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Game problems

I seem to have lost me dragon list. I had several I Have Its but now they are gone. It keeps asking me to sign up an I did several times but nothing chagrin. I cant add my photo either. What happened all of a sudden?

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I get about 10 internal errors a day and the game restarts when I'm visiting parks. It's also really slow. Would I lose everything if I reinstalled the game?


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Your Dragonvale game data is tied to your GameCenter ID on your iOS device. You can restart the game or even try on another device, the important thing that matters is your GameCenter ID.

Hi, I am having the same problem, now when I open the game I just get a blank screen. I am playing on a kindle fire hd, so don't have a game centre id, so how can I get my game back?

Help, I connected my Game Center ID of my IPad with my IPod touch and now, I lost my super advanced dragonvale on my IPod. it's now the one of my iPad! SOS SOS SOS ...

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Since yesterday (i updated yesterday) i dont know if is dragonvale or if it was the dv update but i i nowrepeatedly get internal error notices or that my onetwork connection has timed out. If. After like 30 attempts to. Open the app it allows me to enter dv its up for maybe ten seconds and crashes again. I have an lg optimus extreme that i play on its an android phone and there isnt a game center on my phone. I know my account is tied in with fce book but. Without a game center app is my saved somewhere so that i can try to uninstall dv and reinstall and see if that works? I dont want to do it if there is a possibility that i could lose my park

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If I uninstall an reinstall how do I get my data back from game center?


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Your game data is actually stored on the servers for Backflip Studio, so when you start the game and are logged in with your game center ID, it should load your island back from their servers - it does that each time you start the game.

we keep getting game stopped messages on log in on kindlefire .we dont want to lose our games but now we are getting adjust your security settings to allow cookies is this coming from backflip facebook amazon or some malcontent we dont know we dont want to have to uninstall and reinstall after getting this far into the game can you help ?

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How do I fix my game from crashing every time I try to go into FRIENDS to send them a gem. It just crashes.

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This worked for me.
Uninstall DragonVale by pressing and holding the DragonVale icon. When it begins to wiggle and an ‘X’ appears in the top left corner, tap the ‘X’ (All game data is backed up on our server and associated with your GameCenter ID. Your data will not be lost!!)
Sign out of GameCenter
Sign back into GameCenter
Reinstall DragonVale through the App Store
Power cycle your device.


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Hi. Tried doing what you said. Still crashes out. :(

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What device do you have?

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iPad 2

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Worked yesterday but is crashing again today. If afraid I'm going to lose my friends if I can't gift them back. My list is growing and on top of that I lose my gems if I can't use them.


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Im also using ipad2 but last night I downloaded the game on my iPod touch and it did the same thing.


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Seems like it affects several people, I hope they release a fix for it soon.

Hi im on level 20 in dragonvale and i dont have a game center and im planning create one. Can I still save my current level if i create a game center or will i go back to level 1. Many thanks

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You cant create a game center. Game center is a different app that you should already have on your device. All your Dragonvale game data is saved and is associated with your game center ID.


I have an iPad 2 and I dried doing what u said but it said I'd loose all data if I deleted it can u tell me if that will actually happen

Never mind I figured it out but thnms anyway

Sorry that's what i want to create my game center id but im already in level 20 now and im afraid that if i create game center id now i would go back to level 1???


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I don't think you would lose it. Your game progress is stored on Backflips server usually under you game center ID. Since you don't have an ID yet I don't know what it is saved under. Maybe wait and let Admin answer this. It's hard work to get to that level an I don't want you to lose your progress. I know it is saved somewhere. Are you sure when you go to game center there isn't an ID already there?


Every time I log into my dragon vale it asks me if I want to use local park or Game Center? It never used to do this. I'm on a iPhone 4 and this is a new problem and its really annoying. Is there any way to just stay in the Game Center?

I am having the same problem with it asking every time if I want local park or Game Center on an ipad 2. I've been playing since the beginning and have a level 40 park on GC, dragonvale took it upon itself to set up a new local park for me one day when GC happened to be down when I launched the app. This problem for me started 2 days ago when again GC was being temperamental and wasn't showing up friends, so I logged out and back into GC now the dialogue box always pops up.

Can the local park be deleted altogether? I don't want to risk overwriting my main park with a never-played level 1 park.

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Are you sure you don't have a GameCenter ID (try opening the app)? I think it links it once you create the GameCenter ID if you haven't. If you can see your Dragonvale achievements in the GameCenter app, you are linked and all set to follow the other steps.

