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Seasonal Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Epic Dragon

Breeding elements:

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
2,000 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
318 coins per minute
Sale price: 
2,000,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
694 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
35 xp / minute

The Seasonal Dragon can be bred from several combinations, including: Firework dragon + Plant dragon; Blazing dragon + Plant dragon; Flower Dragon + Air Dragon; or Poison Dragon + Air Dragon.

"It took the wizards a long time to understand and categorize the seasonal dragon because of its amazing ability to change with the seasons. Although this particular variety seems to follow the patterns of the Northern hemisphere, there are rumors of a cousin on the opposite schedule."



Bianca - Admin's picture

Breeding combinations:
Firework dragon + Plant dragon
Blazing dragon + Plant dragon
Flower Dragon + Air Dragon
Poison Dragon + Air Dragon

My website:

Dear Nymphettamine,
Do you have this dragon?? Just asking...

Dear Nymphettamine,
Do you have this dragon?? Just asking...

Bianca - Admin's picture

I have it! I wait for the egg to incubate.

My website:

Can i ask the combination? Thanks!

I just randomley bred a flower and sonic, got love first try. Did it again and I got a seasonal!!! I'm waiting for the egg to incubate

i now have two seasonal dragons, i bred a flower and an air and it worked

I just Finished mine for 27 GEMS


Oh look at the little baby pissed cause the baby couldn't get it go to mommy and bitching you little bitch

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For heaven's sake keep those comments to yourself. Either shut up or write something useful.

-Triple Double Rainbow
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(Looking at ur legendary/epic dragon list) Wow!!! You either have too many gems or too much time!!! :) I'm soooooo jealous XD

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This is a posting area for the Seasonal Dragon, so, yeah, EVERYONE CARES

"I" Care

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After many failed attempts I now have the seasonal egg I got it with sonic L15 and flower L 15 man didnt think I would ever get it. On to the next dragon. Good luck all

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I have tried for days....I cannot get seasonal dragon....why is that....?


We are in the same boat.

Your stupid

So are you you so nearly can spell

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You've been dissed

Blaze and lichen will get you seasonal

I love your picture!!!!!!!:-)

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I got one by breeding a swamp dragon and a blazing dragon

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~N~ is there a certain time of day or night that works best?? I've tried so many times with all the usual combos and still nothing. I have all the other epics. I need this one to complete the team :) thnx

~*From the Distinguished Office of the Royal Guild*~

<*>Got Them All<*>

^¥^Phantom Dragon Shall Return^¥^

Also fire and Willow

Mufasaio's picture

I got a pollen dragon when i tried fire and willow

Kyra cornelius

what combination you try?

Flower and Sonic. Did it while trying for Rose. But I got a Love dragon instead. I got it a second time.

What would happen if yo bred scorch and air?

And Fire Dragon + Willow Dragon

What about fire+pollen

Or you could breed a gift and sonic dragon

Got it with poison and rain on EBI, first try. I was trying to get the cyclops

I bred smoke and plant and I got 48 hours time. Could it be any other dragon than Seasonal?
My Dragons are: Smoke,plant,rain,fog,water,storm,
2x rainbow,fire,lightning,cold,earth,mud,blazing,lava,obsidian,air,cactus,seasonal,moss,tree,metal,poison,

I think I have it !!!!!!!!! I got a one day breeding time . I used fire and willow


no it is 48 that is 2 days not one look for 24 hour dragons u have one of those

Can you breed the seasonal in just the regular breeding cave?

You can breed them in both the Breeding Cave and the Epic Breeding Island.

I got rainbow with blaze and lichen


Try flower and sonic

I may have gotten it with storm and metal

I got it thanks for the help babe

How do you get it???

How do you get it???????

Waiting for the egg. Usted pollen and sakura. First try

Wat about smoke + plant

i try it 55555555555555555555 time's and all of them

Panglong and bloom


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It doesn't have to be the dragons with only plant, air and fire. You can do combinations like sakura+chrome.

