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Need DragonVale friends

I need Facebook DragonVale friends. My name is Holly McIntosh Troncin. My Game Center is hollytroncin however I don't know how to add friends since the update to IOS10.

I need DragonVale friends add me through Facebook Holly McIntosh Troncin. My Game Center Id is hollytroncin. I can't figure out how to add friends since update

Holly troncin

I just tried to invite you as a frind in the Dragonvale social menu. I tapped the Facebook button and filled in Hollytroncin. don't know if it works. But I had to try to maybe find out.

Niels Svendsen

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Niels feel free to add me on Facebook wearing a white T-shirt

Kelly mccallum

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Would like new friends to breed my babies 213 of them, feel free to add me on here

Blue Sapphire 75 and on Facebook Kelly Mccallum

Kelly mccallum

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Since the update the only way to add friends is through Facebook. Log in to Facebook, tap on Friends, tap the + at the top right of the screen. Tap search. Enter the name of the friend you wish to add. Tap search. Select your friend from the list. Tap Add Friend. A friend request will be sent. You may also wish to tap Send Message to let them know you wish to add them as a friend for Dragonvale.

Best wishes,


dreamn10 at gmail dot com

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Apple Game Center name is: lowelllutz
Some friends have quit playing so gems, etc. are available as well
Also need to breed with Singularity & Nova in co-op.


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My name is DeeDee Perryman on Facebook. Please add me. I play daily. Thank you.

Long time player, tons of gems to give, and no one to give them to.
Facebook - HeatherSeabre