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Sapphire Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Gemstone Dragon

Breeding elements:

Unique breeding combination: 

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,500 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Gem income at Level 10: 
1 gem / week
Sale price: 
1,500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
833 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
56 xp / minute

The Saphire Dragon can be bred by breeding the Rain Dragon and the Mountain Dragon.

"The wizard Mohs went to the Shimmering Isles looking for a unique gem to craft into a ring for Yogo, a witch he fancied. Reaching to grab a star sapphire, he grabbed the horn of a sapphire dragon. Mohs might need a spell to correct his vision."



i really want one but i'm waiting waiting for something in my epic breeding island it's 48 hours and i breed brass dragon and blazing dragon what is it?

Or a rainbow dragon

it cant be rainbow the dragons both have fire

You got a gold

What does the egg look like?

The combo is rain and mounton on cave/island

A gold dragon

Maybe a gemstone of some sort.

I just got the Sapphire Dragon on my second try, on my upgraded breeding island, by using my mountain and rain dragons.

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Its a Gold Dragon. :-)

V. Elmbaek

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I finally got my sapphire! Woohoo!! Rain and Mountain lv 15 on island. It only took about 50 tries! Lol

Jennifer Crawford

I got this dragon with Rain and Mountain the first time I tried, on the first day it was available: 1 September! I was thrilled! But when is one enough?! So then I tried ALL month, day and night, while feeding those two dragons, reaching evels 20 and 19.5 to increase the odds, all while getting more and more discouraged (there are so many non-targets!) when, finally, with time running out, the last one happened, and it's the last day it could: 30 September! Yay!! (I think...)

GC ID is I8abug! 2016 -
Every day in this dragonvale park do i play,
Sending gems and treats to my friends on the way,
Flames fly from the tower and the cave is quite full,
But I keep breeding dragons 'cos it's always a thrill!

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25 free gems for my friend code..I play daily!!


double rainbow

Should be a gold dragon

Bred it on my first try with rain and mountain both adult level 10 in upgraded breeding cave :) its pretty

Thanks.I have got it too with the same combination

Does anyone know how to get the sapphire dragon? I tried to but I couldn't get and it's my birthstone.

First you should put rain and mountain dragon on epic breeding island but it wouldn't be sapphire dragon at first
try about 50-100 times it will work just wait


Got it on my second try!! Mountain first then rain

Me too, just got it after about 100 tries.

Ive tried 20 times with rain and mountain and still no sapphire is there like a special way??????

I have try it every day all I get is 5-8 hours breeding time and there dragons I already have grrr

No there isn't.

Try more it will work


Will Fog work instead of Rain? Same elements...

No if you look at the dragon it said only a rain will work. But if it wasn't a gem you have the right theory

got it! rain and mountain 1st try in epic breeding island.

Me too

Ive got three rare dragons, 2 difrnt sun dragons and rainbow. But i wasn't know u could get gem dragons 2!

I cant get sandstorm dragon

I have tried at least 10 times and I still can't get it...

Ive tried at least 5 times and nothing....

I have tried 20 times, on epic breeding island, regular breeding cave, epic breeding cave...... But I can't seem to get it. I have gone through almost all my gems, and nothing! HELP!!!

i got the sapphire bluefire and cristle on the first try and both levele 10 on breeding island

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It's the beginning of the month, so it's a bit harder to get. Keep trying, your chances improve towards the end of the month.

I LOVE the game and play it a lot. Sept is my Birth month and the Birthstone is Sapphire. So, I have made several attempts to get this one dragon by mating Mountain with Rain in the Epic as well as the regular breeding caves, with no success :-(
Any helpful suggestions,please? Thanks you.

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I'm in the.same boat... Sept 16 bday and no sapphire dragon yet. Must have tried 35 -40 Times! (Stopped to try Cotton twice and got it with poison and quake, level 15 in the island.


I've got it

Which gem dragon is still available

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The Sapphire dragon is the current gem dragon for the month of September.

sappire and i have 2 sappire dragons

its for the month they do that sence when

Have tried rain and mountain - minimum level 10 each - 30+ times in upgraded breeding island and cave with no sapphire dragon resulting :-(

you have to use crystel and bluefire dragon both level 10 on breeding island its that simple so goodluck

no you can't it's impossible it's rain and mountain only

its gonna work but soon before that dragon says siranara

I can't get rain. I have tried over 50 times!!!

