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Send your input please?

100 days have passed and I have a wish, what should I spend it on?

What do you need?

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It is a hard choice, isn't it?
I would choose among the following :
The most expensive island that is available for you to purchase;
Relic of the Epics: levels epics to 15;
Monument of the Epics: combined with the Relic it levels epics to 20;
Dragonsai Tree: lets you give an extra 3 gems per day
Dragonsai Bush: let's you give 1 extra gem per day;
Goody's Treatery : give treats to 3 friends per day;
Twilight Tower: overrules time of day for breeding certain dragons;
Ovalith dragon: probably the hardest dragon to breed (my opinion based on the breeding combo and how seldom it is available )

All things considered, I still recommend keeping 1 wish available for "just in case". They do a lot of events throughout the year and you may find you need an extra island to have room for all the new dragons. Having a wish handy for an island beats having to hibernate dragons and store habitats while saving up for, and then clearing, an island.

Let us know what you choose :D
Best wishes,


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