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Friends needed for Galaxy breeding and gems

Hi Ya'll I ve been playing dragonvale for who knows how long and been paying for it even longer. I was spending to much money on it since I don't have a jailbreaked iPad, so I needed to cool off for awhile which was a bad idea. When I stopped playing I had. Every dragon and now that I start again I have the gem tree and 5 spots I need to fill plus cool galaxy dragon breeding friends.... My Game Center I'd is chickie034 I'd be very greatful for any friendly fun!!!!

I already have: Andromedan,Antarian,Arcturian,Bizurian,Celerulean,Nebula,Polarian,Procyon,Rayleian
I need: Comet,Eridanian,Sorarian,Teidian

If you have one of the last ones I'll gladly can help you with the first ones or any other dragon on cooperative breeding cave.
I'm on level 83, 304 dragons, add me:

GC: sansanito

H2Oartist's picture

I have only two galaxy dragons but have maxed out at level 85. The problem is I lost the friends in Game Center and can't retrieve them. I have a bunch of requests for friends because I have 7 gems a day to give out and only the default wizard with a fire dragon at level 4. Any help on the co-op breeding thing would be great. I don't do Facebook, but may need to switch. H2Oartist is my GC ID.

Hi San,

I am looking for friends to get the new Galaxy dragons, I am on level 24. I only have three galaxy, Antarian and Tedian. I will look for you on face book. Is that ok. I am Joan burns on Face book. Oh, m,y profile is white orchid. Thanks again.

Any one else on DV who wants to friend me, please do so.

I only have one friend so far. Thanks friend. You are very kind.

Looking for new neighbours to swop gems, I play daily and return gem

I recently started playing and only have a few friends who also play.

Debbie Wymenga

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Please click on "Friends" at the top of this page. Under Dragonvale FAQ, the first post, you will find a tutorial on adding friends for both Apple devices and Android devices. Scroll down a bit on the FAQ page to find the instructions on how to add friends.

If you are using an Apple device and have upgraded to iOS 10:

According to an article at "apple insider" :

"Beginning with iOS 10, Apple's Game Center service will no longer have its own dedicated application. Instead, actions like adding friends or inviting them to a game will be handled by individual games themselves, routed through Apple's expanded Messages app."

Tap on "social" and at the bottom left is an "invite friends" button.


dreamn10 at gmail dot com

I used to play back around 2012 then stopped for a couple of years and started up again April this year (does anyone truly 'quit' this game for good?!)

Galaxy dragons
I need Andromedan, Bizurian, Comet & Procyon.
I have all of the others and happy to put in co-op. I also only have 1 friend who plays regularly so I can return gems; I play just about every day.

It would seem the only way I can add friends now (iOS 10) is to become Facebook friends...feel free to add me via...
FB: just note it's for Dragonvale as I don't log in often and I'd hate to mistake a would-be DV friend for a random, "how did this person even find me" Facebook request!
GC: ayisha27 (if this still works in reverse for anyone)

I have Teidian, Cereberum, and Anatarian. Find me on Facebook at Jim Johnson(picture if a cat as profile pic.)

I'm trying to help my son get the dragon he wants the most. we are level 23 at the moment, playing daily. I've not connected or "friended" anyone on the game, so if someone can walk me through this, I would greatly appreciate it.

jandp: Father and Son team.

Hi. I had to delete my friends from game center after a weird glitch when I got a new phone. I'm looking for friends to exchange gems with and breed dragons. My Game Center id is case3858. Thanks!!!

Still have plenty of slots for gem exchange!

Facebook: Lanna John