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Topaz Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Gemstone Dragon

Breeding elements:

Unique breeding combination: 

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,500 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Gem income at Level 10: 
1 gem / week
Sale price: 
1,500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
833 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
56 xp / minute

Breeding Topaz dragon requires a Cactus Dragon and a Firefly Dragon.

"On the edge of the Shimmering Isles, in the Crimson Sea, one of smaller, more mysterious islands is home to the topaz dragons. Due to their isolation, topaz dragons are a bit shy, but eventually they warm up and are one of the friendliest dragons in existence."



im confused!i tried the firefly and cactus like three or four times and all i get is sonic help??

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You have to be patient they are super rare So they could take some time to get it's the luck of the draw.

I tried 30 times but I didn't get the topaz dragon.
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I've already bred Cactus (Level 10) and Firefly (Level 10) twice and have NOT gotten the Topaz yet. Both only had 8 hours in the cave so that wasn't gonna work (one of them ended up being Ash and the other was another Cactus). I just put Cactus and Firefly in the breeding cave and the time says 29 minutes so that's not Topaz again. LOLOL I'll keep plugging away at it and will get it eventually...or will lose interest and move on to another game! Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty

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I have a feeling it is topaz the time probably read 29:59

Have you tried with Firefly on the left? That's how I got mine.

I'm excited to report I got the 30 hour time. ^^ Kairos brought it down to just above 23 hours, so I thank the dragon for that, and I'll be very pleased once I have my Topaz. Thanks Wizards for another cool dragon. :)

Lovin' the Lichen. ^^

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Such an ugly dragon, like the sapphire

The sapphire AND topaz are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just sayin'


I GOT IT ON MY 7th TRY!!!!!!!!!

so what do we have to do ???

Sixth try on EBI and got it!

so we have to do it on the EBI or the BC ???

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Either one is fine. However, legend has it that your chances of breeding rare dragons are increased in on the breeding isle.

The only 2 rare dragons I have have both been out of the regular breeding cave. EBI gives me crap.

Yes, all three of my gem dragons came from the regular breeding cave and not the EBI. I just got the sun through EBI (already had one from regular breeding cave), though I've been trying for a Sandstorm FOREVER.

Honestly don't know if I want to continue to try for these dragons after what happened during October. The only epic dragons I've gotten have been Silver and Gold. I try the combos that have "been proven" and don't get anything.

What happened in October?


Dragonvale Admin's picture

He didn't get Opal. :(

I tried to get opal like 50 times and never did. I've already attempted for Topaz like 20 times and still nothing. Getting to be ridiculous. Oh and I'm a she not a he BTW.

Dragonvale Admin's picture

My apologies. :) I had that same issue with Equinox but I got lucky early with Opal. It's based on luck and sometimes you get a bad streak.

My bad streak has been since starting this game. My boyfriend has gotten both opal and topaz and we both started playing around the same time. I think I'm just going to stop trying for it and probably stop all breeding for a while. My habitats are full and my hibernation cave is damn near full as well. So for now I'll just work on my shrines.

Happening tome too. I tried opal all of last month, still didn't get it

Getting that Opal dragon took FOREVER. I didn't get it until October 21st after trying several times a day since October 1st so I understand. But I just got the Topaz on my first try with firefly and cactus.

Dragonvale Admin's picture

I found that it helps to try for different dragons in between, breaks the monotony. And the game doesn't seem to like when you try the same combination over and over.

THECRISSYT follow me, send me jems, I'll send mine in return

Finally got it after countless tries, but at least now i'm reasonably wealthy after selling all the spare eggs, lol

You should hatch them and level them all up to 10 before selling them.

Yes that's what I do don't sell any till you get them to 10 that's if u got the shines then u can level up more

I got mine breeding at 12:30PM today on the first try. Firefly (11) on the left and Cactus (10) on the right on the regular breeding island that is heavily populated by other dragons.

I got the sapphire one in September on the first try too.

It took me FOREVER to get the October one-- 20 days and I don't know how many tries and, even though I bought the EBI, it happened in the regular breeding cave. I think it's all just probability so keep trying.

I'm MsKannon; I give gems in level groups. One day I start at the lowest and each day I keep moving up. So I'm on like a four-day rotation.

If you keep getting cactus or any other dragons. Just upgrade them to level 10 then sell them. I have two spots open to give gems everyday. -MrDepot-

Breeding time 30 hours with cactus and firefly in EBI! So excited!!! Tried for a month for sapphire and for opal as well the last time, this time just 2 days! Yay!!!

