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Spring Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Epic Dragon

Breeding elements:

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
25,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,500 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
214 coins per minute
Sale price / breeding time: 
0 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
17 xp / minute

"The wizard Akitu helped form the magical energies in the Seasonal Habitat. When he went out to study his work, he discovered another rare and lively dragon had joined the habitat. Having never seen this breed before, he decided to commemorate the first day of Spring and called it a spring dragon. Akitu is fairly certain they follow patterns of the Northern hemisphere and won't be here forever."



Desertflower1979's picture

Got one last night! First try! Firefly x Storm (both level 15) in the upgraded cave. 24 hr incubation (19h12m-upgraded)! Can't wait to see it!

223 dragons out of 227
222 eggs displayed out of 226
Working on getting a "baby" of each dragon: 200 so far!
I bred them all! Didn't buy any!

Does it matter what side you put the two on?
I see Storm + Firefly and then Firefly + Storm. It's all very confusing @.@

Timekeepsonslipping's picture

Firefly left- Storm right. 1st try

Ha I also got it firefly left and hail right. Hopes this helps

All I get is another firefly getting upset but keep trying grrrr

I got firefly aswell I told my mum to keep breeding firefly and storm

It some times dosent always work

Thank you! Second try got it with firefly & storm

That is exactly how I got mine first try in enchanted breeding cave!!!!

Timekeepsonslipping's picture

Me too, both level 10 Firefly/Storm in the upgraded cave.

It has to be a hybrid of fire and breed it with storm

subdew's picture

used your method and got a spring dragon, thanks!!!

Some may question your right to destroy ten billion people. But those who understand realize that you have no right to let them live.
- In Exterminatus Extremis

Stupid amounts of money!

Who thinks they will make a dragon for every season?

1st try frost fire and lightning. The other combos just were nt working for me.

Just got Spring Dragon...thanks to the hint of Motley (lvl 12) and Storm (lvl 14) got it 1st try!!!! 24 hours incubation time! :)


Why Must level 15 i have spring with my flower dragon level 4 and my storm dragon level 5

It's not a must, your chances increase with higher level dragons, but the possibility remains even with lower levels.

i got my spring with river and lightning first try in the breeding cave?

I got one 2 weeks ago whith scorch and cold dont use epic breeding cave

I have to say obsidian and storm look nice together and I got this! A surprise !

How do you get this one? I've been trying to use hail and fire but it hasn't been working!

Try storm and firefly got two now

Try firefly and storm! It will only help!

We got it with obsidian and hail. Good luck!

Try obsidian and hail. Got it 1st try( and I wasn't even trying for it!)

sirflip2k's picture

I used Frostfire and Hail. Both level 15's. First try EBC. Also I would try Bluefire and Storm.

126 of 127 Dragons. Having a lot of double rainbow trouble.
Best breeding wishes!

Sirflip2k, My 10yr old grandson has his game on my iPhone. We were looking through here & he seen a pic of Ur park. He's wanting to know if you'd plz friend us so he can check out Ur whole Park. Game center ID is Bina705. My e-mail is Hope to hear from ya soon! Thanks!


Thanks I got one!

Ritz's picture

Got a spring using firefly and storm (both lvl 15) on ebi, 4th or 5th try.

Got mine firefly left storm fight both lack 10

Got two--one on the island and one in the cave with flower and storm :)

Xishom's picture

Got two with flower and storm, the other results from this combo are all short so it's worth it if you use the gem glitch :) good luck!!

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Email me at if you need me immediately!
Not taking GC friends at this time.

My names Sam too!

Can you add me on Game Center so ican see your place PLEASE!!!!

Xishom's picture

I sent a request to who I hope is you :) I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my decoration island, but the others are more or less completed :)

Starting over with my life, one day at a time.
Email me at if you need me immediately!
Not taking GC friends at this time.