My game has been doing this for over 2 weeks! I cannot gift friends without it kicking me out. I have contacted Backflip and they said they would get back to me but nothing yet.

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Some possible solutions are listed above in this forum. I went through it also so I understand your frustration. What I did was delete every friend that wasn't a dragonvale player and it helped. Not sure why because some people only have a few dragonvale friends and its happening to them also.


Are you sure I won't lose all my islands and dragons if I delete the dragon vale app, reinstall it and reconnect to my Game Center? I'm a level 24 and have worked very hard and long on this and don't want to lose anything..... I did this when my bejeweled froze and I lost all my high scores in my app but still had all my high scores in the Game Center. I just don't want to lose dragons, I just got the kairos dragon and it took forever!!!! :-) thanks.

I have that same issue. I never signed in with my game center ID. I leveled up to level 15 in DragonVale. Now, I would like to log into game center. But I'm concerned that I'll lose my progress. I get a dialogue that says "You are logged into Game Center as *gamecenterid*. Do you want to use your Game Center park or your locally stored park?" I keep clicking on "Local" because I don't want to lose my progress. This is the only place I've found that has mentioned a similar problem... please help us :-)


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Contact Backflip. They should be able to tell you how to resolve this. Your data is stored on their servers with your Game Center ID. I don't know how to move a local stored game to Game Center. You might google and see if others have a solution.


I had been playing Dragonvale for a couple of months on my iPhone 4s. I didnt have a game centre account so I signed up for one and when I went back into my game I was back at level 1 I'd lost my whole game and nothing I do will bring it back. Can you anyone help me?

Hi Dana
Exactly the same thing happened to my son...
Have you managed to solve it? In case you have - how?

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I don't know how you get it back but here's what happened. Your game was stored on your phone and not on Backflips server. When you created your Game Center ID that's when your game data began being saved on their server. There have been a few questions on how to transfer local data to Game Center and I've been looking into it but not yet found a way. If I do I will post ASAP. I hope you weren't too far along like level 30 or something. Don't despair. Just start over and I'll keep researching. I'm sorry.


I was level 23 nearly 24. Had spent money on gems to get epic breeding island and had a silver dragon :-(

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Can't you still play it locally, just not with Game Center? I've looked today and still trying to find a solution. I know it's frustrating and I would be very disappointed but you just have to start over and move on for now. If you really enjoy this game then the fun is in the playing. What about those at level 35 that can't get new levels? So, you still have much to look forward to, just look forward, not backward. Just trying to encourage you.


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Dana, try signing out of GameCenter and starting the game, that may work?

Thanks Bbarra I have tried playing locally and it still comes up level 1. I have started over. And thanks Admin I've tried that it and it didn't work.

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I am sorry to hear. Did you contact Backflip to see if they can do something? The game may still be on their servers somewhere.

Yes I have contacted backflip and I have yet to hear back from them.

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What were the circumstances? It is saved on the server...just need to know what you did and we will try to figure it out.


Backflip still hasn't replied to me

My son is in a similar situation. He was on Level 22, logged into game center and was given a choice of level 9 or level 22. He chose level 9, but I would imagine level 22 is there somewhere - we just don't know how to get it back and give us the same choice again. We contacted Backflip. Am going totry to find them on Twitter too.

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I am Level 35 and not able to open Game Center for some reason!! When I try to gift gems to my friends the game shuts down if I linger too long there or try to gift my friends way down on the list. I have noticed this problem coincided with Pictures of Dragonvale players appearing under the Friends listings. I'm sure they will fix this glitch soon. FYI---I noticed a player was at Level 36! I wonder if it ever ends?!?!?! (Hope not!!)

All The Best!
(Julian Kitchens)

My game just started doing this to me this morning.

My iPad2 got a problem and when I got it back my dragonvale game was deleted! How do I get it back without starting over?! I was on level 19 and I had so many dragons!!! Does any one know how???

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Reinstall the app if you need to and sign I to Game Center ( if you have it). Your games is stored there under your user name. If not you may have to email the creators.

Help I have forgotten my I'd I was at max level and had most of the dragons now every time I go on I start at level 1. I am disabled and love this game I have spent a fortune on it so it will destroy me if I can never get back on. Please pleas help me I would be very greafull your dragonvale slave Steve.

Thxs soooo much Ill try what you said.

Where exactly is I? And do you have the number to the creators of dragonvale?

My game doesn't load properly and it seems to crash whenever I try to breed my dragons. I don't have a Gamecenter account and I am not comfortable with parting ways with Flitleaf and friends... What should I do?

