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2017-09-21 15:44

I emailed you a bit ago. I would love to have this guide. I am not having ANY luck with the new dragons. Im sitting on the same fence as several other long timers. It's putting me off wanting to play.

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2017-05-12 20:45

breeding combo Air and Lightning.

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2017-04-16 15:21

Not a dragon for sure all dragons eventually come back around with co-op breeding or Bring em back.I would also do the most expensive island. Alternately you could choose things like the monument of epics(allows your epic dragons to lvl to 15)
, relic of epics(allows your non epic dragons to level lvl 15), twilight tower(changes the parks theme), dragonsai gifting tree and bush (allows you to gift extra gems)or weather station(self explainitory).

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2017-04-16 13:16

@dreamn No I don't think it matters which monolith. I used monolith 5 and tree and got one finally.

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2017-04-14 14:39

Monolith and Moss! 14 hours.

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2016-10-15 01:14

As far as I can tell they can only be bred with each other. Meaning you must have one already bought to breed another with a friend. This is a departure from how it normally works.

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2016-10-13 19:10

I think I found 10

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2016-10-13 19:08

Most people save until they at least have enough for something they really want. So figure out all of the items you are interested in, add it up and start saving! Interestingly the dragons do not seem breedable (which is a departure from previous events) Just be sure to collect your candy to cap each day and wait to see. They often add limited time dragons to the events as well. So if you have spent all of your candies you would miss out!

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2016-10-11 20:18

Yeah mine finally came back too. Interesting bug though.

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2016-10-10 12:34

feel free to add me on gamecenter. My id is in my signature! Happy hunting.

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2016-10-06 01:08

Ha embrace it without concern, besides I bet you give yourself the best answers!

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2016-10-06 01:03

Blessings to you and your mom. I'm glad she is doing better. I know it's hard caring for unwell aged mom, I lost mine earlier this year and still have trouble finding joy in things.

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2016-10-06 01:00

I am still trying. This one will take a while, such long failures! I hope you have good luck gpk!

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2016-10-06 00:54

Your 5th anniversary post mentioned a new habitat. I may just be getting old but did they ever release one during anniversary?

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2016-07-05 23:40

I have tried all sorts of combos listed here so far. I've blown through over 1000 gems. Still no luck!

edit. Okay I too tried thorn and iron blossom. It worked in regular breeding cave as well. The conjecture here is that Thorn is bugged. Since the only combo it can yield is either iron blossom and thorn. I did several speed breeds (5 I think)and all were either thorn or iron blossom.

I can not confirm any of the other purported combos but redditors have tried many fails but no confirmed successes. If anyone gets success with these let us know! I am trying Plains and Mountian Sun atm.

Inferno + Blazing Gale
Plains + Mountain Sun
Darkling + Hidden Bolt.
Shield + Icy Torrent.

Thorn + Iron Blossom
Gold + Stygian
Hydra + Thunderbolt

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2016-07-01 18:58

I am wondering the same thing. No luck yet

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2016-07-01 14:48

@dragonislecra Do you have lots of gems and twins in your social menu? If so try clearing them out.

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2016-07-01 14:19

<3 ty flwrpot!

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2016-07-01 14:19

I got double rings today at reset. Though I do not have multiple devices.

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2016-07-01 13:35

Anyone have the breeding time on this one?

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2016-06-26 02:42

I especially hate the changes to the breeding list. Most of the functionality is gone. No way to sort them by breeding times or alphabet. Very hard to read. Add me to the list of those who dislike the format changes.

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2016-06-24 23:01

I have lace in co op currently for flwrpot. I will be leaving it there for a while.

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2016-06-22 23:52

You are most welcome! The happy dance comment made me smile. I think many of us may have been guilty of this a time or two. Grats on your lace too!

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2016-06-22 23:48

I put lace back up for you. Let me know when you no longer need it. Happy breeding!

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2016-06-15 19:02

You didn't really miss anything tbh. All dragons come back around on a schedule. There are also many festivals and events that bring dragons back. There is also the co-op breeding cave where you can breed any dragon anytime as long as someone breeds with you. So be of good cheer! All the dragons are still at your fingertips!

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2016-06-15 18:43

Sure thing we can try after!

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2016-06-13 09:27

I currently have up lace

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2016-06-13 09:26

No problem I hope you get lucky!