I think after 20 tries with Rain lv10 and Mountain lv10 I finally have a 31 hr breeding time I think this might be my Sapphire*** I got Peridot last month on Aug 31 cutttin it close. ADD ME !!!!! Vanyal

Got it on my 3/4th try. Rain & Mountain.

I did rain and mountain with 24 breeding time. Thoughts on what that could be?

I got that too what is it you should have it by now.

P.S Add me ladygg7 game center

I would add you as a friend but I don't know how. I would love to be able to trade gems. I am on FB as Rita O'Dwyer. If there is more than one Rita O, I am the one with a pic of a castle on my timeline and it mentions me growing up in Parkville, Mo. Just mention that I invited you to be my DVD friend please. I don't know how to use the game enter.

Rita O'Dwyer

Just got blue moon so lucky waiting for it to hatch. SOooo BORED
My cousin will be so happy we share the dragon vale account

i got blue moon too

Tried 3 - 4 times every day but no luck. Any suggestion?

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Keep trying! :) It gets easier towards the end of the month.

I have tried at least 20 - 25 times. Both caves are upgraded, both combinations, all I get with mountain and rain / rain mountin. 1st 2nd 3 generations is RAIN AGHH!! My place is a rainforest what gives. My twins are September BD. I REALLY WANTED THIS one! Any help. Special time etc.

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Keep it up and use gems to speed up the breeding so you can have more tries. Your chances get better at the end of the month, so don't give up now. If you try for it in both breeding cave and island and spend a few gems to speed things up, you'd have to be pretty unlucky to NOT get it by the end of the month.

I actually think I just got it! After trying since beginning of month several times a day between two caves! This was my last attempt? Do I have to speed up to get it out of the breeding cave before tonight?

I am in the same position. Hoping something will happen eventually but is seems as if my Dragonvale has decided it isn't going to happen.

Rain and mountain = 14 hour wait... It's not another mountain or something is it? *bored*

still no luck... :( the wizzards who gathered magic ashes for my gemstone island must be frustrated n suicide themselves by now.. lol none of any gem dragon ever bred ever since the island existed in my floating garden.

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I also got it with Rain + Mountain. :) You just have to try over and over again. That's why it is a RARE dragon.

My website:

add me so we can trade gems....veyronsrt8 PLEASE!!! :) thanx

I have tried 46 times w rain and mountain so frustrated have spent over 100 dollars in 4 weeks if I don't get it I'm done I have about 500 invested in game also can't get current and dodo but have all

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No Sapphire at this time.


commenting here since it is new just got paper dragon first time with flower and mountain on epic island. The adult is stunning with letter B on its wing

just got the new paper dragon that just came out today first time with flower and mountain but cant get the sappphire

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I just got paper dragon as well on epic island using flower and mountain, husband tryed on regular breeding ground and failed...booohoo.


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Paper Dragon is a 12 hr breeding time, and also tryed for a second one and failed.


I want the paper dragon so bad! Any breeding suggestions?

Got it first try :)
Mountain and rain dragons, normal breeding cave (not upgraded) and both level 7 dragons. I just put them there and there is a 30 hour wait so I'm assuming it's a sapphire.

Has anyone figured put the combination for ***** PAPER DRAGON***** yet. We only have until the 24th to get it and from what I read it will NEVER reappear.

Sorry to post on sapphire thread, buuuuutttttt , my impatience has gotten the best of me. :-)

Have a great weekend ya'll

Yah finally after 15 attempts

I got it, my 4th try! Used rain and mountain!

Finally got paper, now for sapphire, and rainbow i hope :-)

What is a paper dragon

Sorry but it is a load of bull! I tried all August for the peridot and nothing, then the blue moon, now the paper and sapphire and nothing. It is annoying and frustrating! I don't see how you can try so often for an entire month and not score!
I did fluke a rainbow dragon and a silver Olympus so I wonder if you only 'get' so many? Otherwise I must be doing something wrong.

to get a blue moon breed a glacier and lightening dragon i thing. it worked for me!

my germ island is still empty since it was existed somewhere in july.... still looking for some good bait..

