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Storage Tower

Has anyone else seen and used the storage tower? Part of the new goals.

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I bought this a couple of days ago. Today I went into buildings and it had a 0/1 so I bought it again. Has anyone else had this problem?

My sister plays dragonvale on her phone and has the option to buy it. I play on a kindle and its not an option for me to get it and I want it.... maybe it's simply in the process of releasing?

Did you update the app? I bought a tower, stored a decoration out of curiosity and was rewarded for meeting a goal. When I looked in goals I didn't see a record of that so perhaps the goals disappear as you meet them. Still working that one out!
The storage tower looks really useful cause you can even store habitats.


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I just bought one today to complete one of the goals and now its gone off my island and now its not showing up in the market. did anyone else also loose their tower?

Hello Goodbye

I moved a decoration to the tower but when I tried to move it out it disappeared

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I...May sound like an idiot for this, but I never got a notification about any updates. Could I go to the app store for this... like I said before, I'm using a kindle fire hd

Help please? How to get things out of storage tower? Says drag, but when I drag the item from the tower it's not working.

Thanks everyone.

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Tap your storage tower, view, you will see your items pop up. Scroll to the one you want, tap it. It will now appear outside the tower on your island. Move it and place it. :) hope that helps!

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Thanks Xishom, I was trying to drag. Tap and drag works.

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Hi I have the storage tower... but I am wondering how many slots do you get when you upgrade it. Trying to decide if it will be worth the 50 GEMS it costs.

i did it--only increments of 5 at a time for me. storage at 15 items. kind of a bummer.

next increment costs 100 gems--i don't know how many spaces it might add.

It's up to 25 slots at this point and no more ability to upgrade at this point.

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Hope this helps. :) mine holds 15 items and I only have 6 In use, has been full then I realised I didn't want some of the decorations on my islands.i bought heaps. I may have chopped my nose off here but I sold them back - at the moment they would earn Magic.
I keep Ones that do amazing things when in season. Then out they come, all 20 of each. Lol.
Placing habitats not wanted was Pointless. I had to buy it back then sell it when the next able
Flags of each kind count as one item
We can move any deco a different island by 1st placing deco in Tower. having Tower view up then placing chosen position under view and tap away, moving item where it's wanted.

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I'm in a little pickle: I don't have the 100,000,000 dragon cash I need to buy another island, and I have a Silver dragon breeding, and no treasure habitat. To make room, I figure I could store some of my 10 farms. Will the storage tower let me store multiple farms as one item? And have the earlier bugs been worked out? Any other ideas would be most welcome, too!

Thanks, (and may your dragons be merry),

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They stack just nicely in there! All will go into one slot.

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I'll go buy it right now!

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Here's how NOT to use it:
1. Drag the item you want to store over to the storage tower. Be perplexed when it doesn't automatically plunk itself into storage.
2. Repeat, with the same result.
3. See 2., above. ;) yeah, I did so. Freakin' dragon GENIUS!

Here's Another way NOT to use the storage tower:
1. Tap (or click, I suppose) on the Storage Tower.
2. Tap on "view". A black rectangle will appear on the left of your screen.
3. Try everything you can think of before concluding you can do nothing with the rectangle. Including dragging and dropping stuff into it. Several times.

Here's how it actually works:
1. Go to the item you'd like to store, and tap or click on it.
2. Select (tap, click) the option "stow," which will appear along with the usual options to sell, buy another, or move the item.
3. Ta-da! You get 250,000 dragon cash, and a little room for that must-have habitat or what-have-you.
4. (Optional) come on back here and confess that you, too, were confounded by something SO SIMPLE that in three years, no-one's thought it necessary to give instructions. Just to make me feel better. :)

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I too had no idea what I was doing when I first got the storage tower. I am sure I had to ask members of the forum. I still do not know what all the symbols under sort are for. Haha.

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Glad I'm not alone in my bewilderment! Good company makes even befuddlement fun. :)

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Me neither Araheera. But to be honest, I rarely use the tower. I only had 5 slots in it before Xishom made her lovely visit to my park back in November!

I'd like to see more slots offered at a reasonable price. 100 slots would be nice, and the ability to store some things we cannot at this time.

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I'm more puzzled why this got an increase while the nursery didn't.


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And a little behind... Honestly I think the storage needed an upgrade for ages! They're just now finally getting to it lol. Nursery has mostly been more recent... :/ maybe in a few months they will haha.

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Can be upgraded to hold 50 difrent types of things :) very usefull if you wanna rearange you parks.

Unlike the hibernation Cave the storage tower change aperens when upgraded. I put in a picks now of how it looks when full upgraded :) its pretty need :)

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Been holding off on the storage tower since I first started. Finally broke down and bought it today (nearly 2 yrs without it). I am frustrated though, it says that similar items can be stacked and only take one slot. I put ALL my Pylons (from the AP) into it and all 10 slots are full!! Thought they were similar items??!! Pulled one back out to put the colored dragon figurines in, again thinking stacking into 1 slot, NOPE!! Thinking the Storage Tower would be a great way to organize decorations by Event/Season.... now very disappointed :(

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How in the world have you gone this long without storage? Impressive! Yeah, the wording can be a little deceptive but as long as the item is the EXACT same it can be stacked up to 99 of that same item (except for habitsts!). Example, there are three types of the black fencing and even though they are similar (i.e. fencing) they are not exact to each other and so will fill one slot each in your storage. But it's nice if you want/need a lot of fencing or 99 pumpkin luminaries (or whatever other limited decoration) they to decorate with. I have so much in mine I'm maxed out with limited decorations and am hoping they offer more storage soon!

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I'm new here... Thanks in advance for your help!
You can store habitats here? If you do, does it remove them from your max habitats so you can buy other needed ones?

Di Willard

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Yes, you can store habitats in the storage tower. The stored habitats still count towards your max habitat limit.

Best wishes,


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