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2016-06-12 22:57

@daviee Yes you should be able to co-op breed pepper with any plant/fire hybrid (ie flower, motley, poison) and have a chance to get pepper.

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2016-06-12 22:47

I put up lace for you. Good luck!

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2016-06-06 19:47

I do like the egg a ton! Got it first breed with iron and fire. Neat the adult reminds me of Hellboy!

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2016-06-03 11:29

It has been a while, but there have been plenty of new dragons to keep people busy. I do miss the prize approach to last yeas summer faire. No unlocking X Prize first just pick and choose what you want. Though I am sort of enjoying the break for now. I am sure they will brew something up soon!

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2016-05-13 23:00

Happy upcoming birthday!! Also your quote about memories is beautiful.

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2016-05-13 22:56

Congrats gabzamber! I like having the extra egg spot.

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2016-05-05 16:19

I am with you. I am not enjoying the layers of RNG (Random number generator for those who don't know) involved with getting Gaia so far. So win the race...check. Hope a piece is in your rewards...check sometimes. Pick the right chest on a constantly moving sometimes! Doh!

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2016-05-05 10:56

Your comment about them only being purchasable is incorrect. I bred for all 4 of mine. Though I did breed them with someone who already had it. Perhaps they bought it /shrug.

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2016-05-05 10:45

Not sure how people can cheat/favoritism this. The new galaxy dragons are breedable via co-op. You don't have to use the wizard or wait on the wizard. The wizard is actually irrelevant. You just breed with friends and get it just the same. The wizard is just there for people who don't have friends in game I would think. Also people who have been playing a very long time have banked many gems and can speed up breeding very quickly. That is also not cheating.

Overall I do hope you get lucky with your breeding. I put up combos in another post that have proven pretty lucky for me at least. If you don't have the extra gems to "speed breed" it will take you longer and that will just suck. I myself blew through a few hundred gems speeding them up so I could offer them in co-op for others. Either way they are not really limited as you will always be able to acquire them via co-op, even after they are "gone". I would suggest you find some friendly people and add a massive amount of friends. It really is the best way to always have access to all dragons. The more you add, the more likely someone will have what you need/want.

Good luck!

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2016-05-05 07:52

Aww sending positive breeding vibes your way! I have not tried with another combo. Perhaps someone else can be more helpful.

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2016-05-05 00:36

I did awesome thank you! Which ones do you need still?

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2016-05-05 00:35

Carol has them! Okay now I have them all. That is the luckiest I have ever been. 3 nebula in a row with arcturian and nebula. 4 th did nebula and tedian and got teidian first try. Then first try with Antares and celerulean for celerulean. A single fail with andromedan and rayleian...swapped to antarian and rayleian and got rayleian 2nd try! Not sure if I am lucky or just found the magic combos!

Nebula =arcturian and nebula
Teidian = nebula and teidian
Celerulean = Antares and celerulean
Rayleian = antarian and rayleian

I will cycle through my four every few hours so folks can breed with them. Happy hatching!

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2016-05-04 23:47

I hope someone has a snapchat and shares with us!

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2016-05-04 23:11

You have them all?!? Wow nice and contrats! I have you on gamecenter would you be willing to put up Celerulean or Rayliean in co-op?

Woot thank you, I got celerulean first try with Antares and your celerulean!

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2016-05-04 19:45

What a fun unexpected surprise this little event is! Grats to everyone who already has one and good luck to those still trying! May the 4th be with you!

Does anyone have up Celerulean or Rayliean in co-op yet? I have up Teidian atm.

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2016-05-04 19:27

Wow really? I thought each would be available in a 2 day block! Any good combos yet?

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2016-05-04 19:26

I was thinking something similar. I thought they looked far more creative and a bit "grown up".

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2016-05-01 11:31

I accepted your friend request. Which dragon did you want me to put up for you?

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2016-05-01 09:52

Yeah I can tell that already. Pieces are slow going! The picture is my kitty cat swishy!

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2016-05-01 09:50

Haha SWK suits me just fine

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2016-05-01 09:48

Yay! One step closer to breathing fire for your draginarium!

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2016-05-01 09:46

Aww I am sorry to see you go. Dragonvale is a huge resource hog for sure. I recently had the same problem as you and had to upgrade from an iPad 2 to iPad Air 2. It sucks though when you can't upgrade. Have you considered a used device? I wish you all the luck.

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