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Scoria Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
150,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
750 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
34 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
59 coins per minute
Sale price: 
1,150,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
871 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
114 xp / minute

"Near the Mines of Dramoria, the Bessemer Wastes are home to the often overlooked scoria dragons. They are so overlooked, in fact, that our wizards accidentally classified them as the wrong type of dragon. Ooops. In their later years, scoria dragons grow rocklike scales on their back, but don't let their appearance fool you; they're still fast as can be when racing other dragons."



Im a loner in real life I admit that I don't have any friends

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I'm sure you'll find new friends soon, I moved and lost all my friends and made new ones.

Lol sux to be u


You know what I said about breeding the rainbow well false alarm sun dragon instead

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A Sun Dragon is good, too, no? :)

Yes I guess so it's already level ten!

Bact to the topic

Breeding Lava and Metal. Got 22 hours. Pretty sure I'm breeding the Scoria dragon (if sandbox is correct)

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Yes, 22 hours of breeding time right now can only be a Scoria Dragon, congratulations!

I was trying to breed iron and looked and saw 22 hours and was like sweeeeeeet scoria dragon

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Same here
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well mine was dumber i bred earth and metal to get iron but i got scoria instead :):):)

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Just got this trying to get the f'n sandstorm dragon for the millionth time! I bred iron and air. (they're still breeding but 22 hours seems to me like scoria)

- Amanda

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Don't get me started on the Sandstorm Dragon! It's the only task left in the list and I just can't get it!!!

To get the sandstone dragon you bread Air and tree or mud

Wow, you are beautiful. I really don't have much else to say.

Me too just started to play few months ago got every thing but the sand storm

I bread a plant and an iron dragon and got 22 hours I'm pretty sure it's a scoria any other suggestions

i got sandstorm 1st try with blazing and scoria both level 10 in upgraded breeding cave!

I need to get water dragon real soon or I will explode cuz I need air

To get air you bread fire and water

You BREAD a dragon? And you bake them at 375 for 5 hours in the Incubation Oven.

I cannot wait until I get air so I can get sandstorm

Does anyone got ash?

i do

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i tried fire and crystal on the epic breeding island and air and iron in the breeding cave and both have 22 hour breeding time i think i am gong to get 2 scorias

GCID: Marajadzia

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Got her!!!

I got her using ghost and steel. Yes it took about five trys, but I did get it. Now to work on others.

}i{ Believe }i{

the game gives you the dragons you want when you don't intend it. i was trying to breed bearded with mountain and metal, i had no idea what a scoria dragon is, but i just got juuuuust got it


I am currentlY breeding Catus and Crystal and it went for 22 hours but I'm not sure if it is a mistake? I wasn't trying to breed a specific Dragon but it turned out as 22 hours? Will I get this dragon??

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Hmmm, Scoria needs Metal, but Cactus and Crystal don't have Metal. But Scoria is the only Dragon with 22 hours. Odd - let us know what you ended up getting!'s picture

My small breeding cave stopped working last April! Has two dragons still in it, can anyone provide a fix? I tried to contact company, deleted and reloaded and do all updates! Help!

Just got it with plant + iron

Tried for either Mine or Steel... Got 22 hour incubation which means it's a Scoria. Bred Metal & Cold. Weird!

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I got mine by bredding Panlong and Forge first time in the normal breeding cave

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Got it first try with iron and plant! says 22hours~
So it should be Scoria right?

hi there kids im glad your playing my game. i just made new dragons and will come out soon so keep playing and gain levels. HAVE FUN!

Really your backflip studio

man, i'm not level 17 waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

If any won can confirm it tell me

How can I get a sun I have tried but got 3new year I was sure it was right last time

Metal + Clover = Scoria! YAY!

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Metal + Mud level 10 regular cave

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Anybody know how to get a seasonal dragon? I got a solar eclipse by complete luck by breeding obsidian and air I think but am not sure what to do for a seasonal

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i got a seasonal with obsidian and the love dragons... good luck


Lava and Metal worked for me to get Scoria too!

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Hi :) Put in Earth & Metal and got 22 hour was trig for Iron :)

"To Love and be Loved is Life's Greatest Gift!"

thought it was difficult, read some tips and just did it on 1st try. Iron + plant = scoria.
Thanks to this forum.

Just got a 22 hour breeding time on the island with Quicksilver on left and earth on the right.

Metal and fire both level 10 breeding island

Metal + Earth, gave me 22 hrs breeding time so I'm thinking Scoria!

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I tried that combo 5 times and couldn't get it :( Still trying tho!

hooray! one try on the EBI w/lava and metal.

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I just got this on the island from Earth lv10 (young) + Chrome lv10 (young). This is my third attempt for a Dodo. At least I got the Scoria. Needed that one.

Any way to level quick????

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Air and iron worked well for me good luck I got two that way just switched em up every couple tries

Iron and Brass. I was going for a gold dragon....


Tree and Metal 2 times, got the Scoria both times.


Got this with Chrome and Quake trying for copper :)

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Metal x Earth. Success!

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still trying for a rainbow.... ive tried everything... any help would b great!!


Hi, I got Scoria 1st time with Cactus lvl. 11 and Iron lvl 12.2

I did gift the first side and ash the other to get rainbow dragon but did take me awhile hope u get it soon

Iron(15) and Dodo(11) got this dragon first time! I never get what I'm after first time I try! So I was thinking I could add to my eggs with the non-targets while I kept trying...but since I got it I'm going for Current next... Thanks for this forum. I get so much info here.

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Flames fly from the tower and the cave is quite full,
But I keep breeding dragons 'cos it's always a thrill!

Just put iron and flower in trying to get ironwood, time to go..... 22 hours.... Looking like a scoria dragon instead!!!

I tried fire and metal and got brass 1st try then I used obsidian and metal and got scoria on the. 1st try, took 21hr 59min. I also just bread mountain and water and got my 1st century yaaaaa I've been trying forever to get century and got it 1st time with mountian and water. Now I'm trying to get the forge dragon. Any TIPS ON FORGE DRAGON

Metal 10 and terradiem 10 regular breeding cave first try. I'm so happy.

I think I'm getting scoria first try with mine and ghost (:

I got one. Metal+Lava. First try!

Forge+River !!

First try with metal and earth...

Just got Scoria by breeding lvl 9 Mountain and lvl 9 Metal. Was trying for bearded.

Metal and crystal on the first try

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I got mine using mountain and steel trying to get bearded. Hope it helps.

My swagga is my life

Got Scorcia with earth/chrome!

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Mountain and metal first try for scoria!

I got this twice with tree and metal on the island. I was trying for a different Dragon.

Earth/copper- level tens. First try.

Iron and Chrome both level 10, third try
Earth and Metal, both level 10, multiple attempts

Just got scoria and plasma so excited been trying 4 ever


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Moss + Magnetic, third try, both level 11 :)
Happy breeding.

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Trying flower and metal.. ✌ 24hours to go. Weighting to see

Judy E Roggow

I put lvl 12 Plant and lvl 10 Iron in the breeding cave per others' suggestion and got a 22 hour breeding time! I have no idea how Plant plays into that, but it's gotta be a Scoria since that's what others got too!

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I got Scoria by breeding my Bronze with a Gold in the co-op breeding cave, and it was twins.