Whenever I'm on Dragonvale it always has problems loading onto the game.

I just completely turn the device off turn it back on put it on the very best Internet, and try again and it usually works but not that often. Any tips?

i won the last piece finally and then it crashed now it wont let me enter the perch at all each time i click on
it the game freezes ?

We've had an internal server error loading and haven't been able to log in for two weeks now. Reloading, reinstalling doesnt't work - other accounts on the device do work so we know it's on the backflip server side. They don't respond at all! Just one auto response leading you to the website with suggestions we already tried. What kind of company that is listed as top grossing app doesn't support paying customers? Has anyone ever gotten support?? It's a fun creative game, just don't spend your money on it! I hope I eat my words and they come through - my daughter is very sad she can't get to her islands she spent so much time and iTunes gift money on. :(

Just wanted to say that after 2 weeks of emails to backflip, they finally fixed my daughters account with an apology! So there is someone actually working there in customer support! I know many of us have wondered! :) of course she missed out on most of the bring me back promotion! bad timing on our part! One last tip ... Don't put Kairos in the Fountain of Youth! Lol

Hi Lani

Do you know what backflip did to fixed your daughters account?
My son is devastated...
How did you do to contact backflip?

But I had upgraded all my treat farms before it was a goal that you receive coins for. So, my question is, what is the best solution when you overachieve and accomplish something before it is a "goal"?

From what I have seen, if you don't go in order of the goals and you did something ahead, then you miss out on the reward. You could start over a new game, but probably not worth the time. The goals certainly help jump start you and level up faster, but once you are in the higher levels any goals and coins you might have missed will seem negligible. :) try for a leap year dragon as soon as you are able, then you can make lots of money. Also breed/sell cactus and air dragons for fast cash. 30 min breed time = $100,000 for cactus and 2 hours sells an air dragon for $500,000 plus it levels you up! Best of luck!

My son has played Dragonvale for a couple of months.
He didnt have a Game Centre account, so we signed up for one and when he went back into the game it was back at level 1.
Everything was gone!
(When you don´t have a Game Center account - "how" are you logged in then)
Does anyone know how to bring it back?

There are similar questions here, but I can´t find any answers to the problem...

Well I know the answer to this question:
"(When you don´t have a Game Center account - "how" are you logged in then)"

You are logged in through your local device rather than a Game Center account.

I use an android device to play so it might be slightly different, but upon logging out and back in we are usually given the option to save the "local" device of whatever level and the "Game Center/facebook" device (depending what you use)
From my experience and from what I have heard of other peoples, once this option is selected it can not be reversed (well at least not by yourself)

My only suggestion is to try log out and in again and see if this message appears, if this fails to work your only option is to email the company with the required e-mails and hope they can fix it for you... but I think this is unlikely due to the data being stored on your device rather than through a Game Center account

:) Hope this helps

I don't have game center or anything like that, I log onto my Dragonvale via facebook. I have a lousy mobile, and running out of storage. Will I loose my dragonvale game if I delete game data on my internal storage, and is it backed up on facebook? Thanks in advance!!!

Pressed level 11 instead of 13 when requested is there anyway back to 13

I have forgot my password to my Game Center account and I no longer have the same email as when I signed up. I hate to loose all my dragons and have to start over. Help please.

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whats going on?? my dragonvale keeps crashing and i get this message saying "We're sorry! the game has an internal error and will now reload! we have been notified about the problem"
This happens at least 10 times a day!!!!
i ran the most resent updates and everything tried re-installing the game but it keeps happening is there another update or something to come?
is anyone else getting this???

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i have that too... mostly everytime i start a breeding and sometimes just by itself... about two or three weeks now... hoped for the recent update but that didn't help. i play on a iphone 4

I can collect all my money but when I try to open my Perch of Kairos to continue to the second stage it freezes. Does this happen to anyone else? what can I do?

Well I can't fix my problem and every one tells me to call the people but I don't know they're #!!! Can someone tell me it??? Oh and my iPad got broken and I took it to the apple store and they fixed it but when I got it back, my dragonvale game got deleted and I checked my Game Center and its still deleted!!! I was on level 20 and I had soooo many dragons!!!! Can someone PLEASE help me??!!

