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Co-op breeding with the Great Nogard

So I have Android and no friends, so it's just me and Nogard. Problem is that his dragon of choice is Fire. It was a galaxy dragon to start with, and I bred one galaxy dragon before it changed to fire. But it changed to fire and never changed to anything else. I have gotten a couple Epics out of the deal, but it's a total bummer. At worst, you'd think BF would have Nogard throw up a random dragon each time. But nooooooo.... just Fire.... every stinking time.

Anybody else having this problem?

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Oh bru....I'm so sorry for this frustration! (shakes fist at boring Nogard!)

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I think You need to make more friends. I do not use android, so I cannot help. Please post you name under seeking for friends in this webpage and you will have dozens in a few weeks. Good luck.

Completed dragons' collection. (Trying for new ones now) One pedestal to go: snowflake #5 (have been trying since Dec. no luck! )

A dragonvale player on an apple device can have android friends. The friendship is established using dragonvale. In dragonvale go to social, then invite friends. That gives you 3 choices to connect with a friend.

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I use apple, my level is 33. Nogard used for co-op bredding is a 5. Is there a way to breed my own nogard or age this one?

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You can’t breed Nogard as it’s Backflip Studio’s account created for all players to use whatever they put in co-op. I’m level 100 and Nogard (dragon backwards!) is at level 5; but you can add friends through Facebook or ask one of your current friends to put the dragon you want in co-op for you. Hope this helps!

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Thankfully for me, Backflip changes my Nogard's dragon every couple of weeks now, and it is always a galaxy dragon now. So, in the last year, it has been quite useful and I was able to knock out all the galaxy dragons and most of the pedestals. All Nogard's dragons have been only level 5, but I haven't had any problems breeding with a level 5. I'm hitting all my targets eventually.

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Completed Goals: All dragons, All level 20 dragons