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Wishing well

I just got a wishing well a day or two ago, I can't find any posts about the wishing well except from last year and that seems to be from an event. Anyways I was wondering if anyone knows if you are able to earn more wishes? Also, what would you use your wish on? I'm super indecisive and would appreciate help choosing.

Admins this is my first post so if anything is wrong or I posted in the wrong place please let me know. I read the rules, but am still trying to figure all of this out. :)

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You are able to earn wishes! You know that daily prize thing that pops up every day after the game resets (1 pm EST)?

Every 100 rewards you collect, you get a wish. In the bottom right-hand corner of this pop up, there's a little wishing well icon with how many rewards you have earned towards getting an additional wish. To have a look at this daily prize thing, tap on the 'social' button at the bottom of the screen and you should see a little treasure chest icon with a checkmark (in between 'logout' and 'visit random park'). It might be different on a non-apple device but I can't help you in that regard.

Historically the wishing well has also granted a wish during the big summer event after so many days/prizes collected.

As for what to spend it on, I would recommend using it for things you would not be normally able to get or that otherwise cost a lot of gems or money. 'Necessities' such as additional islands are always a good idea. I would use the wish to buy the fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth islands because they get sort of expensive at that point.
You can also get the 'extra islands' like the Lost Island and Lost Olympus Island but I don't recommend these because they are quite small and you can't fit more than a few small habitats on each of them.

Other good options would be 'helpful' things like the Magical Greenhouse, which grows 200,000 free treats for you every 24 hrs; the Monument of the Epics, which allows you to raise the level of Epic dragons (except Crystalline and Gemstone) to 15; and the Relic of the Epics, which allows you to raise the aforementioned Epic dragons to level 20.

As for things like the Lost Islands (already discussed), Twilight Tower, Weather Station, and Goodey's Treatery, they are cool and all but don't really give you very much in-game benefit. Especially not when compared with the usefulness of Islands, free treats, and the dragon cash gain from levelling up your Epic dragons.

I wouldn't personally use it to get habitats that normally cost gems because it's a lot easier to earn gems than it is to wait 100 days for another wish.

Finally dragons... I would not use it on dragons either (again this is my own personal view) because Backflip often has sales on gemstone dragons - I'm bitter because a week after I used my wish on an Ovalith dragon, they discounted it in the Marketplace - and each dragon is available at a certain time of year. Plus each December-January there is Bring 'em Back where you can breed any and every dragon you missed. I would not use it on a dragon unless it has proven impossible to breed in every cave and co-op or it is your final one and you've nothing better to get.

On a side note if you are having trouble breeding a certain dragon, there's a forum on here for twin requests with the co-op cave and it's yielded lots of helpful results.

I almost forgot to add that another reason for choosing other wishes over dragons ... with the whole Daily Rewards thing, you get a 'rare' dragon egg that you don't already have (if you have them all, it is maybe one you don't have a pedestal of? or random). Every 60 days you get an Epic dragon you don't have.

Hope this was helpful!

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