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Snowy Gold Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Epic Dragon

Breeding elements:

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
500,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
2,500 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
213 coins per minute
Sale price: 
2,500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
1,302 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
260 xp / minute

"Every few years, when conditions are just right, wizards and whiches from all across the world climb Mount Oly for a festival of competitions. It was during the downhill free form flying races that Snowy Olympus Dragons were first sighted. Swift and agile, these dragons make the best wizards look like amateurs. Gold Snowys are champions, even among their own kind."



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New dragons :)
There we go, I'll fix the photos later, there's a small glitch with them. There's also a bit of info missing I'll add later when I can confirm it, but what's there now is correct :)

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got it with Air and Blue Fire :)

I got 32 hours with Bluefire and Snow :-) yay!!!

Got it with Fire X Snow

I got a 25:36:00 upgraded breeding time with Fire (level 15) X Snow (level 15) in the EBI. I also got a Bluefire dragon from this combo as one of my two "failed" breeds before getting a Snowy Olympus. I don't know which snowy it is yet but I will post it when it finishes in the breeding cave.

GC ID: FuriousForge
Dragon Count: 195/195

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Got 32 hrs first try with blazing and cold. Not sure which it is yet, will be finished tomorrow morning.

Park Level: 70
Dragons: 204
Eggs: 176

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I got mine with this combo as well, first try.
Blazing lvl. 15 and Cold lvl. 20 on the EBI.

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I tried this combo but got the snowy silver dragon (blazing and cold).

These are the next dragons I am trying for, need something in my Olympus habitat.

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Also used a lvl 15 fire & snow and finallycgot this after 7 tries.

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BLAZING and BLIZZARD..... This weekend I've bred the Snowy Olympus Dragon 3 times using this combo. Unsure what the 3rd egg is cos it's still breeding. But the first 2 are the Snowy Silver & the Snowy Gold Dragons. Good luck folks.

25 hrs & 36 mins on the Epic Breeding Island
32 hrs in the normal breeding cave
32 hrs to incubate

Dragon Count 168/172

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15 tries and still hoping...... I can't believe how hard

Using the Bluefire (lv17) and Snow (lv 17) on the island. I will keep trying.


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Same here Annism...very hard for me also! I can't even get another Rose, so I gave up to try for these new Snow Olympus ones,,, still getting soooooo many smokes...I HATE SMOKE!


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Good luck....


annism's picture

I ended up getting one with a Firework (level 17) and Cold (level 17)!!! It is now waiting to hatch.... Looks like I might have a Snowy Gold, can't wait, :)


Update: the snow/blue fire gave me a snowy silver :) I'll take it

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Good luck to all! On a hunch (bad), I tried snow w/Crystal, as if breeding a reg. Gold Olympus. Ended up with my 20th SUN. URG! So, here I am where I should have been first!!

Friend# 45043412


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If DV continues to add more dragons, we need more islands. Anyone else agree?


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I totally agree! And more habitats!!!!!!

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Yes, Please more islands and more habitats. I like to spread my dragons out where I can see them, and enjoy them.


I'm so glad to know others like to spread them out. Got a few friends who squish all theirs up and it's so hard to find the party hats... haha (poor me, huh!). Interesting looks though. Love many of the habitat/island designs on other friends parks. Too bad us Android users cannot do screen shots like the IOS folks can. I love seeing all the island layouts!!


What type of android device do you have? Most of them have a screenshot key combination.

aimsteroo's picture

Yes, and habitats. I'm so full.

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

I totally agree, we need more islands and habitats. There's not enough habitats to even get all the season dragons, they only hold 2 each and there are 5 dragons?? hmmm.

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I completely agree!

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I wanna point something out
These dragons aren't limited, so if you don't get them now then don't fret too much :) I would focus on the current limited dragons, Amethyst, Jet, Winter, Love and Rose. Especially Jet because it will be gone in a few days.

Starting over with my life, one day at a time.
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Thanks, I did not notice. I get so excited over new dragons. LOL I guess we all need a hobby.


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Got snowy silver with blazing and cold both Lv 16 now gotta wIt for me island to put the dragon in as have no more room good thing it takes 32 hrs to hatch

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Snowy Gold Olympus with Fire and Snow on the island. Did retry immediately and and have another Snowy Olympus breeding, but not sure which one yet.

Keikohoshii's picture

Snowy gold with bluefire and snow! Sooo happy!

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Got Snowy Gold and bronze with Flower and blizzard...
Good combo, if you need the snow Olympus, and the rose still....
And also rainbow/double rainbow, if you don't have those yet either...


Total Dragons.... 179
Just need Jade and 4 of the new hybrids, and I'll have them all.....

Got a snowy Olympus dragon, not sure which one yet 32 hours do breeding and then incubation :D combo: snow level 11 left and blue fire level 11 right on EBI :)

jakereagan2000's picture

Buy Habitats with gems!!!

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Got this with Snow and Fire level 15s. This combo also gives you Blue Fire if you still need one. Also another great combo is Firework and Cold which gives you a Frostfire as well if you need that! Hope this helps!!


Level 57 park
211/237 Dragons
181/236 Pedestals

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Third try and all I get is 6 hrs 24 mins (Snow) using Blue Fire and Snow both level 15. Frustrating to keep getting the same thing. I have 6 Snow Dragons...don't need more... :( Any tips?

When do snowy olympics go away?

Okie Market

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Definitely need more islands and not for a billion lol...agree!!! I also wish more to use dragon cash for and less for gems....who has 2000 gems to buy a dragon....and work in hard here and still need 175 for cave,225 for epic upgrade...not to mention upgrading habitats....DC for more of the upgrades...please :-) my 2 cents/gems worth:-) love the game!!!!!!!!


