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Amethyst dragon

Does anyone know how to breed this month's Dragon please?

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Don't know yet, isn't February here yet lol

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just got it with hail and sonic

I think I just got too with hail and sonic, too. Well, a 48 hour something, anyway.

I gOt a 48 hour one too

If you get a 48 hour breeding time, it is NOT the amethyst dragon. It is a moon dragon. If you get. Breeding time of 29-28 (I can't remember) hours, it is the gem dragon.

Are sammatha York?if you try garnet and Opalther is a100% chance yo will get amethyst

Paulhappy face:)

So far all I have heard was Crystal and an unknown second dragon. I guess I will start there.

It's out and i need the breeding combo now, and i really hope it does not invole a Crystal dragon cause i don't have one and i'll need to breed one then :(!!!

What's the combo?????????

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I'd hate to have Crystal be part of the breeding, getting one of those would be an extra 24 hours down the drain. ︶︹︺

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Anyone know the combo yet??

Hail dragon + Sonic dragon = amethyst dragon

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Tried hail and seaweed. Nope

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What's the combo for this dragon?! It's my birth stone and I have to have it!

I think its Hail and Sonic!!!!!! Go go sandbox then go to combo finder, just do Amethyest, then comes up with that combo and picture of egg!!!!! Sorry if im wrong...

According to the sandbox, the combo is Hail and Sonic.

I just got TWO amethyst using hail & sonic. My first two tries, no joke. Sped up the first one with gems to be sure and yup, it's the amethyst egg. Second try at breeding got 24 hrs on the upgraded island again. Yay!!!

Saw lightning and rust on YouTube, but I trust Sandbox more.

I saw that one too but that was for Cyclops or however it's spelt.

That was for cyclops.

Hail+Sonic Hands Down

Just Got IT! Hail+Sonic

just got it... Hail and Sonic and i incubated in the cave. yay!

so excited and the egg is cool. i need that egg too. it worked. Hail and Sonic.

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It's my absolute favourite gem and after lots of tries and patience I own 3 - beauty ! Hail and sonic for definite

You can use rust and lightning aswell

Hail + Sonic 48 hours, first try. Hope thats the one:)

You might have a rainbow, sun or moon cause the Amethyst dragon is 28 hours

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I just got cyclops with rust and lightning - trying for amethyst

Its not the one... it takes 30 hours not 48:(

come on people i tried lighting and cold and got it. bye the way my game centre name is gamer BLT sandwich!

I dont have Hail or Sonic so i got alot of breeding to do :-(!!!

Hail and sonic according to sandbox...that's the combo for amethyst.

I REALLY want an amethyst dragon and reading Gamer BLT Sandwich's post I think that might be the best way, but I'm wondering if something Gamer BLT did was more specific like he did it on a specific tome or on the Epic Breeding Island; could you help me out here Games BLT Sandwich?

I'm new to Dragonvale so I'm wondering, is htere a different gemstone dragon for every month? I've only been playing for about a month and a half so I only knew about the Gemstone Dragon, the Garnet Dragon. I almost had him but I kept accidently breeding Blazing Dragons instead of Smoke Dragons, and now I have a Smoke Dragon for sure being breeded using a Fire and Air dragon, and just as it is about to hatch and I am going to upgrade and get a Garnet Dragon, here comes Febuary and I can't find the Garnet dragon on the list; I have terrible luck like this. ):
So is there any way I could know in advance what dragon is coming and how to breed them?

Yeah you could always google it... That is easy and never failed in the past.... But to make it slightly easier you could just look at the dragonvale wiki site it tell u all the gem stone dragons and their month

Can someone tell me if there is somewhere where I can know what Gemstone Dragons are coming in the next month and how to breed them? I just got a Smoke Dragon and I'm about to breed it with Obsidian and then I find out that the Garnet Dragon isn't on the list of Dragons anymore. Now I figure out there are different Gemstone Dragons every month, and I am really upset ): Unfortunatly, this is how my luck works. Back to the point, tell me if there is a way I can know what Gemstone Dragons coming next and how to breed it.