You must have all dragons except for gemstone drags that u don't have

Can u please help me get seasonal & spring.I soooooo want them

Spring = my favourite season

Xishom's picture

I do have at least one of every dragon yes, got back into the game during the bring em back event and got every dragon except for those 5 gemstone dragons. And I can help you get them. For spring a good combo is frost fire and hail, the other dragons you get from breeding them are all 8 hours or less so you can speed them up with the gem glitch. For seasonal I'd use fire and willow, all the excess dragons are below 10 gems, except for smoke. Smoke is 14 and can still be sped up with the glitch, just a bit more of a pain.

Starting over with my life, one day at a time.
Email me at if you need me immediately!
Not taking GC friends at this time.

Xishom...just thought id let u know that the 10 gem glitch (if that's what ur referring to), doesn't work anymore. I've tried several times and it no longer works. It was awesome when it did though!!! Anyway good luck on completing your collection. Ur almost there!!! ;-)

What is this "glitch" I keep seeing mentioned?

THANKS ALOT!!! I hope I get it. 8 hour breeding time

Fingers crossed I get some day (MY FAV SEASON)!!!


I'll look at your place

Got mine with Bluefire and Lightning. Also got a Sun with this combo. I tried Flower and Storm and ended up getting a Moon and a Sun. So not too bad. Love this little guy! Just too cute. Trying for another as soon as I get room in my nursery. :-)

Nangawaya's picture

I got 2 of them first try with blue fire lvl 12/storm lvl 12 in the breeding cave and one with blue fire lvl 12/ lighting lvl 12 on the breeding island

Mizzely's picture

Lvl 11 Storm/Lvl 10 Flower, Breeding Island.

beautiful parrot :) I've got a sulphur 'too :) mine would have my nose ring if I let him that close! :) he's a brat!

- Sheep


CleverBast's picture

Just a small warning, but you can also get sun and moon dragons trying for this...that's what's happened to me...

But that's a good thing for me!!!!!!!

I have 2 now hatching. I used Blue fire and Lightning.

1st try with firefly and storm

Got 38.5 hour in upgrades breeding island first try storm and firefly first try

Yodatu's picture

Got a 48 hr breed time 2nd try with Flower/Storm. Blue Fire/Lightning gives me a 3 and 4 hr breed time.:-(


Kyla066's picture

Flower and Storm level 15, breeding cave. All these new Dragons I am running out of space there needs to be another island when you get to level 40.

Agree, agree, agree

Firefly/storm, both lvl10 on EBI on 2nd try

Redeyez's picture

Got it with Love and Storm.

Hello Goodbye

It would be easier with plain 'o' flower + storm. It could be lucky!

Betsy's picture

FINALLY! Got this bugger with Flower L Storm R after many unsuccessful tries with Firefly and Storm.

Is that a baby sloth?? It is soon cute!

Actually fire+storm so you dont get rainbows long wait.

I got this by using cold and firefly the second time.

Montgomeryswife's picture

So much for short breed times with flower+storm both are tied up now with 39hours yippee more platinums....not!

Iroo33's picture

Finally got it in the regular breeding cave!! 3rd try with Bluefire and Hail - both level 10! I did try the sandbox combo of storm and flower all day yesterday but zero luck for me. Now back to the Aquamarine......

Saismin's picture

Just got mind with frostfire and ash. Didn't even know it was out! I was trying for seasonal :)

~Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.~

I did Flower & Storm twice and got a Flower and a Cactus. I changed to Firefly & Storm (both level 10, reg cave) and got 24 hours on the first try. Crossing my fingers for the Spring dragon. I can't see it being anything else.

Just got one. Flower level 10 and Storm level 10. 3rd try. Yea!!!

Can you breed spring with season and have à better change of getting one more spring?

Lovely_xoxo's picture

Love and storm both level 10 :)) Happy!

Used flower on the left and storm on the right on normal cave got 48hrs.! What's it gonna be

I'm doing this at 6:30 am

It could be SUN, MOON or RAINBOW...

I got this one first try with flower and storm. Normal breeding cave.

