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Possible moderator wanted

Hey it’s IPK, we’ve struggled for sometime to keep this forum going and I want to give many kudos to my bestie Dreamn for doing this for a year at my request. But that’s long enough for anyone. She’s done a great job. Please thank her. I thank you DRM, you’re been the best, always helpful and kind to others.
Anyway, Xishom and I appreciate you all for hanging in here. If you want to be the next moderator, write me at Helps if I know you already. Don’t write me here please. I can barely make out text here with the format they changed to.
Some of our frustration stems from the developers and admin of this site...they don’t participate and despite my attempts to reach them, this only make money for them, they don’t seem to care how it’s operated.
Anyway, if no one steps up, don’t expect it to last. I can point you in other directions like groups on FB.
I get the Rift is frustrating, so much has changed at BFS.
Anyway, I’m relieving Our moderator of her duties soon, so it’s up to you all.
Thanks for being my friend, and playing DV. I will not be updating the book unless things change significantly
JC Mitchell author of The Best of DRagonVale, Friend me on FB if u want