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breeding tracking

Hi. I'm pretty new to Dragonvale and I was wondering if anyone has created a spreadsheet to keep track of their breeding history? ie. storm10 + flower8 = rainbow. It would be great if I don't need to create this on my own. Administrator: is there such a thing? How do people keep track of breeding history? Am I being too detailed wanting to keep track? thanks so much.

Levels actually don't affect breeding result, and the same breeding can give different dragons. If you want to know what can do a certain breeding, try searching for "Dragonvale Sandbox". If you want to know what breeding to make to have a certain dragon, just search for that dragon on this site.

Thanks for your comments,Hyruu. I understand and am aware of those sites. What I need is a way to remember what I did to try for my goal dragon. I'm keeping a handwritten list but its a mess. I may or may not want to repeat combos but my memory is not good and my current list is not working. Make sense?

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If your on a iPad iPhone etc there is an app called Dragoncalc that keeps trac of what you have and tells you how to get dragons.

names blendoman in game center, currently have my gem friends but it's fun to visit parks so add me.

Thanks for the info. I checked the App Store and it is only written for iPhone. I have an iPad, but I will keep trying.