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Smoke Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
10,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
100 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
43 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
75 coins per minute
Sale price: 
100,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
119 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
12 xp / minute

"The smoke dragon is a misunderstood beast. The Ancients mistook them for spirits and offered them messages to carry to the Other Side. Unfortunately the only 'other side' these creatures cross to is whatever side of the campfire you move to."



NicholasColville's picture

When is this dragon out?


Level 14

i hatched my egg yesterday


NicholasColville's picture

Never mind got 2 :)


Tried 2 make smoke, but keep getting Blaze w/fire+air. What hybrids did u use?

Try fire and water, both level 10. We wll know water and fire makes smoke when it is put out. Gl.

Okay first of all no not true at all that will make an air dragon you need to breed a blazing with a fog

Good Bye

Fog and blazing got me a smoke first try :) thank you so so much for the advice!

i dont have a blazing or a fog but i hatched my smoke yesterday.


Doesn't that make fog?

Water and fire make steam

I got one using lava and air in normal breeding cave

What levels??

you can use blazing+lava. it turns out i got a smoke dragon, well i was trying to get the solsctice dragon but i got is a smoke dragon. i think this might help you :)

If you want the solsctice dragon try blazing +mud!

I bred metal and blazing I think and got smoke first try then bred basic fire and metal and got brass easier than I thought hehe thx for the tips

I got it with fire and snowsnow

Air & Flower

I used chrome and forge dragons got it first try. :)

Dear T crew: I have found a way to breed a Smoke dragon. I do not ensure this method, but it worked for me: Breed a Lv. 10 Blazing dragon with a Lv. 10 Earth dragon. Sorry if you get anything else.
Dark Dragon

Poison and air

Use fire and fog

I just got one

CatDragon10's picture

I did AIR then FIRE

i tell u. i got mine with blazing and coral.

Try breeding a blaze with a pure dragon. I got a smoke dragon by breeding a double rainbow and a air dragon. Hope this helps :)

Got this guy first try, fire/air!

whoah! i was tryin for SEASONAL and got this by accident. WILLOW + FIRE= smoke

Perverted hermit's picture

Blazing dragon and evergreen dragon in that order will get you a smoke dragon....

Got one first time with blue fire on left and air on right

How do you get blue fire dragon

Tried to get eclipse but got smoke instead.
Blazing+Lava gets you smoke

Got it first try with fire and water. Both level 10. Hope this helps others out. Good luck everyone.

I think this is what I got, assuming it's the blue air symbol with a red background for eggs... Blazing+Lava, was trying for an eclipse -_-

ijjonk's picture

blazing + lava first try got smoke, i same with trippy_1994 was trying to get solar eclipse but i get smoke...

I got one about to finish incubating the egg, can't wait to see it.

I got it using Blazing & Mud, still trying for another Panlong.

Blaizing and earth

dragonlady's picture

Blazing and snow - third try!

BlueKangol's picture

Got it going for ECLIPSE again. 14 Hour breeding time. Blazing (10) + Lava (10) Regular Breeding Cave. Red egg w/ blue wind swirls.

Jillie's picture

Yup....Willow + Fire = Smoke. First try, both lvl 10 in the Cave :-)

First try with blazing and snow lvl 10 in that order. In the EBI.

Just got smoke dragon on first try. Used fire & snow trying to get blue fire. :-)

Lord Draven Ubel's picture

Same here, I got this one 1st try trying
for Blue Fire using Fire + Snow

Royal_J's picture

Fire + willow ebi lvl 10's

~*From the Distinguished Office of the Royal Guild*~

<*>Got Them All<*>

^¥^Phantom Dragon Shall Return^¥^

I got a lichen with that combo.

How do you get a lichen?

Love your pug! :p

Seven Dragons's picture

First try. Scorch + air

Seven Dragons

How do you get a Scorch?

cujo2255's picture

hey guys got smoke with fire left fog rite 2nd try


Since it is Fire and're trying to flip the elements of Blazing. Try Blazing plus a non-related basic element like Plant. Worked for me, first try.

