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DragonVale update

DragonVale has an update
For some reason I thought my Game Center was playing up
I had lost my fiends until I saw the new update

They have added some new features
Gemstone habitat upgrade
You can buy a pedestal instead of a Dragon in the market
And some other new improvements

Keep up the good work Backflip

sjbaum's picture

Since the update, I cannot use the game at all. It will not open on Android or Kindle.

I LOVE the upgrade!! Finaly a way to keep track who is gemming you :)


Cwadagi On gamecenter

My Droid 2 hates the new update because now it won't even open and I had a firework AND unknown Olympus dragon in the nursery. Stupid

What have the Wizards done to the racetrack? It's awful. No more spin the wheel, just a (smaller) random prize. All the fun has gone.

Yes, you pay 50,000 to win first place and get 450 food....they better do something about that.

Karen Louise cross

I agree. New racetrack prizes are awful!

Monkeybone74's picture

Love the new upgrade! Especially the filter feature and repeat for breeding. Also love the social updates. Well done!

Ricky-J's picture

I love most features of the upgrade but not the replacement of the spinning wheel on the race track. It used to be nice to try to get a high reward. Now one will only get a minor reward (100 to 975 food or 1,5 m exp max). The price of playing the racetrack is too high compared to the prizes you can win.

I got 2 gems and another time I got about 12 million.

Total waste of money for what they reward for first place...

Karen Louise cross

Shila1976's picture

My game will not open at all either. What is going on? I sure hopw they fix this soon.. I play every day and have several 'big' eggs I am currently hatching. It was so random.. but the game gave me 3 rainbow eggs from 3 different breeding pairs! Ill probably never get another rainbow this way but WOW is all I have to say to that.
Please fix this game soon

I am afraid the problem is, that the new update it not made for androids. I cannot open the game on my android after I updated but my daughter, who has an iphone has no problems. Will you please fix the problem so that androids can get back in the game!!!

charlieboy's picture

Both my androids are ok with the upgrade


Melissa73's picture

My husband nor myself can get on our dragonvale on either kindle since the upgrade... please fix.... i need my dragonvale

cjencute's picture

I like the new filter, now we can buy egg pedestal in a little bit low price, love the new social features, but cant seems to acces my colosseum & the game keeps on crushing...

78samba's picture

Not just limited to android I'm afraid. I updated yesterday and can load the park but its gone from lvl 28 to lvl 14 overnight. Doesn't even look like my lvl 14 park. Not happy with this at all.

Samba the Great Mad Dragon Hunter

Mark.inthedark (game centre)

It does crash a lot, especially when colecting your gifts or removing the notice.


Cwadagi On gamecenter

Shila1976's picture

Can anyone tell me???

NisiTay's picture

I always figured the wheel was fixed and not random, but it was still way more fun to spin it and hope than to just tap the new dragon chest. The low food prizes are also disappointing. Love the rest of the upgrades, but the racetrack changes hurt the game.

Seems I am unable to use the coliseum since the new update. I am also not fond of the change to the race track.

LADragonchick's picture

Maybe I shouldn't update at all.....

Love LA
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Mina's picture

I love the new upgrades but I can't compete in the colosseum anymore. Anyone have a suggestion.

Upgrade works great on my android tablet but wont let my wife in on her LG connect phone. she is very upset.

Since Friday! My kindle loads, then kicks me. I've uninstalled twice and still no joy.

Mine won't open on my kindle. It loads, then closes. Anyone heard yet if backflip is working on a fix for android/
kindle users?

I am glad that it's not just me having issues with my Kindle.

Me too! I'm so upset!


Paying 50k to race and winning 1st place should not result in a penalty of food worth less than 50k. That would be like breeding a dragon that takes your money.

I am also a kindle User and mine game will not open. Please fix this soon Backflip.

Blake14's picture

I am using the Kindle Fire and my wife is using a Samsung Galaxy. Hers updated, mine didn't. I still have the old Racetrack, she's got the new one and she hates it. She is also complaining about the "prizes" on the new track. There's hardly any XP on hers from the update which means it's going to take longer for her to Level Up. The food is considerably less than before also. I guess I believe in the old saying...."if it ain't broke, don't fix it"!

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I went here and sent an email. I will update the reply


I went to backflip studios and sent an email. I will update what they say


Super pissed about the updates. Ruined the game for me. 925 food for a 50,000 coin race is a joke. I am at level 45, can only upgrade dragons and stuff. I really wish they would have left my favorite game alone. Was a huge fan, just play now because I have invested so much time and money. Thank you backflip studios, change it back.

Mary stockslader

I am a kindle user and my game will not open since mid day July 4. I thought perhaps I placed too many pots of fireworks on my islands - hoping for a little fireworks display - and blew up my islands. Please fix this soon, Backflip.
and btw - make the race track prizes potentially better than before - don't make them tiny little bits of food for 50K for first place!!


That's when mine died, too. I think they ought to put a message on the loading page so we at least know they are aware and working on the problem.

Raeonaire's picture

They say they have found the problem and are working on it, for those people whose games crash on loading screen.

Thanks for the information.

go_novi's picture

My game crash when log in to facebook? Any suggestion?

DragonLovingGirl's picture

I have got to agree that the race track prize bit lacks fun and also, the prizes, I mean 50000 coins for 300 food, get a grip backflip

Once anonymous user named Dragonvale fan 2

I too have not been able to play wont even load this really suck because i play it everyday...please fix the problems

jarrat's picture

I also play everyday but not since the update.
I have tried everything suggested.
I have been communicating with BF and have tried everything they have suggested, still not working.
Will probably be without it all weekend now due to time difference.

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Araheera's picture

, hold both buttons at the same time until it shuts down, and back on again? What device are you on?

FAQ at the top of forums

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Sonic Youth's picture

Isn't that a reset? I thought you had to hold the top button down and then slide to turn off. That's what you have to do for airplanes.


Araheera's picture

I believe that may be a term used. On my device, iPad, I hold the top button down while pressing the home button. The device completely powers off. I then just turn it back on. This may not work , jarrat has posted that he has tried that with no success. He also uninstalled and reinstalled the game. If you are not associated with GC or FB don't attempt that,you could permanently lose your park, until you have emailed BF letting them know and given them your game ID. In the meantime if you are playing through Game Center you can access your game from any apple device. Hope this gets worked out soon!

FAQ at the top of forums

"This game makes me nervous as a mouse in a box of tuna-flavored catnip." TSM
GC - Araheera

Sonic Youth's picture

I was talking about an iPhone by the way.