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Epoch dragon

Bloom & Bearded

Although I have 246 dragons after almost 11 months, I do not have either drasgon....later, I suppose...My target dragon now is TWINKLE......I have had a wonderful Frosty Jubilee....between Wizard gifts, TWIN WEEKEND (!), And my breeding efforts, I have many new dragons....I also own the 'Famous' BIZARIAN who consistently breeds twins, weekends or not!!! I cheerfully put requests up in coop! FOR THE VALE!


Why can't I find anything on this site about the epoch dragon??? Anyone able to share successful combos for this elusive dragon?

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Epoch is very new to DragonVale. The moderator does her best to update the new dragons but she is extremely busy in real life. However, the sandbox here is not maintained. For combos or to see what you may have bred please visit

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