrrrrrrr

dsj_2003's picture

My attempt was for a Current Dragon - Water + Firefly

Brad's picture

What combo? Fire and water gets you air so will it give you these guys as well?

Fire and water i have a salamander and a coral dragon

Me too I use Fire and water then I switched it water and fire both at level 15

Just bred Fire & Water, got 9:30, woo hoo, first try in small breeding cave, both level 10!

yes and I finally got the salamander, yeah.

Got coral fire and water

Janice Bower Bennett

Got mine on the first try with Fire + Water, both level 15, on upgraded breeding island. Kept using the same combination for Coral. It worked as well, but I got 4 Salamanders on the way.

Fire and water now comes out with 3 possibilities

CleverBast's picture

I've got one breeding right now! Betcha that one of these newest ones are gonna be part of a gem combo soon!:-)

Does anyone know the breeding time?

Coral: 9.5
Salamander: 11.5

It's the other way around. Coral 11.5 salamander 9.5

Redeyez's picture

I'm guessing I have this one..its red egg w/blue waves. I don't see this one listed in the eggs list. got it with Fire and Water.

Hello Goodbye

Its a salamander...
I got it with water n fire 10 lvls.. first try..

9.5 hours

Rain and fire also works , got both on my first two tries

Rikochet's picture

Got both salamander & coral, one after the other with water and fire.

I used Fire (lvl 14) and Water (lvl 11) on the island. Very excited to get it on the first try!

Fire (lvl15) & water (lvl15) & the other way round & hav 2 salamanders. Got 2 keep trying 4 coral.

Leiparis's picture

Lvl 15 water & fire will get you both Salamander & Coral

**I have ALL 113 Dragons of Dragon Vale **
>>DragonVale Fanatic<<

Someone knows if salamander and coral will expire?

Got salamander with fire+water. Level 15 regular cave 11:30hrs breeding time! The egg is boring ;( I was expecting something better.

Tramac's picture

Got my Coral first go with Fire and Water.
Any idea if the eggs for the Coral and Salamander are different?
I just got the red egg with Dark Blue Flames which was my Coral egg.


Been playing Dragonvale for years
Level 70
240/261 Dragons Collected
179/260 Pedestals Collected

Tramacsbt on Game Center

Very Active multiple visits during the day.

Vcateyez's picture

Flower and rain.....just got it


lvl 15 fire and lvl 14 water in the regular cave

Petula1625's picture

With fire and water I have gotten 4 coral. I even switch the combo. Any ideas?

Got this first try with fire and water! Water and fire for the coral dragon!

Candise's picture

Blazing and water worked for me. I was trying for the coral and got the salamander instead.


JVenturero's picture

Bluefire and Ice on my EBS got me 7:35:00. All I need now is the Coral dragon and my egg series collection is complete

Got with fire and water first try for a salamander and coral

Georgie's picture

Moving Salamanda from water habitats to fire at level 13 changed its cash and exp from 65. To 82.

D/V. Georgie
Lvl 50 with ' all but ' dragons
:" Good Dragon Fortune to All ":

Nangawaya's picture

fire lvl 13 and water lvl 13 ebi first try

Getting it now, 2nd try with firefly and water.

Montgomeryswife's picture

First try fire and river

kalel0129's picture

pretty easy got it 1st try with fire and water.

Blazing's picture

Fire & water seems to work :)

Got it 1st try using level 10 fire & level 10 water!!!

got it first try fire water. can't wait to hatch it!


I'm trying to get different dragons so I can beat my son. I know that's sad but he keeps teasing me when he gets a new. Any help would be much appreciated.

kezzieroo's picture

I got three salamander in a row first up, trying for coral, fire and water I used

just got it with fire 15 and water 15, tried 4 times prior with fire 12 and water 12 unsuccessfully.
good luck!

Got it with poison and water when I was trying for a bouquet.

i cant breed it!

It took me 1 try!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!

Got to get it...

Got it trying for bouquet... Water(10) and flower(15) upgraded breeding cave. Add me on GC: Cariella_S I play everyday


Got it first try with fire and ice.....

Add me... liberateRadiance for gift to gift. I gift everyday so only add me if you can too. Just got the tree

I got it

Got it on accident! So cool though!

Trollkatt's picture

Mine is on it´s way. Got it from Fog & Lava, both level 8 and in the first little breeding-cave.

Level 45. Got all islands. Love the game :-D

Add me at gamecenter: PaulaTrollkatt

Love <3

Need two more people for Gem4gem trade. Game center ID: owlie220

Awrsomeguy7799's picture

What is the best way to get the salamander?!??!

Thanks for the help

I bred my water and seedweed n got it twice bac to bac

first try with fire (right) + water (left) got coral dragon. the second try got an air. then third try I got the salamander. I'm sooo happy!!! thanks for the tip!

OhioDragonGirl's picture

was trying for Current!!! used seaweed and firefly ended up with salamander!

dragons I don't have...Dusk, Victory, Mistletoe, Century, Apocalypse, Panlong, Arbor, and Leap Year! (I would have nosfurotu if it wasn't for that glitch

Didn't get it.....

Olivia Renee Wilson

Wait I got it never mind. I used fire and water both level ten the first try.

Olivia Renee Wilson

mammaroo.22's picture

ive been trying to get this for ages. finally managed it with firefly and water both level 10 on the breeding island....

First try lvl 10 fire and lvl 10 water

MissCasey93's picture

The Salamander Dragon was a lil bit of a pain, but I finally got it by breeding my Fire and Water dragon.


esaabedra's picture

Coral first then water, successful on the first try :)

Ellie Bear

Flower and Ice dragon both lvl 10s on EBS this was an accident wasnt going for him was trying for rainbow but 1st time breeding these 2 i got it figured maybe itd help someone gl :D


Jenn95's picture

:(( I tried a water level 14 and a fire level 13 in epic breeding and got an air dragon!?? So confused, can anyone help please??

Currently have 169 out of 172 Dragonvale dragons (:
I never bought a dragon
I used dragon breeding speeding up three times in the game and that was during BeB
Not gonna lie bought gems once a $.99 pack
Good luck and happy breeding!

Jenn95's picture

Yes finally got it with water and lava both level 10 after my 6th try with water and fire combinations!! Yay!!

Currently have 169 out of 172 Dragonvale dragons (:
I never bought a dragon
I used dragon breeding speeding up three times in the game and that was during BeB
Not gonna lie bought gems once a $.99 pack
Good luck and happy breeding!

I got with blazing level 13 and mud level 13


I got first time


Got salamander with gift + love.

Game Center ID: PhiPhiFleur (3 daily gem spots filled)

Mikieperson's picture

I've been trying for this guy for months.. And non stop for the last 3 weeks every day over and over with Water lvl 15 x Fire lvl 15 on upgrade breeding. And using the other combos mentioned in the regular. I get nothing but air, a few corals, random other eggs from the other combos but no salamander..