I just got this dragon whilst trying to get panlong and so I used lava and rain both lvl 10!

Got it on my first try with Level 10 Bone and Level 10 Blazing.

Just got this Dragon wiht Air and fire in that order. I was only messing around but so happy that i got it :D

Elli2919's picture

I got it with earth and blazing,first time!!!
(In that order)

Just got my egg. Wasn't trying, but I'm super excited because it was next on my list after Topaz and a few others.

Got it with Blaze+Lava.

Blazing and snow 1st try......


Buzz's picture

I got it with forge and rain.

Wizard-with-a-wand wanna-be.

Going for eclipse first try with bone and blazing in that order. Add me, supriseguy

I got this dragon first try with Willow/Fire on EBI :D

I kept trying fire and air combos. Then tried blazing and I have the 14 hour incubation time! Keeping fingers crossed! Smoke comes from dousing a fire with water...seems like most combos with those 2 elements would work. Good luck!

Pollen + fire I'm pretty sure

Monica Smith

I have two of these dragons but I'm trying to get the solar eclipse dragon before she's gone. I only have like 2 hours left to get her so any help would be great. Maybe the company will feel pitty for me and keep it available till midnight the 20th, or till thanksgiving would be better.


Just set up a fire and water and got something with a 2 day incubation

NicholasColville's picture

Game Center: Nico300695 add guys I have the dragon tree so I will gift back as soon as possible :)


Holy moly finally, after a good dozen failed attempts I was Able to breed this with blue fire and air

itzAROSE's picture

lava + air. 1st try. whoop whoop!

I've now got 3 of these and 1 egg on display, I was trying for the panlong with blazing on the left and mud on the right both level 11

I tried once, failed, and gave up. I just hope it's gonna turn up sometime someday.

I got it with fire (L) and air (R)
I know because I have a 14 hr wait time


I keep getting these with Mud and Blazing, instead of the Panlong I'm actually trying to get.

Can't wait to get this dragon!

Catnymph's picture

Got another one w blazing lvl 16 and fog lvl 15. First try w this combo. No negative elements, think it makes a difference when using hybrids? Makes sense but I hadn't watched for that. I think I will now unless someone knows for sure.


I was trying to get seasonal with blazing and lichen and got smoke

Royal_Lucky's picture

My friend got it using fire with rain

I say! Luckysevenmax a.k.a Royal_Lucky

Did you know that I was the1st person in the world to get it. Literately I was about to bye a seaweed dragon but then my screen went black then the smoke popped up as knew I saw the baby and bought it the second I saw it

I was just breeding random dragons and got the smoke dragon by breeding a blazing and quake dragon.

Got it by Blazing + Mud level 10

I got this trying for a blue fire dragon.
Fire+ snow

Devdawg1's picture

Got a 14hr breed with fire and air. Hoping its this guy (smoke).

Devdawg1's picture

Yep it's smoke. Woohoo

I got it his name was LONDON!i tried first time with blazing+air=smoke!it was so amazing!!!!!!!

Blazing and mud both lv10

I tried Blazing and Water and it worked!

Got this by accident when trying for blaz ing with fire and air, pleasant 'mistake'!

I got it first time with firework and plant, was trying for seasonal though

2 was great but 4!! One to many. 2 full grown and now another 2 in the oven **faint**!
Was trying for a blue moon...... I finally got the blue moon though.
All 4 attempts included a blazing(13)+fog(12) or blazing(13)+water(10).

Got it first time with Lightning and Blaze.

Got it first time with Lightning and Blaze.

Don't need to make it difficult! Fire and air, level 10, regular breeding cave, 14 hrs
Got mine 1st try

1st try with obsidian and air, woohoo!!!

I breed tree and blazing got 14hours. Might be tree or smoke I hope it is smoke


Yay! It was a smoke!

