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kindle fire update


My daughter plays on a kindle fire but is unable to get the emerald or the solar eclipse, looking at the ap store it says update, if i update the app will she lose all her progress?


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Not at all in my experience on D/V It ought to give you the dragons you need plus decorations ect.
What is a Kindlefire anyway?

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You should be fine (just don't uninstall it). Most of the time my android phone gets the updates automatically. Every so often I have to go to the app store to d/l an update. haven't had a problem yet.

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Playing on Kindle Fire your park is saved thru the Facebook platform . I have not been able to play on my Kindle for almost 3 weeks. I have tried to update, reinstall and everything else and it still won't load. I am glad that it still works on phone.

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I have seen your other posts about the problems on Kindle. I feel for ya. I just wish they were a little better at posting something on their site. Even a post that says 'we are aware of the problem and are working on a solution'.

You can't take the sky from me

I also am having trouble on my kindle fire. I have uninstalled and now I cannot get it to download.

You need internet to install it

Been playing under my Facebook account and it keeps logging me off and it will not let me log back in. I have had to uninstall it several times would like to get this fixed please help.

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Good Morning all! Still newer to this game. I don't know how to get friends. I play on a Kindle Fire I check out through my employer. I log in through my Facebook account to I can switch devices. Would I use Facebook to ask for friends or use the Game Center? Thanks your help!