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I got mine with flower and ghost, so you might consider changing your list a little bit.

-Triple Double Rainbow
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Can i also use this Combo? Smoke Dragon + Bloom Dragon Since My Air dragon is in the Colosseum, i want to use this Combo, if it Even Works.

Smoke and Bloom will work for the Seasonal

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Just did flower lvl11 and wind lvl11 in ebi got 38 hrs hoping its the seasonal dragon

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Fingers crossed, but it could also be Rainbow.

What combination did u use

I used poison and air

Does anyone no how to get the rainbow dragon plz??

i got rainbow 5 times 3 tines with blue fire and 2 times with dragon fly and sea weed.

My son keeps getting rainbows with litchen and lava, he is trying to get paper.........

My son got 2 with Mountain & posion!

dragonvale for my son.....

Sorry ma'am. The paper dragon isn't available anymore.

I was told to use storm and flower

I did that combination once and succesful ... But for the second time it resulted another species.

I got the leap year dragon using storm and lichen was not tring to get it im lucky

I got paper in one try with gift and earth dragon

I got the rainbow dragon with metal and paper dragons

I tried that combo for the Silver dragon.

Iceberg + Cactus or Iceberg + Ash

Go to SANDBOX. Web site then you know how to breed every dragon.

TDR's picture

I got mine with autumn and summer! Lol! I don't remember how I got my other one, but my third one was rainbow and rainbow. Hahaha I'm sorry this probably isn't helping. I remember getting my double rainbow with fog and obsidian- wait! Fog and crystal! Try that. I think that's how I got my first rainbow! Woohoo! Go me! I usually have memory skills. HECK YEAH!

-Triple Double Rainbow
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That was for someone who asked about rainbow dragons. Whoops

-Triple Double Rainbow

Dear dragonvale admin are there any spacific combos for the seasonal

I used reindeer and blazing.

Are there any combinations that are REALLY specific ad can give you the seasonal dragon in only a few tries?

Dear dragonvale admin are there any spacific combos for the seasonal

Dragonvale Admin's picture

These work:

Firework dragon + Plant dragon
Blazing dragon + Plant dragon
Flower Dragon + Air Dragon
Poison Dragon + Air Dragon

I'd suggest Flower + Air.

Dear dragonvale admin
Do you have to have a specific level

Dragonvale Admin's picture

You have to be at least Level 14.

Excuse me Admin,
Is there any change in the combination required for the seasonal dragon during different seasons? Like, do you need to add cold into the mix to get it during winter? I have one but want another you see, I got the first out of luck and I don't remember the combination, but now after well more than 40 attempts in both the upgraded breeding ground AND the upgraded breeding island t the same time, I have had no luck.

I know the combinations recommended and have been using Flower and Air in one ground and Blazing and Plant in the other; but are you able to tell me if there is any trick to this at all or am I just unlucky?

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Blazing lvl 10 (l); plant lvl 10 (r). I tried flower+air at least a dozen times and it did not work. The switch to blazing+plant worked after the 2nd time. Epic cave.

You should add Flower and Sonic. That's how I got my first Seasonal dragon.

I was just wandering if the water fountain will be coming back. Just missed getting it. Kind of upset me. Funny how not getting the dragon I want dose not but I realy wanted the fountain. lol

I was just wandering if the water fountain will be coming back. Just missed getting it. Kind of upset me. Funny how not getting the dragon I want dose not but I realy wanted the fountain. lol

Bianca - Admin's picture

I used Flower Dragon + Air Dragon. Good luck!

My website:

That works the best

I have tried flower and air,poison and air, plant and blazing! None of them have worked!they all ended up being poison! Any suggestions?and there is another site called macenstein that is like the same thing.

Dragonvale Admin's picture

But we are better. :D

Just keep on trying. This is ultra rare we are goin for.