The blue dragon sat high upon the top of the lighthouse watching and protecting
LVL 67

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Snowy Olympics aren't limited
So you have plenty of time to get them. As Xishom said above, it might be better to concentrate on limiteds if there are any you don't have.

~Shadokat (Penny)
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Okie Market

sjbaum's picture

So far, no dice.
I've gotten 3 Snowy Silvers and 2 Snowy Bronzes, but Gold eludes me. Is there a trick to it?

Ploofomatic's picture

The trick is to not want it.... Trust me and ask squirrel lol. I can't even tell you... I think I ended up with a final tally of: 12 bronze and 5 or 6 silver snowies before I got the gold. I dread going for my second one lol

Ploofomatic :) Lv71 (2nd park Dragongirl299)
262 Dragons and counting ;)
Only missing: New ones

I've got my gem list going again... It's huge! I'll get to everyone as fast as I can but it won't be often :(

The Squirrel Mother's picture

Squirrel report: 5 Snowy Gold here. 2 Silver. Zero Bronze. The trick is to come to my place and take one of these flipping eggs when you leave.

Squirrelland has taken a chill pill and I'm baaaaa-aaaack!!!!

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I specifically look for your posts, you are the bright spot of my "gloomy" dragon days :)

Love LA
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Ha, ha, you seem to have a pandemic of magnetic and copper dragons.

Kiwi - Linda

GC ID - Kiwi Linda

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Ploof, that is so true!
Its usually when I'm about to give up that i get what i've been trying for.

GC: Glep59
Level 36 and umpteen Dragons (I give up counting!)
Check out Xishoms FAQs within this forum, for priceless hints, tips and all you need to know for this infuriatingly addictive game.

You're totally right. I just got one, and barely even knew they existed. I'm only Level 22, and was just trying to get a Blue Fire, when... BAM! Oh man, now I have to find a way to get an Olympus Habitat...

I didn't want one at all, I wanted a comet dragon, when suddenly: Poof! 32 hour breeding times! I'm only level 13...

Game center: LedditSnow
Galaxy dragons? Yes
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sjbaum's picture

Wish we could trade dragons. That would solve all my issues. My storage is full. Have to sacrifice when they get too crowded.

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Omg I finally got a snowy with frostfire and smoke, though i dont know which one it is yet...! Ive been trying since they came out! 1 down 2 to go... :( and I would love 7t if we could trade dragons :) even if they put a gold price or transport time or both on them... as long as they dont cost gems! I can never have enouh gems... anyone know what would happen if I bred snowy with an olympus dragon? Im curious.

aimsteroo's picture

Congratulations, D_Nana!
I did breed a silver snowy olympus with a gold regular olympus, and it produced a bronze regular olympus. I think you could breed additional snowy olympuses (olympi!) by such breeding. The ranking seems to go down rather than up, though. Good luck and let us know if you acquire anything fascinating by trying this.

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

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Are the Snowy Olympic dragons still available? Thanks!

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stormyblood's picture

Yeah. They will always be available.

Park Level: 70
Dragons: 204
Eggs: 176

LyinRyan's picture

Thanks, Stormyblood! I really want to get them to match my other Olympic dragons!

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OMG! I just got a Snowy Gold, and I wasn't even trying for one. I was just trying to get a Blue Fire, with Snow + Fire, in a regular, non-upgraded Breeding Island. WOOHOO!

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I got one first try with fire and blizzard. Not sure which one though :)

Vineskm's picture

Love the avatar! My daughter just played the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz!

laurenoipynoi's picture

got snowy gold with lichen & blazing 1st try!! :)

Game Center ID: laurenoipynoi

aimsteroo's picture

The secret to Snow Gold is to use high-level dragons. I finally got mine with level 19s, Cold and Blazing in the upgraded cave.

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

Christine Green's picture

still not working levelled my cold to 19 and blazing to 20 got my crown still no gold just keep getting bronze

Don't laugh, but did you make sure one has a female name and one a male name! And the higher level is on the left! If both are the same level it doesn't matter, unless it is specifically suppose to be on left!

Christine Green's picture

ok my crown is Stratos which I assume is male and my other is Fafnir can't tell with that one most of all my dragons have male names so do I rename it a girl

The Olympus dragons seem to be the hardest to get. :D I have the Victory dragon from back when the Olympics were on... but for the entire time I've been playing I have never managed to get the regular or Snowy Olympus dragons, the Cyclops dragon and now the Hydra dragon. :/ (It's so cool as well, with those pointy heads!)

Christine Green's picture

very frustrating I have levelled my dragons to 20 both with crowns and still no Snowy GOLDEN dragon I got 10 snowy bronze dragons is anyone out there getting the same thing !!!

Christine Green's picture

today Sunday I just found my snowy GOLD Dragon is now hatching !!!!!!! yae me it was from my breeding cave to boot fire 15 and snow 16 so no you don't have to have level 19 or 20's to get this it does take forever but I was using level 20's and nothing happened

I got one with an arcturian dragon and another galaxy dragon but the egg is glowing blue around the edges, any idea if that means anything?

boo 91's picture

Hi Animalgirl!
Congratulations! You got a twin!!..:-D
The new co-op breeding occasionally
produces twins, one for you
and one for whoever you bred your
dragon with. A small pop up message
will inform your friend & place it in their
gift box.
They are distinguished by the blue glow
around the egg. You can either choose to
display the egg or hatch it. If you hatch your
new Snowy Gold it will have a glowing
blue star over its head when it's leveled up.
Happy breeding..:-D
GC: ( boo 91 )

I managed to get 32 hours with an Arctuarain and a comet dragon. I'm only level 13 and I don't want to pass up this opportunity. Should I wait until I can get the right habitat for the dragon, or have it sent to my gifts?

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Blazing and blizzard got me the snowy gold 1st try in the EBC