Accidentaly got Moon instead, just put it in my nursery. I did get the equinox preety easy though

Yodatu's picture

I am hoping that I got an accidental Moon! LOL Been trying for eons and got a 48 hr breed time with Flower/Storm on EBI 3rd try. :) Already have a Rainbow so a Moon (or Sun) would be nice.


dfshima78's picture

Try it early in the AM, like at 2AM. I got three of them that way!

you know the glitch were you can keep getting 10 gems over and over again has that stopped working for anyone else?

Wendallzmom's picture

I heard that it was fixed...and not working anymore.

I live in my own little world...but it's ok, they love me here!

Celticdragon86's picture

It stopped working for me too :( I'm very sad

Yep...sorry to say that the 10 gem glitch is no more :-(. Damnit...cuz I was using it ALOT!!!. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Good luck all and happ breeding ;-) ;-)


criskat322's picture

This is driving me crazy. I have got 3 48 hour breeding times. I've tried countless times with Flower x Storm, Firefly x Storm, Bluefire x Firefly and every other combo I can think of that incorporates the 3 elements. I either get storm dragons or 48 hour breeding. Guess since it's here til June I'll try for it later.
I did get sun and moon trying to get this. I don't know what my other egg is yet.

Frostfire and hail 1st try

Tried firefly and storm 5 times without success. Got it first time with frost fire and hail.

TheFratster's picture

Got it 2nd try, around midnight, firefly(lv13)storm(lv13) breeding island. 19:12:00. Guessing its the Spring. We shall see.

Do anyone have problems with the 10gems? Logging in and out of facebook.

mm0rpg's picture


Got mine with lvl 12 blue fire and lvl 10 lightning.So glad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caurdice87's picture

No luck with this yet but at least I haven't gotten any more sun or moon dragons so I can't complain. But my mom already has two of them!

rose and storm 48 hrs!

Aaaahhhhh I just got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brad's picture

Lvl 15 Firefly and Lvl 13 Blue Fire on EBI after four tries or so.

How do you get the ten gems?

I've just bred 2 spring dragons for the egg to display and got 48hrs, has anyon else had this?

Aayla Secura's picture

That is very interesting, it should have been guaranteed another spring... Let us know what it is when you find out!

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

shalmar1's picture

I have done the firefly and strom till I am blue ... all I have gotten r 4 up to 8 hrs breeding times.... what is going wrong. Am putting them in the right order firefly left / storm on right

Seven Dragons's picture

Hi Shalmar1. It really doesn't matter. It's just the luck of the draw.

Seven Dragons

lauralarkdragonvale's picture

I'm trying to get it will storm and firefly work?


Flower and storm... 3rd try on the island

I just started the game

firefly and storm worked for both my spring dragons, 1st one straight away but the second took a lot of goes, just keep trying

It is around for three months!!!

Just got one with a hail and a fire

firelizard21's picture

Getting so frustrated with this one. I've tried at least 20 times and so far no luck. :-(

219/222 dragons.

Goal: 1 FOY baby and 1 adult of every dragon, plus a display egg.
Still need: Egg for Antarian, and all 3 for Arcturian, Bizurian and Sorarian.

Try firefly (L)hail (r).

sallyrobinson1971's picture

Bluefire and storm both 12 on island 1st try x

Sally x

Cold and firefly in the island upgraded time 19:12 ;)


aquixruby's picture

firefly 11 / storm 15 on EBI

I got it right away I can't remember what I used tho

Smdgutierrez's picture

Love the egg

Eventually got it on about 10th try with Bluefire and Lightning on Breeding Cave, while trying Flower and Storm on EBI but still no luck with that combo yet

Dfwop7's picture

Tried lvl 15 firefly and lvl 15 storm many times...but no Spring dragon yet! Ugh!

So I was trying to get a Sun with Firefly and Cold... but this beauty came up instead on my 2nd try =D Can't complain.

Oh and they were Lvl 10 dragons

I just got a 24 hr time using lvl 15 Cold (L) plus lvl 15 Firefly (R) and hoping it is a Spring. Was going for Sun.

No u cant.

* except if its an epic u already have*

I got the spring dragon this moning. I use a flower and a storm dragon .

