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Bugs and Glitches

Is anyone else still having problems with their dragonvale park after the supposed bug fix? I am still being booted after only entering mympark after like 10 seconds. I log in again and again aftervonlyb10 seconds I am booted again. Very freaking frustrating, like I said interested to hear from others if this is happening to just me???

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The only issue I've been experiencing has been if I've tried to collect the money in my Habitats too quickly. I am using a Kindle Fire and haven't had any issues with log in. However, I have had to slow down as I go thru and collect from each Habitat. If I go too fast, I get "booted" with an error message. Since I've slowed down, the problem has stopped. Not sure why you're getting booted after entering your Park. What device are you playing on? Maybe others using that device can help! Hope it gets fixed for you. Good luck.

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Seems I bred a Double Leap year dragon with a Mirage and Daydream. I didn't think it was possible. Not that I mind. Can someone enlighten me?
Never mind I was mistaken. Got another Daydream.