Dragonvale Admin, why am I unable to purchase more habitats?

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You hit the maximum habitats for your level. Keep leveling up and you get access to more habitats!

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I got my first gem dragon sapphire dragon so excited. Got with rain and mountain took at least 10 try"s on epic breeding ground. Thks Nymphettamine your been a big help with all my new dragons.


Dragonvale Admin's picture


Thank you! Also I tried for the paper dragon with flower an mountain an incubation time is 48 hrs. Any idea what it is my son is hoping for rainbow.

Someone pleeeeeeese help me do you guys know if you have a breeding island or a upgraded breeding cave makes it easier cause I dont wanna pay money for more gems

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The epic breeding island improves your odds a bit - the breeding cave just lets your hatch the eggs faster or more at once.

I bred a mountain dragon on te left and a rain dragon on the right in the breding cave it it's said 48 hours what dragon is it

Most likely rainbow. SO LUCKY!!!

I think I just got the Sapphire Dragon, using Mountain & Rain in the normal breeding cave.. Probably my 4th attempt... Having more trouble getting the Blue Fire Dragon - keep getting the Scorch.. Oh well, keep trying I guess... lol

Same problem as you Suz with the Bluefire, but I also got Sapphire last night using Rain & Mountain in the normal cave.

I've presently got the sapphire dragon egg, just waiting for it to hatch, after one try! I used rain (on the left) and mountain (on the right) on the epic breeding island.


All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.

I've tried a few times with mountain/rain but no luck any suggestions?

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Keep it up, now at the end of the month your chances improve!

Finally got one with Rain 13 L n Mountain 13 R at the upgraded EBI for 24hrs and now incubating for 30hrs. Spent allot $$$ but I'm so happy now! Woot woot!

Ugh! Tried numerous times! Rain + mountain on island and cave. Still no luck! Just got 14 hours on island?.
What is it?

Also have earth and sonic with 28 hours on enchanted cave. Any ideas what that is? Olympus?

Finally got sapphire after trying about 50 times. Tried peridot over and over last month without luck so I hardly believed my eyes. Mountain level 10 that been in fountain of youth om the left and rain level 10 on the right in the regular breeding cave. Just keep trying!

Tried over 50 times and no luck,(3 times a day every day island and cave)

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Your chances improve at the end of the month. I didn't even start trying until the middle of the month. :)

Someone please help me I've been trying all month to get one and it's almost October and I got nothing is there a better way to breed one instead of rain and mountain or should I keep trying?

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Keep trying. Now your chances are highest, so don't give up!

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Rain + Mountain. EBI 30hrs.

Is there a limit on the number of each gem dragon a player can have??

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No limit besides what you can fit into the gemstone island (4x2 = 8 dragons) and hibernation cave.

Been trying for this dragon for a while with level 10 but no luck. Today I tried level 6 and I got 30 hours. I also got the peridot by breeding level 6 but could never get by level 10.

Finally got the 30 hours, so looks like sapphire! Just in time too as I was losing interest. I also got the paper dragon. I really want the equinox. It I can't seem to manage moo or sun :/

I have tried too many times to count. Have bought gems to speed up the process. Have tried different levels of rain and mountain and still no luck. Even have the gem island and it remains vacant. Thinking of ditching the game - cannot afford to spend any more money on gems without success.

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Why is there a different gemstone dragon each month

I have tried 20 times!! I need help what is the best combination?
How long does it need 2 incubate? I need it

I was going for this guy and got 48 hours any idea who it is.
Rain and mountain lvl 6

month ending but still nada.. urghh..!

Dragonvale Admin's picture

It's driving me crazy, too. Best time to try is now though, don't give up and use a few gems to speed up breeding for more chances!

How do you get it? I have tried mountain and rain over 20 times now! Is there any other combo to try? I really want this guy

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Keep trying. :)

I have been breeding non-stop, over 75 times between both caves. 5 rainbow dragons and a multitude of dragons I don't need later, and more gems used than I care to count, still nothing! Same thing happened with peridot dragon and I ended up with nothing. Two days left and I'm really beyond frustrated!

