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Facebook friends

I need Facebook friends to be Dragonvale friends!

Feel free to add me. My facebook is Cindy Rella. There is a photo of a glass slipper.

Hi Cindy, I've sent you a friend request. My Facebook is Amelia A Leighton from Sydney, Australia and my picture is aqua diamonds. Thanks.

Hi Cindy Sent you a friend request for Dragonvale My Facebook name is Mary Bless with a picture of a white cat

I just sent you a friend request in facebook, Looking for dragonvale friends too.

Hello Pauline,

New friends are a good thing, I am level 29 trying to catch up to my son but he is so far ahead of me.

Hi, feel free to add me, my facebook acct is Linde Smith with a pic. of a sunset and a smaller insert of a fairy. I'm level 43 in Dragonvale and am looking for friends. Thanks!

I just sent you a friend request

I need friends but not sure exactly how?

I think I figured it out

I need friends... Add me but tell me its for dragonvale...i dont add strangers

I sent you a request. My FB is Cindy Rella with a picture of a glass slipper.