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Need people who play everyday!

I have a gem tree and I play daily. I'm looking for a group of six to give and receive gems from on a daily. I have many friends and while I give gems everyday, I can go days without getting any back so I need to reevaluate my friends list. Please add me on Game Center if interested.
GAME CENTER ID: ~trish_the_dish~

Tried to send an invite, but it was unable to verify the name. Try adding cutiepugs.

Thank you for being my Friend!

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I sent you a request :)


Trust me. I'm here to help.

My GC ID is: -River_Song-


I play pretty much everyday.

Pls add me (Sam 2011.5) as your friend on game centre.


I play daily.. I have gem tree need 3 more friend that will give and receive gem daily. My GC name rebeccacammack.

Add me please , nimirakat

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I need friends right now, my current lvl is 13 and I need gems and co op breeding. Is on everyday!

Gamecenter Nickname

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Hi, You can add me also: Nymphettamine

My website:

Hi all, looking for Co-op & gem exchange friends. Please add me - belbuttons
Level 67
Game play everyday