Keep on getting scorch dragons w/ firefly and storm

Got it on first try with Iceberg on left and Blazing on right!

donnadidit's picture

just a newb. Can anyone explaine how to level up ur dragons? Or how do i get dragons above level 10. DW

Just grow food and feed them. When the shrines become available, build them. Until you have the shrines and have turned them silver, you're max level will be ten. upgrading the shrines Isn't easy either. You'll need fifty level ten dragons of the same element as the shrine. Luckily hybrids count toward multiple shrines.

Vineskm's picture

Before you can level your dragons above level 10, you have to get your shrines at a silver level. You do that by having 25 (I think) dragons, say plant or plant hybrid dragons up to level 10 (even if you sold them after getting them to level 10)---that would turn your plant shrine silver and you would be able to level up any plant or plant hybrid plants to level 15. The hybrids count as a dragon in each of the elements that make them up, so for example the Bloom dragon would count as a dragon for plant, cold, and lightning. Once you get 25 dragons up to level 15, the shrines turn gold and you can then level the dragons up as high as level 20. Hopefully that is helpful. Kathy

Frostfire lvl 10 & Ash lvl 10 on EBI just now! Sweet!

YES! level 10 storm x firefly in the upgraded cave! Got a 19h 12m incubation time after trying for two days on both cave and island, speeding them up a bit on occasion to clear out the nests and getting a whole colony of fireflies :)

Now onto the Sakura :)


Cwadagi On gamecenter

Got mine 1st try with lvl12 bluefire & lightning on the EBI upgraded.

Can anyone glich? And get 10gems with logging in and out of facebook?

Yes I can

I don´t get 10gems anymore. I have trying to delete the game on facebook, and my telefon. With no luck

Me niether

Got it with forge and hail. I wasn't even trying!

Both level 10 and in the breeding cave

shalmar1's picture

Big surprise I got one I think with (drum roll please) rose (left) + storm (right)
I got a 24 hr breed time with that !!! Yea!

BadKitty's picture

Firefly + Storm on second try. Yeah! A cool egg too.

Bad Kitty

I think i have one, firefly left - storm right, both level 10, and now wait 24 hours.

I bred spring dragon with gift and love dragon

Anyone else who can't glitch? Or it's only me????

Got 19:12 breeding time ebs (epic breeding sanctuary) used storm and flower in that order. Spring or not spring?

Anonymous what glitch are you talking about? The gamecenter gem one? If so check that you are doing the glitch correctly.
Here is how to do it :
1. Sign out of gamecenter.(you must have previously being on the dragonvale app.)
2.go to dragonvale and there will be a pop up window and click cancel.
3.when the dragonvale loading bar appears go to gamecenter and sign in.
4. Go back onto dragonvale and you should see a grey pop up in front of you. Click the word gamecenter.
5. You will be back on the game with 10 gems. (This wont work if you have over 10 gems already.)


Dragonvale fan 2 : no, the facebook clitch. Its not working anymore. :-(

Game Center one isn't working either

anniet2431's picture

I got it finally using lvl 10 firefly & lvl 13 storm, i tried forver with these @ lvl 10 but once i lvld up my storm to lvl 13 got it on the 2nd try.

Annie B. Turner


Got it with firefly left and storm right on breeding island, both level 10.

Took at least 10 tries though :( and have read that from a lot of people, so would definitely try frost fire (if have one, I can't seem to get it) and hail or flower and storm. Or at least use higher level firefly/storm. Good luck!

Jennysmiles33's picture

just got one firefly and storm on breeding island both level 15 !!!! flower on left firefly on right 24 hr breeding I'm so excited!!! 97 out of 107 almost there!!!!

shalmar1's picture


After 20+ times of trying firefly and storm. Then storm and fire, then whatever else combo I found on here...I tried hail and scorch lvl 10s and got it first try.

Got it with Flower+Storm tried about 4 times in cave :-)

Good luck to everyone!!!

Anyone have advise. I still can't get this dragon. Have been using firefly and storm 2 sets 1 for cave 1 for island.. Still nothing =(

I've gotten it twice with cold then firefly

FIRST TRY ! I didn't even want one and just got accidently, i used scorch and ice dragon :)