Anyway, tired of people not giving back gems. Add me game center ID 'emgees13'. I have a dragonsai tree, I can still give 4 more gems to people =p

Good luck!

I have had cactus ((lvl 10) and firefly (lvl 10) breeding in both EBC and EBI constantly since they announced this dragon yesterday and still no luck. This is starting to get really frustrating :-(

I know how you feel. That happened to me the entire month last month and I had no luck.

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Got it after 9 tries with cactus and firefly :D

Cactus and firefly for me as well

I tried cactus and firefly and got something with a three hour wait

What is the pair with most likely outcome of a topaz dragon

Dragonvale Admin's picture

The ONLY combination is Cactus Dragon and Firefly Dragon!

I've tried cactus and firefly, firefly and cactus but still no luck. Does it have to be done in an upgraded breeding cave or on the breeding island? I don't have either one...

DarkFranou's picture

Cactus + Firefly, 2 tries and 2 topaze eggs !! =D
Both level 10, on breeding Island ^^

is there any other ways;]

Sorry to comment 3 times in a row but there are other ways but there are a much lower chance

I think I got it 30 hr breeding cave cactus and firefly rule :)

1st try yay first gemstone dragon!

Took me 3 or 4 tries...cactus and firefly... It's on the pedestal to be hatched if anyone would like to see it over the next day. THEN...i'ma hatch it and love it and feed it! Hahaha

Finally got it using Cactus and firefly..

Lucky Streak. Got Topaz with cactus and firefly yesterday after trying two or more times daily. Kept getting 1 to 5 hour breeding times. Shifted back to trying for rainbow this morning and landed an upgraded 48 hour breeding time. Level 10 Lichen with level 10 chrome on the regular breeding cave. Similar attempt on the upgraded EBI with level 15 Panlong and Level 13 Mud only yielded an 8 hr time. It's mostly luck---but a double in a day is nice. Last month it took nearly three weeks to get opal.

Grats Martin ;-)..I'm on my 21 st try for this guy!!!

You can get it with any mixture with lightning, plant, and fire

Firefly left cactur right, 3 tries, hurrraaaaahhh!! easier than sun,moon,panlong, etc Q_Q

Woohoo, finally got one after 6 tries! Lv 10 cactus and firefly :0)

Omg! Cactus and firefly! 2nd time! Soo happy.

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It took two tries to get this cutie, Cactus(Left) + Firefly (Right)

Add my Game Center: Pinkie Pie & John's Ipod
I send Gems daily!

All I get is scorch cactus and ash dragons. Now my game won't even open on my phone. Yay

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Ooooooo I think I have it!!! After many tries with cactus and firefly (both lvl 10)...I tried firefly first, then cactus and I got the 30 hour breeding time in the BC!! Fingers crossed!

Got the Topaz with eaze with cactus and firefly both lol 10 on epic island 3rd try

Firefly and cactus. First try. 30 hours

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I have tried so many times with firefly (10) and cactus (10) in that order! I missed opal last month so I really want this one.:(

Don't worry
Don't worry I'm sure you've got a gameplan anyway I need the gemstone island

Tried at least a dozen times but after hatching a new Firefly, I think I finally got one with Cactus. 24 hours in the upgrading cave. I'll let you know in a day! :-)

My firefly is in incubation and cactus in breeding den so in 3 hrs 30 minutes I'll try getting them to level 4 then breed them! Hopefully I'll get topaz dragon! It's my birthstone so I really want that dragon!!!!!!!!

Whizzard's picture

Upg to 7+ if you can!

Firefly 10 Cactus 10 Epic Breeding Island- Topaz 30 hours

I got this using Cactus (10) and Firefly (10) on my second try. My boyfriend has been trying nonstop for days on end and still cant get it.

Wouldnt scorch and ash work too?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

No, for Gemstone Dragons you need the exact right combination.

Finally got it! Took me just shy of a million tries ;) but it finally happened! The egg is so pretty, it's almost a shame to hatch it!

GC ID: mouseynurse
Always looking for friends!

D3mmalition's picture

Got mine on the 3rd, with level 15 dragons.
Good luck to everyone still breeding!

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

Add me on Game Center! D3mmalition
I have a lot of friends but I do my best to gift gems! :3

Been trying everyday for the topaz with cactus and fire fly I have has no luck. Help

Oh, thank you. You just saved me hours of waiting:). How should I put my Cactus and Firefly in the EBI/EBC? Firefly then Cactus, or Cactus then Firefly?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

The order doesn't matter

Does anyone know that Blue Moon+Equinox=Equinox

So many tries with my level 10 Cactus and Firefly! Sooooooo many flower and poison dragon eggs!! Regular cave and island are not doing it for me! Good thing it's only 7 days into the month. I'll just keep trying until I get one, dangit!

