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Dragonvale Sandbox

We have updated the sandbox and combo finder to use the new v2.0 breeding rules but are still tweaking details. Thanks for your patience!
Select two dragons to see possible breeding results

Picture Egg Dragon name Type / Availability Elements Habitat Breeding time / Upgraded Required levelsort descending
Motley Dragon Hybrid Dragon / Limited Fire Habitat, Plant Habitat 13:00:00 / 10:24:00 7
Sun Dragon Epic Dragon / Available Sun Habitat 48:00:00 / 38:24:00 10
Moon Dragon Epic Dragon / Available Moon Habitat 48:00:00 / 38:24:00 10
Blue Moon Dragon Epic Dragon / Limited Moon Habitat 29:31:45 / 23:37:24 10
Monolith Dragon 6 Epic Dragon / Limited Monolith Habitat 24:00:00 / 19:12:00 11