Try Flower and Sonic

How many hours was the breeding time

Sorry that's to bad:( I got mine breeding poison and air... but I had to do it 16 times on epic breeding... so... it would take like 32 times on the breeding cave... try again :)



I used blazing and lichen to get it, worked first time for me, hope anyone else who tries this has the same luck !!!

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I JUST tried the flower and the air combo and the breeding time is 48 hours. Right when I saw that I dropped my iPod into my lap!! IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will you be my friend im elena5 or mellissa wright whats your name i will always send you a gem!'nmn

Flower & Air worked for me think after the second time in normal cave.

Something's not working properly...i have tried at least 20 Times every combo possibile for the seasonal and nothing seems to's frustrating!

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Keep trying, it's just bad luck. Some people get the Seasonal Dragon on the first try and some take dozens of tries. :( Some know combinations that work are:

Firework dragon + Plant dragon; Blazing dragon + Plant dragon; Flower Dragon + Air Dragon; or Poison Dragon + Air Dragon

You are so right!!! Breeding is kinda like winning the lottery...some people win the first time they try and others can try for years with no luck. People need to understand that it's nothing they are doing that is keeping them from getting what they are trying for. It all boils down to basic luck and probability!!!.....ok...done putting in my worthless 2 cents ;-)

I have been trying for the paneling dragon for over 80 times. Still no luck. Any suggestions

Well I've tried over 20 times and failed although I think I'm getting closer because first I got flower and poison than pollen, blazing,willow( which are really annoying) and now smoke!!!!!!!

DragonVale Lover12108's picture

There is no such thing as bad luck.

I am with you arianna.........same thing for me, just got to keep on trying...........

Using limited dragons will give you a better chance

ooooooooooop first time I got it. Lvl 10 Blazing and lvl 10 Lichen in epic. 2days in breeding and 2more days to hatched. want more patent.

Hey I have the kairos dragon

DragonVale Lover12108's picture

Hooray! I do too.

i got this dragon, lv 10 flower dragon and lv 10 fog dragon, decide to try this after 10 times combines blazing and lichen cheerrrrssss

what lev do you have to be to get this dragon???

Dragonvale Admin's picture

It becomes available at Level 14.

Awww, I on level 22

I just got a seasonal with Panlong and evergreen :)

Bianca - Admin's picture

Niiiiiice! :)

My website:

hey sweet thina

One more question:
How much time did it take to hatch??????

Me too! So excited... Trying to get a second one but no luck so far...

I got this first try flower and air

Epic Island, Flower + Air, 5th try... :)

I used flower and rain just thought they went together lol and got seasonal first go

After trying Flower + Air and Lichen + Blazing several times with no luck, breeding Willow + Frostfire gave me a 48 hr timer!!

It turned out to be rainbow, not seasonal :/

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Most breeders would be happy about that. :D

What was the combinations?

Finally got it with PANALONG and Paper

rainyroo's picture

Good combo for this dragon is paper and fog, my husband and I both got it.


I got it with blazing and flower whilst trying to get rainbow.

I think I can remember this one! The way how to breed a Rainbow Dragon is to breed a Lightning Dragon and a Reindeer Dragon!

If only I had reindeer dragon!

By the way you sure those are the right combinations? Cause I REALLY want a rainbow dragon!!!!!

Well, I have to say it was my dad who told me.But it was random breed...

Me and my friends all have rainbow dragons by using Seaweed and Firefly. I got it in one order while they got it in another way.

Breed Plant Dragon and Cold Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In that order) okay

Breed Plant Dragon and Cold Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In that order) okay

No all you have to do is breed 4 elements. And that's only 3

Dragons aren't stupid it's the people who use them.

Jenniferward's picture

I got it with flower and air in the epic breeding island!.. Like the 15th try!

Dragonvale Admin's picture


Someone want to trade gems with me? I play every day

Add me "Morguanaawesome" in GC, I will gift gems almost every day!

with the dragon race track what level do you need to be
on to by it and how much does it cost?

bbarra's picture

Level 15' $250,000.


Just got it with flower and air in regular breeding cave! So excited. Friend me lyndiferous03