Finally got it!! Firefly on left, cactus on right!

Finally I get it.

Royal_J's picture

got it 3rd try. lv 10 cactus and lv 10 firefly epic breeding cave.

~*From the Distinguished Office of the Royal Guild*~

<*>Got Them All<*>

^¥^Phantom Dragon Shall Return^¥^

finally saw a 30hrs countdown after 6days of continuous trying.

Firefly & cactus, both level 10, epic breeding island on first try!

Got Topaz yesterday!! The day before my birthday:-) Woo Hoo!! I used cactus and firefly level 10.

Is there a time of day that works best? And if so, what time?


I GIVE UP!!!!! I swear these rare dragons hate me i have tried breeding cactus and firefly at least 25 times and can not get the topaz dragon!!!!!!!!

Saphira's picture

Have one breeding now!!!! I tried about 15 times and finally got it. Cactus and firefly both level 7 in that order, in the island. Thx for the help guys! :)


i cant seem to get this dragon.. unlucky me. (T_T)

Cactus & firefly is the only combination you can use to breed this dragon. Took me a week of nothing but these two, but its breeding now!! :)

I apparently have the worst luck because i can not get it, i have tried at least 35 times now!!!!

O and i know that this is completely irrelevant but i know a glitch for the race track, tell me if you guys wanna know it. It makes you win every race basically.

Swedishfishguy's picture

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Omg i am so happy right now!!!! I got it on my 41st try, no joke. Soooooo happy!!!


Swedishfishguy's picture

If anyone wanna add me on gc its swedishfishguy 8 i will try to gift as much as possible!


Swedishfishguy's picture

YAY AGAIN!!! Got another on my 4th try for it after my other one


I've just bred blue fire and crystal and got a 30hr breed time. Hoping its the Topaz. What else could it be?

Oh my word!!! i just got my opal dragon.. 2 in a row!!! kewl!

Finally got a 30 hour breeding with firefly and cactus. Also have a 48 hour breeding with flower and sonic. So it should be Topaz and either Seasonal or Rainbow. Now to get the Eclipse. Wish me luck!


NicholasColville's picture

I now have 3 :)<3


Dusma's picture

Despues de 50 intentes....por fin lo tengo!!!

Dusmaris Ruiz

I got it with breeding firefly and cactus took me about 15 tries on the EBI and got it first try with the same combination on the normal breeding cave

I have got a 30 hours breeding I breed cactus and firefly !!!! :)

I got it 1 try :)

Been trying continuously for over a week with level 10 cactus and firefly. No luck at all. Mostly Poison dragons and scorch once but no Topaz. Games should remain fun. Instead you get frustrations. It's a little too obvious they want people to spend money buying gems and everything. If it continous like this my iPad will soon have a few Megs of free memory more.

Ilovmabi's picture

In my opinion the gem stone dragons are the hardest to get. I got this guy with mud and lava. My gf got it with cactus and firefly. I was un able to get the opal dragon sadly. I say keep trying and if not just try to get all other dragons first. Personally you can get gemstones a lot faster and greater quantity from friends then the dragons. I say make more friends and you could be not only on your way to more gemstones but maybe meet a few nice people :)

I want this dragon sooooo bad!

Bryn F.G. Prosser

Do you need the topaz portal to breed this dragon?

Dragonvale Admin's picture


Yes got it!!! took about 30 times but i got it. ( cactus and firefly)

You don't need the topaz portal to breed the topaz dragon

Frustration mode on: [ Ohhh comon guys! 2 more days of hopeless breeding cactus and firefly. No Topaz dragon. I mean come on. If you breed a labrador dog with a shephard, do you get an American stafford some day?? No you don't! This just doesn'n make sense! ] Frustration mode off.

Lol Lawrence ...venting is completely accepted and empathized with in these forums. I say...vent away my friend!!! Now...get ur ass back to breeding!!! J/ I'm not! Get busy and breed those dragons man!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)

I got mine with cactus lv10 and firefly lv10 choose them in that order did it in
Normal breeding cave

Does it help if the dragons are above level 10? I working on my lightning and plant shrines, hopefully that will help. I don't know what else to do :( I have bread this combo 40-50 times with no luck. I am about to delete the stupid game.

I'm with you, 50 tries. I don't have any level 10s left. I'm about to breed another cactus and firefly so I can go back to 10s.

Went back to 10 levels on both cactus and firefly. Got a 30 hour breed on the second try.

Please add me, I have no friends but would love to trade gems!

I got it on my first try! Firefly and then cactus!