I lost my park and everything went back to when i first started Dragonvale. Level 1, no dragons or habitats, everything's gone! I don't have a gamecenter account or the app I don't think and I would like to find all my progress! I was doing REALLY well! Please help me! (I play Dragonvale on a Droid phone) PLEASE HELP ME!!!

wow don't comment unless you actually have something useful to say bbarra. telling me what went wrong doesn't help at all. I am fully aware what went wrong. i want to know how to FIX the problem not diagnose it.

i think i have a problem ,, every time i breed in cave or in ebc ,, 5 seconds later it shows "We're sorry! the game has an internet error " and it restarts ,, it happens every time i breed ,,,plz plz plz help ,, should i reinstall dv ,, what if it starts with level 1 ,, i tried so hard to breed my dragons plz any one help....... (i use 3g network and its speed is 7.2 mb/sec)

If you uninstall without a Game Center account, you will lose your park. Make sure you have set up your Game Center and are able to log onto your park from another device before you try anything.

I was checking on my dragon vale on my cousin's iPad 1 then suddenly it said like welcome nadia373 but then my dragon vale was here's but when I checked into her account which is actually her fathers it got restarted and my ones was gone and I had all the dragon almost all it got deleted before 2013 like at December 2012 please help meeeee

Sorry I meant that I was checking my dragon vale in her iPad and I think my dragon vale got deleted and I tried reinstalling it it didn't even worked I checked ally friends who has dragon vale i mean their account but mines wasn't there I live in jkt spin dun now if I could contact back flip studios

Okay, first I downloaded this game on my iPad then downloaded it in my phone but I realized only 1 was logged into my Game Center so when I logged in my iPad my game data was gone and it connected with my phones data. Why did Game Center do this ????

I lost my account and I was on level 16 and if I try to reinstall it I get back to leve1 and even if its level 1 it says connection timed out

Can someone please help me!!!!!!

Right after I purchashed a pile of gems on my kindle then it gave me crashed data and wont reload at all what happened........

2 days ago I accidentally logged out of my saved park and can't get it back, I use facebook instead of game center. It crashes when I push the button "log in " then it crashes, any way to slob this, I use the new kindle fire HD

I mean solve

somehow my daughter's park got merged with mine.. I was level 25 and had an amethyst dragon and 5 islands plus the breeding island 123 gems over 18 million $$ and over 200,000 food., tons of other dragons and an Aquamarine in my breeding cave almost ready for the hatchery!all linked to my game center ID. my daughter was playing locally on her ipod was level16 with 3 islands and a handful of dragons. last night i went to log on to see if my Aquamarine was done, and suddenly my park was gone and hers was there but with my money, gems, and food. i don;t know how this happened does anyone have any suggestions I have emailed backflip but have not heard anything yet. i have uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times and my park seems to have been replaced with hers. she was logged into my gamecenter account on her ipod, but i asked her if she was given an option of which level she wanted to play and she said no. but even if she did why would it still show my food, gems, and money. the two are just merged together. I am very sad:(

Back in December, my daughter had a level 12 park and had I just started playing. I accidentally lost her park when I logged into mine on her iPad. Since then we have had to use the same park between my iphone and her ipad. From what Ive read, there's no way to retrieve your park once your data is lost on a replacement or over ride. It's especially unfortunate when you pay real money for gems, like I did for my daughter's lost park.

that's the weird thing, i didn't lose any gems or money or food only the park changed. i don't know what happened they didn't switch, they merged.. all my money, gems, and food went to her level 16 park and my level 25 is gone

That IS weird......

when i touch any area, it goes to the perch of kairos.
i don't know what happened when all off a sudden i had 3 perches of kairos.
does any one know how to delete them

Every time I try to ad friends Facebook says dragon vale has been reported for abuse or spam how do I get it to work

When I turned lbl twenty nine my experiance bar has ceased to work. I know its just ten million points earned, but my bar is showing completely empty. I have reloaded the game and still it qfts the same way after I sold all my eggs for at least another eight million.

Is the bar so high that eighteen million exp is not even a blip or is twenty nine the new roof?

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I was automatically logged out of my level 40 game around 4am and cannot get the game to work. I uninstalled then installed the newer version and all I get is the music and a black screen. gggrrrrrr
sometimes it asks me to log in via the facebook option then it goes to the black screen again.
I use a cheap unheard of tablet "4-sight".

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I guess the game was just being updated, the clover is still available (new to me) and the seasonal dragon/habit has changed over to spring. YAY :)

I fixed mine

my brother created an account in dragonvale using local, I was already in the game at levl.21 , suddeny, Dragonvale only logs on to my brothers account and a second local account at level 2. Is there any way to delete an account in dragonvale? Pleaseeee help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;(