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I just used rain and mountain. I have a 30 hour incubation time. I'm hoping its a sapphire! I used both level 10's on the Epic Breeding Island.

i did everyday on both cave n island... nada.!
even worst the friends crashes still unresolves..

very frustrating..

Dragonvale admin when is my last chance to get this dragon. I really want one since its my birth month, but I can't seem to get him.

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This dragon is available thru September 30th. The new October gemstone dragon should be available on October 1st.


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Correct, today is your last chance. Still need mine, too. Good luck!

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Oops, I thought today is the 30th. :) Sorry, TOMORROW is your last chance. Just saw the notification from Dragonvale, 250,000 Sapphires were bred so far this month. Good luck to those trying to get it!

I did crystal and ble fire and got 48 h. What dragon is that? i was trying for sapphire this last day.

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I just got my Sapphire dragon. I used a level 10 mountain and rain on the breeding island. I was my second attempt, hope this helps

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2nd attempt? I am really jealous. I have made countless attempts so far without any luck. Tired of those 8 hour breeding times. :D

When exactly does the timeframe end? Can a Sapphire dragon be incubating after the last day of the month so long pair has been mated resulting in the formation of the Sapphire or must the process from mating to hatching be completed by the end of the month (11:59 p.m.)?

September 30th...... Still breeding today And nothinggggg just 8 hours breeding...... Any suggestions?

If I got 30 hrs this morning, is that a sapphire? D I have to speed it up to get it out of the cave or no?

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I don't think so, but better safe than sorry? :)

I got sapphire a couple of weeks ago. My husband is still trying and hasn't been able to get it yet.

Have tried for 3 weeks several times a day with rain and mountain and NOTHING. This is way too low a probability. Also tried every day for Equinox and nothing! Ready to give up on this game!!!!

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I think you and I have been unlucky, but I got most the other dragons, so I am still happy. And we can still get it today!

Do I have to pull my sapphire out of the breeding cave before it expires?? Please answer waiting for your knowledge, know its expiring in a few minutes

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The jury is out on this one. If you decide to wait, let us know. I personally think that once it's incubating, you are save, but one user reported otherwise. Your decision. I'd better be safe than sorry - this one isn't coming back anytime soon.

send me gems @ recon9075 and i will send u gems

I finally got one after countless attempts. Last day too cutting it close

Guess the devs think the game needs some considerable luck of the draw to be fun. Spent days on this, and nada. Spent every gem I had, too. I guess on the bright side I cranked out so many rain and mud and mountain and every other possible conceivable dragon, *except* the one I wanted, that I made millions and am a lot closer to 50 well-fed dragons on my earth shrine. Still that was a frustrating last week or so of the month, waiting on the odds to finally come around in my favor and it never happening!

A new player so worked hard to level up and breed to get rain and mountain dragons. Used gems to help me along 4 times but no sapphire dragon. It was only my birthday recently, would have liked this. It's past midnight for me so no point trying anymore, or do we have till midnight USA time?

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Is it still in the store for you? If yes, you still can try.

I did try one more time middle of the night and i got a fog dragon :( game over sigh, next year it is.

I just bred a rain and mountain and got a 48 hr breeding time. I know which dragons have a 48 hr breeding time, but NONE Match my combo. After trying all month for a Sapphire I don't have enough gems to speed it up, anyone have any clue what it could be? thanks in advance! GC Family accounts blessedbabs, NateB0320, babsmomof4, alexandergb3

It's a rainbow! Finally got down to where I had enough gems to speed it up, now just waiting for it to hatch.

Trying for days and never got Sapphire ;(, which is the dragon for this month?

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Bianca - Admin's picture

I hate you!

My website:

Sandbox says rain + mountain for 48 hours is a rainbow.

Thanks, I just got it down to where I ha enough gems to speed it up. Sooooo excited that i will
soon be hatching a rainbow!

is there any way that i can blow down the germstone island..??? they seems to be the most useless habitats ever!!..

haha :D just to trow some wrath... lol..
btw i think some of the germstone island deserved to be blown down.. dont u think so..?

next hope is for opal to drop by..

Dragonvale Admin's picture

I'm sure you'll have it full with some nice gemstone dragons in a few months! :)