Both level ten same order as posted.

In a normal breeding cave!

2nd go in my new epic breeding island
My first gem maker


How many billion poison eggs have to hatch for me to get a Topaz!!!

for it to hatch now. =D

Yes! I got on the 8th with Cactus(10) and Firefly(10), but I think I only got it cause it was my gf's bday. So good luck everyone!

Royal_Lucky's picture

Does the level matter?

I say! Luckysevenmax a.k.a Royal_Lucky
Dragonvale Admin's picture

Higher is usually better, but doesn't have to be over 10.

Can you breed Topaz with Topaz

Dragonvale Admin's picture

No, none of the gemstone dragons can breed.

Thank for the info!!

Guess what, After a little bit of work and patience I got 12 topaz dragons!!! Impossible but true


I got second try firefly and cactus both lvl 10

Wow this dragon is hard to get!!!!! I so wish I had my EBI, but sadly I can only breed one pair at a time X(. And I feel the pain of all the previous posts that are getting uber frustrated with 10, 20, 30 breeding tries or more trying to get it!! I think I'm on try number 18 now and still have come up with nada!!! If I see one more cactus dragon...well I'll go postal and be on the evening news in an orange jumpsuit in shackles with my hand covering my J/k of course;-). Especially since my newbie hubby got it on the very first try with level 8 dragons in the normal cave.....ughhh!!! Don't give up!! I know I won't. Good luck all;-)

Just another note here....I got the solar with only 2 tries. I would have thought that it would be a lot harder to get than the topaz, but then...what the hell do I know!!! Gotta love this game!!!!

I got mine with Cactus and Firefly - it took a lot of turns - but one thing i found out a couple months ago - I got 3 ruby dragons - then for the next 2 months - breeding multiple times every day - i got NO gemstone dragons - the next month - i got one with in the fist week. I think that if you have an extra gemstone dragon - it won't let you get the next months gemstone dragon - maybe I just had really bad luck - but it kinda seemed like more than a coincidence

SaraBelle82's picture

FINALLY! I've only been trying for this since the beginning of the month! Got it this morning on my EBI (regular breeding cave is occupied with Solar Eclipse!).

Congrats to u then;-). Perseverance definitely pays off!!! Enjoy that little cutie!

I've just bred my sixth one for the month so far.
My method is put a cactus and a firefly in the upgraded breeding cave then put a cactus and firefly in the upgraded breeding island straight after. I've got topaz dragons pouring out my ears!

Hang in there! It took me at least 40 tries before I got my first Topaz.
I understand the frustration but just keep trying, it will eventually happen for you.

Spidersylar's picture

Haven't got this one yet. Been trying cactus and firefly on both island and cave. :(

GC ID: spidersylar

I've tried firefly and cactus like a million times (both level 10) and no luck T-T any ideas/tips?

I'm with u my friend, cuz I've about had it with this topaz dragon!!! I hope I have better luck with next month's dragon cuz it's my birth month. 12-13-66...woooot!! Wait..why am I happy ill be another year older???!!

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Your luck gets better at the end of the month for gem dragons, so hang in there!

Off topic, but please I'm dying to know what the little balls are above the heads of the dragons in some of the parks that I visit. Sorry for asking on this thread, but I just gotta know!!!!!!....'s makin me more crazy than I already am!!!!!

Thanks in advance for any responses to my question ;-)

They are dragons over lvl 10

Omg me too. It's so weird

:( 40th try....still dont get the topaz.... Swear..40th try.... :( mi full of scorch ash and dragonfly Dragon... Full of the.

Does anyone have a better combonation? I've gotten 4 scorch dragons so far but no topaz.

Sadly it's only the firefly/cactus combo that works....and I'm on breed number 21 now with no topaz to show for it. Gotta helluva lot of ash dragons that I've sold...but NO topaz yet!!! It sux cuz my hubby got it on his very first try!!! I soooo wanted to strangle him!! Oh well...its his birthday gemstone so I was happy for him ;-). Good luck and keep trying!!

I can't get this dragon know matter which dragons I breed. Hellppp

Dragonvale Admin's picture

It's the right and only combination. It's hard to get, you have to keep trying. Some people don't get it after 50 tries. :(

Sooooo very true!!! On breed 21 with no results yet :-(. I will keep trying til I either get it or run out of time ;-)

Dragonvale Admin's picture

We found that the chances increase towards the end of the month, so take a few days off, breed something else, and then go after the Topaz dragon again with renewed vigor in a few days!

No help to give....just the advice and encouragement to keep on trying!!!!...don't give up ;-). Good luck mate!!