Fire and air, first try, but was trying for blazing. Didn't even know about this one!

Hug_me_brotha's picture

I tired Blazing and Lava and Fire an Air and it didn't work! :( anybody have a different combination that works? I really want this Dragon.

Add me on GameCenter! Hug_Me_Brotha

I got the smoke dragon by breeding blazing and mud (lvl10) :D

I used scorch and air and got smoke :D

I used obsidian and blazing to get smoke

GrannyDeb's picture

I have tried this twice and some of the others but no success so far. I will post which one finally works for me.


Firework on the left lvl 10
Plant on the right lvl 10

I got it using flower and sandstorm first try

Heatherjk359's picture

Bone + Air
First try

Got mine while trying for blue fire with level 4 snow and level 7 fire

i keep getting them its easy

I got MY smoke dragon breeding a pollen dragon and a gift dragon!

I got MY cute little Smoke Dragon by breeding a Gift Dragon and a Pollen Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want a Smoke Dragon PLEASE follow my advice!!!

Listen up, if you do flaming first then fog you get rain.

Hey! You CAN'T listen up me alley P.S I think you are VERY rude!!!

I tried to get this dragon (I tried 3 times) but all I got were 3 blazing dragons

Everybody please send me gems and add me on gamecenter need to get 100. cheddah88 on gamecenter

I tried 3 times but I got blazing every time! I need advice!

Well,I bred a Gift Dragon and a Pollen Dragon (in that order) and I got a Smoke Dragon!!!

I got it the first time with fire and ice, not sure which sides . . .

Got it first time with fire/ air was trying to get a blazing though.

I got it when I was going for a blazing to try and get a century dragon.


Flower + air works. U might get rose, pollen, or seasonal too.

ericleeann's picture

Believe it or not... I just got one breeding the flower and moss dragon. I'm trying to get a clover! :S

Used mud and blazing while I was trying to get a rainbow and got smoke.. Not exactly what I wanted but I had no idea what dragon was incubated at 14 hours except mountain dragon

do anywun no how to get gems acsept colosseum and the dragon track. luke
-The_Doctor-'s picture

You can get them easy by hooking up to a twitter or Facebook account


Trust me. I'm here to help.

My GC ID is: -River_Song-

Forestwonder's picture

Got this with blazing and crystal, a complete accident since I meant to try hail... Who knew?

I am breeding Level 8 Fire and Level 9 Air, hoping for a smoke dragon, Fire is on the left, and Air is on the right, since these are the required breedig elements, I hope this is of help to you all! -- If it works for me I will post back!!

-The_Doctor-'s picture

I got this from flower and air, both less than lvl 10


Trust me. I'm here to help.

My GC ID is: -River_Song-

Fog and eclipse Luna eclipse

i got it with poison + air

I got it with blazing and lava

Ryguythegreat's picture

I got a smoke with blazing and snow on my first try.

My swagga is my life

Got this dragon with fire level 7 and air level 8 in regular breeding cave first try.

Ryguythegreat's picture

Earth and blazing can get a lot of stuff including smoke.

My swagga is my life

culbetam1's picture

I was trying for a butterfly but got this dragon with firefly and air. I am happy didnt have the smoke dragon :)

Got it with level 10 Air and Coral. I also got Rain with the same combo.

iAmAnchaZa's picture

First tried with Blassing with Tree both lvl 10 at normal breeding cave ^__^

Is tihe smoke dragon semi rare? Cu's if it is, I got lucky I was trying to get blazing and got it first try with fire and air

dragonesss88's picture

Cotton and air first try


I just am obsessed and possessed by dragons

dragonesss88's picture

Darkchibibat it is not a semi rare. Sorry


I just am obsessed and possessed by dragons

peasea302's picture

Fire (lvl 11) x Air (lvl 11): Trying for Blazing, but got this one instead.

Too many dragons, not enough space!

I'm using poison and air, I've gotten 2 in a row.