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Hi, I only started playing last week and I'm nearly at level 17 and I don't know anyone who plays this so I need friends badly.
I'm on an apple iPad and therefore can not add anyone with a game centre I'd.
My email is bronsgt@gmail?
I have now taken over my husbands Facebook account which he never uses its Jo Gilbert and the pic is of some wrestling guy holding a microphone with a blue cap on (sorry NO IDEA who it is)
I don't know how to put up link to the page.
I'm on numerous times every day and would love to help out with gifts and cooperative breeding . Thanks

Ive been doing it solo for a few years Im level 82 will send gems. Not knowing what else to do to apply for friends need help. just found this site.

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Friend me on Facebook. The Facebook link is After you friend me on Facebook, you can then try to friend my Facebook Friends that are playing DragonVale.

Breathing Fire, (most of the time) Working on Twins
FRIENDS WANTED for Co-op & some gems
Friend through FaceBook: AC TwinMe
Profile pic: white chick w/ white bird
FB link:

Hi, you seem to be in the know and I'm a newby to this. Does it mean if I want friends I have to become friends on Facebook with them first, then I send them a fb request through DragonVale? Thanks in advance. ( I have sent to a fab friend request)

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Hello, welcome to the forum!
Currently the only way to add friends to Dragonvale is through Facebook. Once you add a friend to FB that already plays DV they should show up in your friends list. No further invitation is needed. You may have to sign out of FB and back in for them to show up in your game. You may also need to restart your device.

When sending friend requests it's helpful to add a short note that it's for DV.

Best wishes,


dreamn10 at gmail dot com

Thank you so much. I wasnt aware I had to be friends with them on Facebook first so I will try that and restart my game. Appreciate the help.

I did send one to you by email but I don't think it works that way so as I don't have Facebook I'm now using husbands as it seems everyone uses it. He barely uses it so he doesn't care. Plus I read if we use Facebook and let it post when we level up and hatch dragons or similar we can get extra gems. Agree it's pretty boring on your own I'm only level 16 but on multiple times a day.

thankyou to all who have added me you have all been wonderful

hey. i am new to.sure ill be your friend.


Feel free to add me, I'm level 81 or 82 and don't have enough friends to gift all the gems i can each day.

good i want to be your new friend


hello everyone!

I'm in need of new friends to help me breed different dragons with in the cooperative breeding cave, all my friends in there just have standard dragons which I've already achieved.

I currently have 289 out of 343 dragons.

Wanting to complete my monolith and crystalline collection which I need help from the cooperative breeding cave.

I'm happy to help with new friends needs too!

Add me BamBi_Barker


I only have two friends that play enough to use the co op, would love to work on more. I have 299 dragons and no luck with the co op so far.

Hey! I have teidian and sorarian dragons (sorarian x2 soon) and I want to gain more galaxy dragons! However, I don't know how to find my GC ID or how to add people. Help me out? I promise to trade gems daily. Please and thank you!

Hi! I'm currently level 17 and have the sorarian and tedian galaxy dragons :)

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Sadly, you can't add friends through GC anymore, only through Facebook. If you have a fb account leave your name and a description of your fb picture so people know who they're sending a Friend request to (or post the link to it like MissAnnCook did above). I'm sorry I don't have a fb account I can access but you should be able to get more friends if you post that info!

I currently have no active friends on Dragonvale. I've been playing for a month or so but have only gotten to level 18. Please send requests to

My FB is Cindy Rella and there is a picture of a glass slipper.

Hey, I play on an iPhone, so if anyone needs or wants a friend for an iOS system you can add me. To do that, you just need my GameCenter ID, which is JLG12344. That should allow you to request me as a friend in your GameCenter and as long as you have linked your Dragonvale account with your GameCenter Account, then it will automatically add me to your friends list in Dragonvale.

My fb name is Ami Jo Lampkin.

Ami Jo Lampkin