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You can pretty much guess the name of the gemstone dragon, and you can go as far as speculating which dragons to breed based on the color of the stone. For instance the amethyst stone is purple and both the crystal and hail dragons were speculated to be in the breeding, hail won out. Next month is probably going to be the aquamarine dragon, and one if not both of the breeding dragons will be some sort of blue.... Sadly we can't speculate beyond that because it is almost completely random.
Hope that clears some things up :)

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Hail and sonic equals storm dragon might just be unlucky

Hail and sonic makes storm might be unlucky though (sigh)

I got amethyst on my 4th attempt, also got a moon from this combo too.

I put hail and sonic in the breed cave and i got 8 hours. What could it be ?

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lots of those usually with me it's a storm or a snow dragon. I see all these posts with people getting suns or moons which makes me so envious XD!

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I keep trying hail and sonic and sonic and hail, but I can't seem to get one. :(

It's like winning the Lotto. Sometimes you win and sometimes you get a lesser prize. I'm 0/12 so far. There are still 24 days left in the month. Don't give up hope.

I have 2 dragons that will finish breeding in 01:14:06:02 .....huh?

I just got 48 hours which I guess mean no - I have too many sun, moon and rainbow dragons now so if those were my other choices I'm annoyed.

Oh, I guess this is as good a place as any to put this. I have a gem tree and five friends - so I can give away daily gems to one more person. So if you want to trade daily gems with me go ahead and add me - my game number in gmae center is GGJTFVHGD34632. I do play each day, have that gem tree and I have one last gem I could be giving away each day ( plus I could use an extra gem each day ) = ).

Failed about 6 times with Hail + Sonic. Switched to Sonic + Hail and I lucked out; it's breeding! Not sure if changing the order helped or not, but its worth a shot. Much better luck than last month as it took 80+ attempts before I finally got a Garnet!!

I just got a 48 breed in the EBC. Guess I got a sun or moon. Hoping to get this gem dragon as it is my birthstone.

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Me too :) Today is my Birthday and I am hoping to get one too.. I just got 48 hour I pray is a Sun as I already got 2 moon 3 Rainbows plus all the other moons too :)

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My 48 hour ended up being Sun :) Great I needed one :) TYVM

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I tried sonic and hail and got an amethyst straight away and then I tried it again and got 48 hours what is this dragon?

Just got mine after lots of storms, a sonic, and a hail, i got 28 hours breeding time. Yay !!! My first gemstone dragon !!!

Amethyst dragon I just got a 28 hour breed time with hail and sonic..after so many hails and sonic and one snow and one sun I finally got my first gemstones dragon. I'm so happy cause it also happens to be my birthstone. Plus I got the love dragon right before I bred the gemstones..its been a good day:)

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I only have a regular breeding cave. Are my chances better if I upgrade or get the island?

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Got mine the 3rd try with sonic / hail. Then tried 9 straight times accelerating and got 8 snow and 1 sonic. Time to go for love.

@ Sakuya according to sandbox it's a 3.5% chance in the cave vs. 7% on the island. That said, I've breed gemstones in both.

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that new item that just came out with it? Would my chances increase if I purchased it?

"I'm not an optimist, I'm just stubborn that's all" -Edward Elric

Wierd. I got my amethyst dragon in only 13 tries for 3.5 prsntg of a chance in a standard breeding cave !!!

Did you just say that about a sakura dragon ?

Waah my birthstone is peridot and from what ive heard there hard to get.

