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Dark rift + light rift??

Hello breeders and magic casters ;-)
Does anyone know whether you Will be able to breed light rift with Dark rift to obtain another Dark rift? (And/or light rift)
I only have the giant habitat and two eggs, but really hope to Get more Dark rift dragons

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Got an 11 hour breeding time on the upgraded EBS... Using rift white and rift dark.. no idea what it is yet.
Also started a Light and a rift dark.. just to see any difference, and got 8 hours in upgraded EBC.. I'll post as soon as I know what I got there as well.

The *growlf* Dragon

only has 4 possibilities, light, dark, light rift, dark rift

How do I get to breed a Dark Rift Dragon? As I only got the habitat from the Magic but not the egg... :(

Got the habitat and eggs from backflip

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Both these dragons will only produce a basic combo of their element only & will not give you another Rift of their element. So basically you will only produce a Light or a Dark dragon only. Feel free to try it I guarantee it will be a fail. I don't mean to sound nasty but it will save you time to produce other dragons instead.

Dark Rift & Light Rift = Light 10hrs, Dark 13hrs standard breeding times only
Light & Dark Rift = Same as above
Dark & Light Rift = Same as above
Hope this helps
Happy breeding peeps

And also if you have 2 Light Rift or 2 Dark Rift you can produce another Rift
2 Light Rift = Light, Dark & Light Rift
2 Dark Rift = Light, Dark & Dark Rift
48 hrs for a Rift breeding time (standard)

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Just put in a dark rift and a light rift and got 48hrs.

Seems you can get another rift from this combo. I'll update when I know which rift dragon I've got coming, but it's going to be a couple days.

Update: Dark rift + light rift resulted in a light rift. I'm sure either rift is possible from this combo...this was just my result.

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I AM NOW BREEDING AND HAVE AN INCUBATION TIME OF 48 hrs. No idea what I will get based on comments posted

I have a question too, how do i get the light rift dragon? I only got the light vestige amd the egg on a pedestal. Now i will never have a light rift dragon?

I like dragons

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Well that stinks... Twinken is right though. I only have one light rift and one dark rift and I've tried breeding them together over a dozen times to get another rift but I only get pure light or pure dark. Bummer. Now I'll never have the rift egg on a dark pedestal. :(

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Trading eggs or dragons the way we do with gems would be awesome. My son switched devices a few months ago and had to start over. He still hasn't gotten back most of his favorite dragons. I have many of them in my hibernation cave. It would be so cool if I could send them to him. He managed to get two light rift eggs but only one dark, I got three, he could take the extra if trading was possible.

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We were just discussing that very thing this morning! I do wish you could gift other things besides gems!!!


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So we can't breed for rift dragons? I have 1 light rift dragon and 2 dark rift dragons and was hoping to breed another light rift dragon.

I think it would be awesome to be able to trade eggs as well. I have a lot of dragons in pairs, kinda doing the "Noah's Ark" thing with my dragons. Lol.

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You can either buy it or breed light + dark for light rift and dark + light for dark rift :)

Light and Dark are opposites and cannot be bred together. At this point, I'm not finding any combination that will give you a Light Rift, but that may change as the game settles down. A lot of the times are wrong right now and it has been giving wrong dragons for the wrong pairings. So it may change in the future or even during the BEB, possibly. I do know that before Dark magic came out, Light/Light Rift could give you another Light Rift. According to the sandboxes I use, that is no longer a possibility. But as I said, that may change.

However, considering that the Rift dragons were initially posted as a REWARD for getting as much magic as possible, you may never be able to breed a second Light Rift now that the magic event is over. After all, it wouldn't be much fair to people who worked for their magic to get as high as possible for Others to be able to breed them whenever they want...


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Their elements are now listed as dark and light. So I think you would breed them similarly to other opposite dragons, such a dark + light hybrid or light + dark hybrid. Like all the other opposite hybrids, I would expect a much lower chance of success.

Let us know if anyone has success with that.

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Well I am sorry that I tried to keep my light and dark magic sides even instead of sinking all of my magic in one or the other and didn't get to work up to two light rift eggs before everyone in the community jumped that bad boy all the way up there, but that was my plan Greymouse and before I could do anything about it light magic was back and I only had one rift egg. So please don't make it seem like I didn't work as hard as the next person or didn't put in any effort. I just want another light rift dragon without having to give up almost 4,000 gems which I do not have and cannot afford to spend that kind of money on.

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Somethings wrong. Bred dark and earth and got 9 hr. Breeding time. There isn't' a dark earth hybrid with that time. The dark/plant is 9 hours not earth. Anyone else run into this. Xishom any ideas? No way to speed up to find out sooner what I am getting.

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I was just looking at the page for the dark rift dragon and it said the breeding elements for that were dark and lightning, wonder if that means the breeding elements for the light rift dragon are light and lightning? I'm going to give it a try and see. I've been trying light rift and dark rift and only getting dark or light dragons so far.

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Ok. Neither seem to be able to matchup on their own. Looks like you'll have to use a lightning hybrid to breed with either of them so I basically wasted gems to clear my island and cave. Still trying to get the jet dragon too, just haven't had any luck with it yet. Guess I'll try a lightning hybrid with my light dragon the next time I get the chance.

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sorry to bring this back up but whats the conclusion now dose " Light Rift + Dark Rift = Light Right" can this be one of the outcomes ? coz i never tryed this and i do have only 1 Light Rift i wish to make at least one more Light Rift.