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2015-04-18 18:50

Need friends to send gems and star dust
add me with game center ID : laurenoipynoi and say that you play dragon vale

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2014-11-03 00:43

Wow! I've been trying random combos and nothing worked until taking the advice here... Tried Obsidian and Ruin and got it the first try!

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2014-06-11 18:46

I cannot get moon :( I've gotten 5 suns now and it doesn't matter what time I begin breeding... I've tried 10pm and at midnight and got suns each time! Do you have to begin incubating between 7pm and 7 am also?

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2014-05-27 15:24

got snowy gold with lichen & blazing 1st try!! :)

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2014-05-19 15:34

Just bred fire and storm and got a 24 hour breed time! I countlessly tried firefly and storm but never got the spring (just lots of storms and a couple suns). but first time trying fire & storm worked for me!! Hope this helps someone :)

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2014-05-11 08:57

I keep getting this dragon with crystal & lichen (instead of the much wanted emerald dragon). Hope this helps someone who's actually trying for evergreen

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2014-05-08 21:31

Arbor dragon works everytime :)

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