We have 3 limited time dragons all at the same time. Pan long til the 10 th, love and amethyst. Most concerning is pan long because it has those same bad dragon possibilities as garnet. Obsidian smoke and lava - all worthless and take up a lot of cave time. Of course this is why gems are spent in great numbers to keep hope alive. It smells like another money grab for sure. appears youre better off not spending To increase your chances. I'd you are a spender then dragonvale gets far more revenue as you speed up the process. The minute you get the dragons income ceases. Makes sense !
Making it easier for casual players (who don't spend) to get rare dragons, keeps up their interest and dragonvale player numbers. I'm not paying to breed 40 - 50 obsidian and lava slugs !!

I see your point of view, but I'm not opposed to spending a few bucks to support development of this great free (and ad-free) game.

I have a wonky egg that the breeding took 2 million hours (okay 28) and an egg that is grey with a purple blob looking hole thing in the middle that takes 28 hours to hatch. Could this be my first gemstone dragon!?

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That's the lovely amethyst !!

I got mine first try with hail and sonic. Took me a while to get a hail dragon though! Now I have 2 of each so was just gonna breed them both constantly then realised panlong was due to expire and I can't seem to get that one!! I have a 48hr breeding time though :-)

I got Sun Dragon with this combo but I can't bred the amethyst Dragon I tried 20 times do you have net other combos.

Some crazy person on youtube said rust and lightning and got 33 hours breeding time. He also said its normal for an amethyst dragon to have that time. I tried and got cyclops with 33 hours time !!! Oh yeah and another person said cold and metal but had no proof no picture no nothing.

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After doing hail+sonic for all of this month I got the 28 hour sign! It's funny how people kept getting rare dragons like sun or moon, I continued to get sonic or storm and only those two...Good luck to everyone!

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I can't seem to get the amethyst Dragon :(

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Me either :(

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I got a Blizzard and 2 more Hail and storms and even a few Sonics Oh and don't forget 2 Sun's :) Please give me one :)

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Keep trying!

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I just go Sonic so I bred Hail x Sonic. 8 hours. Guess I will be doing a bunch of repeats if I want to get my first gem dragon before the end of the month.

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Woot! I think I got it. Just bred Hail x Sonic again and voila! 28 hours! I did a search and Amethyst is the only 28 hour dragon that came up.

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I GOT IT FINALLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been trying for days to breed this using a Sonic and Hail, I've had everything but and now I keep getting a Thunder Dragon. My daughter plays it too and she got an Amethyst on her first go! So not fair :o(

They are really inconsistent with their awarding of the amethyst dragon. I am upwards of 30+ attempts now, and no glimmer of hope. I have been using hail and sonic. Frustration abounds. I have also been trying to get the century dragon in the breeding cave using recommended combos. No luck there either. 6 days of attempts at those two dragons and nothing to show.

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Got it on my 5th attempt with hail and sonic!


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Forgot to post got it GOT IT :)

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I just got a second 28 hours, but the egg was a sapphire egg!!!!!

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Was the dragon? Hope they didn't skip to the next months gem already..

137 different dragons bred. No cheats used, no dragons bought with gems. Just persistence.

Got 28 hours but noticed the egg was sapphire egg!?! Think my brother hacked. Incubating rite now.

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And what was hacked to get a different month gem?

137 different dragons bred. No cheats used, no dragons bought with gems. Just persistence.

I finally got a blizzard and thunder dragon, now I'm breeding them, and the time on it is like 1 day plus something hours and mins & seconds. So does anyone know what they make?

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I FINALLY got the egg! After TIMES of trying, and uber frustration! I got the epic breeding island yesterday morning, bred sonic and hail, 28 hrs breeding time! And I just got the egg!!! =D

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I have tried to get the Amethyst dragon from the beginning of February and I still haven't got it. Like seriously, I have been breeding Hail and Sonic all the time, Amethyst. I have tried EPI and regular, nothing. I have got 2 Sun, Moon, anything but Amethyst. Now is the last call and I have 48 hours breeding time on both EPI ja regular, so I'm kinda frustrated. :(

Last day, here's hoping. Has anyone on Android got an Gem Dragon? This is the second month of failure to get a gem :-(