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Do I keep single element dragons?

I can't find the answer so sorry if it's a dumb question but should I keep or sell single element dragons after I breed them? They seem like a waste of space. Thanks

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dragons, such as plant, air, fire, water, metal, lightning, light, dark, earth, and cold are PRIMARY dragons. These dragons are used to create hybrids such as snow (air/cold), mud (earth/water) etc. They can reach a level beyond 20 and become Elder. The higher the level, the better odds are of getting a rare hybrid. I, myself, have only 1 of each dragon. 365/365. Some people have multiples of certain dragons. It's totally up to the players preference. Good Luck!!

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The primary dragons that reach elder status earn you special visitors. They roam your park carrying flags. Tapping on them earns a reward of coins or a gem. The elder dragons also earn gold in the colosseum for 5 gems.

*These visitors are different than the pentournament visitors. If you had all the primaries to elder status you would be looking for 20 "flaggers".


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